Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magazine Beach Fauna

1,     Phil Barber Report.
2.     Analysis.

1,     Phil Barber Report.

I spotted this unusual black squirrel in the doomed cottonwoods yesterday [April 12, 2017].



Phillip Barber

2.  Analysis.

This destruction is all part of the reprehensible behavior which is the norm on the Charles River.

The fake protective group and the Cambridge City Council have the same explanation for this as they do for the hundreds of trees they just destroyed east of the BU Bridge:

"Don't look at what we are destroying.  Look at what we tell you to look at."

My video on the first stage destruction of hundreds of trees east may be viewed at

My report on the fake "improvements" may be viewed at

My report providing the plans for destruction at Magazine Beach to the Cambridge City Council may be view at,  Note that this plan includes fraudulent deletions.  There is a subsequent plan which repeats the fraudulent deletions and adds to that the fraud of word games.

And here is a photo essay of PART of the planned destruction:

Monday, April 10, 2017

Charles River Photos: Bad Guys’ Targets and “Achievements”

Charles River Photos: Bad Guys’ Targets and “Achievements”

1. Introduction.
2. Magazine Beach: The magnificent park targeted, and the north side.
3. Destroyed Nesting Area.  Cambridge City Council’s “bike path’ is almost vertical.
A. Bike path plan.
B. Main portion
C. Vertical “bike path.”
D. Wild Area.
4. Hyatt Regency Area.

1. Introduction.

Yesterday, April 9, 2017, I wandered the Charles, recording the items which are commonly described by the destroyers as

“Don’t look at what we are destroying.  Look at what we tell you to look at.

I got photos of parts of the Charles River Planned Destruction which have been kept secret under the usual rubric:

“Don’t look at what I am destroying.  Look at what I tell you to look at.”

This is the “explanation” of those fighting most aggressively for destruction.

2. Magazine Beach: The magnificent park targeted, and the north side.

First, photos from a few days earlier.  These are of trees on the north side of Memorial Drive.  Magazine Beach is on the south side.  NEVER do the destroyers publicly comment in any way about their destruction on the north side included in an update which plays word games expanding the fraud going on.

Two of these trees are doomed.

At the same time, I got one photo of the area the destroyers claim most to love, the thick park between the pedestrian overpass and the swimming pool.  54 trees are being destroyed, most excellent.

The fought for destruction includes destruction  30 trees between the pedestrian overpass and the swimming pool.  Their plans lie that the 30 trees are 25.  I call that fraud.  The “explanation” of the cheerleaders is the one above,

“Don’t look at what we are destroying.  Look at what we tell you to look at.”.

Here is the Memorial Drive side of the thick park including 30 trees (falsely shown as 25) being destroyed.  Most of the trees facing Memorial Drive are doomed.  There are two trees in the little guys' parking lot (macadam and some cars visible) not being destroyed.

Here, from the files, is that portion of the destruction plan, fraud not deleted.

The photo is looking at the top portion of this plan.  The three Xd circles slightly above the bottom right are TEN TREES including excellent, really massive trees.

The little guys’ parking lot shows at the top left of the plan, with all but two trees Xd for destruction.

3. Destroyed Nesting Area.  Cambridge City Council’s “bike path’ is almost vertical.

A. Bike path plan.

Here is the bike path plan.  File graphic.

THESE PLANS ARE IN ADDITION TO DESTRUCTION INCLUDED IN THE developers alternatives to the Department of Transportation’s Mass. Pike proposal.

B. Main portion

Here are the Charles River White Geese resting in the area of greatest planned destruction, although the ground vegetation has long been destroyed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and its agents.

The gravel was dumped in this most sensitive area by friends of the DCR whose destruction the DCR blessed by listening to objections from the Cambridge Conservation Commission and telling the friends to stop destroying the tiny portion of the area not subject to CCC jurisdiction.

The slope in the distance, middle left in that first shot, is a distance shot of the Cambridge City Council's vertical bike path.

C. Vertical “bike path.”

The Bike path plan is a near J.  The long portion follows the railroad track.  The plans would build a fence which would keep wild life from crossing between the Destroyed Nesting Area and the Wild Area.  1 tree is planned not to be destroyed in the Wild Area.

Then it loops through and destroys trees in the most used portion by the Charles River White Geese, above.

Here are photos of the area where the bike path goes near vertical.

The staircase was illegally installed in 1999 by Boston University as part of the commencement of the ongoing heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese.

It is impossible to determine exactly where the vertical bike path would go except that trees would be destroyed, business as usual in a very environmentally destructive city government.

D. Wild Area.

File photo of the area which the DCR plans show as one undestroyed tree.  The target is the thick portion between the tracks and the BU Boathouse.

In the above photos, the vertical bike path is to the left of the Wild Area if you are looking up at it, and to the right if you are looking from above.

And here is the destruction plan for the Wild Area.  The vertical and slightly slanted line is the Grand Junction railroad.  The Wild Area is presented to the right, exactly one "undestroyed' tree.

4. Hyatt Regency Area.

For my blow by blow video of the destruction of January - February 2016, please see  This video includes spectacular before and after photos from Fall 2015, before, and January - February 2016, after.

My recent cable show on the “improvements” since then is posted at  This show was presented live on March 26, 2017, although most photos are from December 2016.

First: here are two of the photos from Fall 2015, of the area in the middle of the following outrage.

The following photos show the magnificent erosion being installed in place of those excellent trees.

And, oh yeah, there are FAR INFERIOR trees planted as “replacements” of trees which should not have been destroyed, to the great pleasure of the folks paid to plant them.

And a lot of trees were planted that should have been planted 10 years ago.  I am not aware of any trees planted to “replace” the excellent trees destroyed which are other than far inferior.  And remember the people who fought for this outrage are fighting for destruction in the Destroyed Nesting Area, and Magazine Beach, all to the west of the area destroyed, plus of course, the trees on the northern side.

The cheerleaders conducted a propaganda show in the City Hall Annex.  This plaque is part of it.

Those stones at the water’s edge are designed to starve the Charles River White Geese.  They complement the bizarre wall which blocks access to their principal feeding area of the past 35 years at the playing fields.  The state bureaucrats’ have a written goal of killing off or driving away as many resident animals as they can get away with.

The cheerleaders brag of the heartless animal abuse ON CAMBRIDGE PROPERTY, reemphasizing the bragging of former City Manager Rossi of all the “improvements” coming to Cambridge’s Charles River.

Here is a video from the late 2000s which includes the Charles River White Geese feeding in this area which has been heartlessly denied to them.  It has had thousands of hits.  The creator is independent of Friends of the White Geese.  To the best of my knowledge I do not know him.

And don’t forget the explanation of the cheerleaders:

“Don’t look at what we are destroying.  Look at what we tell you to look at.”