Monday, July 06, 2015

Response: Fake Group’s Fight to Destroy Charles River Parking lot on Hill at foot of Magazine Street

Response:  Fake Group’s Fight to Destroy Charles River Parking lot on Hill at foot of Magazine Street

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1. Comment.

I got the following response to my email report of July 5, 2015 concerning the fake group’s support of the destruction of the little guy’s parking lot on the hill west of the Magazine Beach playing fields opposite Magazine Street in Cambridge.  The email report is identical to the facebook report and MUCH more concise than the blog report.


This is a typical bit written in a manner I or other outsiders cannot understand.  I suggest a 2nd piece written that is specific on what are the new arrangements planned for where people now park.


I had problems loading.

She went on to say that she had just been at the parking lot at the top of the hill west of the Magazine Beach Playing fields,  and that the parking lot was full.

2. Response.

Good point.  I have been distressed on rereading.


That is part of the orders of silence.  You are prohibited to discuss.

You simply lose.

That is the way they deal.

3. Longer response.

This is the reason why friends of the City of Cambridge create these fake groups.  They are created to prevent people from standing up to government outrages and to prevent organizing.

They lie that they are defending everything.

Then they proceed to suppress discussion / action on anything and everything which is vile and which is being done by the City of Cambridge and its friends.

The responsible analysis of these fake groups is that they are frauds deliberately designed to achieve for Cambridge and its friends anything and everything that Cambridge and its friends want.

It is silly to call the fake group system anything other than large scale corruption aimed at suppressing proper indignation by an irate citizenry against a destructive city government.

The long version of the report, at, goes into a great deal of detail as to fights by such groups for destruction in Cambridge.

The fake group’s fight to destroy the little guys’ parking lot is just one more outrage.

No substitutes were offered in the public meeting of January 2013 which rejected this outrage.

No substitutes were offered in the corrupt stealing of “support” in the February 2013 meeting conducted on April 23, 2013.

No substitutes are offered by the fake group's current announcement of silence.

There are no substitutes.  There is simply destruction.

4. Post Script.

Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation are telling the Massachusetts Department of Transportation that this fraudulent entity is the proper representative of people concerned about the Charles River in Cambridge.

5. PPS.

When I am usual the words “fake group” in this context, I am referring to an entity which calls itself the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association.”