Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Decent Person relates to Waterfowl

1. Nice Video.
2. Archie Comments.

1. Nice Video.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Thanks to my sister Jeanne for providing the following video and to Archie for insisting we post it.

It is excellent and a striking change from the "reprehensible" (quoting a Superior Court judge, see the link) situation in Cambridge, MA, and the state bureaucracy on the Charles River.

This is normal decency. The Cambridge, MA pols and the state bureaucrats are a very vile aberration.

Please click the triangle to witness this lifesaving action.

2. Archie Comments.

The Charles River with its dams is in reality a large public pool.

Perhaps Gov. Deval Patrick could emulate the gentleman in the private swimming pool and save our Charles River White Geese from their inevitable annihilation that would otherwise result from the actions currently being taken by the State and Cambridge. Gov. Patrick can lead the way.

Will he save the gaggle, or gag?