Friday, August 01, 2014

Cambridge, MA, USA: Alewife Destruction and a hypocritical Cambridge City Council

One of the most effective techniques the Cambridge City Council has in its pocket in its nonstop lying about its environmental sainthood, is yelling at the other guy.

The Cambridge City Council has passed yet another motion on the subject of private developers obeying zoning at Alewife and planning to destroy privately owned property in accordance with municipally created zoning.

One key paragraph reads as follows:


Over the past fifteen years, the City Council has adopted no less than twelve policy order resolutions in support of the Silver Maple Forest


The order cites action over the past 15 years with regard to private development at Alewife.  I must assume that the City Council knows reality reality at Alewife.

Here is a photo of the real record of the City of Cambridge.  The City of Cambridge, with City Council funding, has destroyed acres of its holdings at Alewife.

The trees in the rear occupied this entire area until Cambridge destroyed the acres of land between the camera and the trees..

Funding was provided by Cambridge’s environmentally destructive City Council, which has yelled at its fellow environmental destroyers 15 times now.

This photo is from a puff piece put out by the City of Cambridge bragging about its destruction.

This piece of piety includes the following as well, and I reemphasize that I am assuming Carlone knows how destructive the City of Cambridge is.:


The 15.6-acre Silver Maple Forest is a small-river floodplain forest and is an integral part of the Alewife Reservation ecosystem, home to deer, coyote, mink, river otter, red fox, fishers, and some 90 species of birds, including hawks, wild turkey, blue heron, swans, cat birds, hummingbirds, and goldfinches . .


It is inconceivable that the acres destroyed by Cambridge did not also fit this pious noise.  And Cambridge bragged about the destruction in the puff piece which accompanied the photo.  It is also of major interest that the discussions concerning the Grand Junction were totally indifferent to the heartless abuse Cambridge and the DCR are inflicting on the Charles River White Geese and other residence of the Charles River..

Additionally, last I heard, the developers were obeying community written zoning, and Carlone’s motion says part of this PRIVATELY OWNED property is in Cambridge and is thus subject to zoning controlled by the Cambridge City Council who is spouting pious here.

When you are really, really rotten, lying can be the most effective way out.  Lies consisting of yelling at the other guy are very, very effective, and very hypocritical when you have filthy hands.

This is yet another outrage coming from a truly reprehensible city council.

Oh yeah, the Cambridge City Council is in the process of destroying excellent trees in  the excellent entrance to the Cambridge Common facing Harvard Square.  The Environmental Notification Form explains the destruction by stating that these excellent trees block the view of a monument.

The Cambridge City Council has no problems with the state legislature’s pending vote in favor of destruction of hundreds of trees and animal habitat between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.  House Bill H4009, §2C, 2890-7020

The Cambridge City Council funded the ongoing starving of the Charles River White Geese as part of a project which created a bizarre wall preventing access from the Charles River to their food on the Magazine Beach playing fields where they have fed for most of the last 35 years.

This is the only portion of the Charles River Basin where the Department of Conservation and Recreation does not chop down bordering vegetation twice a year.

The reprehensible DCR has a goal of killing or driving away all resident animals on the Charles River Basin.  They have a very compatible, equally reprehensible, fellow in the Cambridge City Council.  They helped in Cambridge’s destruction at Alewife.

The Magazine Beach project included destruction of grass which had survived in an environmentally responsible matter for the better part of a century.  Cambridge and the DCR replaced the responsible grass with sickly grass which needs poisons to survive.  Then they destroyed part of the playing fields to put in expensive drainage to drain off the poisons.

Both the Alewife destruction and the Magazine Beach destruction had the same manager.  He is now serving as Cambridge City Manager.  The DCR manager spent years lying that he had “no intent to harm” the Charles River White Geese.

Their highway proposal for the Grand Junction includes more outrages.

I could keep going.

The motion is yet another example of hypocrisy from the environmentally destructive Cambridge City Council, lying that it is holier than thou.

It would be nice if pious noises on environmental matters from the Cambridge City Council would be possible without extreme hypocrisy.