Monday, November 23, 2020

More proof of “non-existent” tree destruction on the Charles River by DCR with the constant Cambridge City Council support.

 More proof of “non-existent” tree destruction on the Charles River by DCR with the constant Cambridge City Council support.

1. General.

2. Previously unreported proof of Destruction.

3.     Administrative Detail.

1.    General.

This is an expansion and elaboration of part of my report posted on this blog at  

The Cambridge City Council rather persistently lies of environmental sainthood in spite of constant praise of the destructive Department of Conservation and Recreation INCLUDING funds to add to the destruction, and deafening silence during extreme outrages.

The goals of the destructive duo are rather clearly to achieve massive destruction of trees, vegetation and animal habitat on the Charles River, while the Cambridge City Council tells people to ignore reality and look at Pablum.

Some examples of outrages include:

The January 2016 destruction of hundreds of mature trees and animal habitat between the BU Bridge and Longfellow Bridge, as demonstrated in my video at  A very major portion of this planned outrage was missed has since been announced in rather fraudulent series of public meetings which the City Council praised with maximum deniability.

On June 6, 2017, I passed on to the Cambridge City Council, the DCR’s plans to destroy 54 mostly excellent trees and animal habitat at Magazine Beach along with photos of doomed excellence.  That document, whose existence is repeatedly denied in Council while I repeat references and copies, is posted on the Charles River White Geese blog at  

I have updated the outrages at Communication 2 of October 26, 2020, published by the City Clerk at, pages 182 to 214.  This letter is 32 pages with a lot of detail.  It is too large to be meaningfully put on this blog.  So I have been breaking it out and posting it in segments.  The second segment is the one this post expands on.

2. Previously unreported proof of Destruction.

There have been omissions in the reporting.  I just caught proof of one omission in one of the drone videos printed in the post I am expanding on.

In addition to outrages right on the Charles River, the DCR INCLUDED IN THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL PRAISE, has destroyed trees lovingly cared for by the owners of the MicroCenter, ACROSS FROM THE EXCELLENT GROVE THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL IS PREPARING FOR DESTRUCTION by funding the Charles River Poisoner to help out.

Here is a drone photo of the targeted grove, from “From Cambridge to Boston with the DJ Inspire 1 Drone footage,” posted at, minute 7.50.

The folks we are dealing with do a lot of lying, so it is helpful to find times they have placed their plans on public record.  The drone footage from which this is a blow up occurred shortly after the DCR / Cambridge City Council praised and Cambridge aided destruction in January 2016, but before the plans which I passed on to the know nothing Cambridge City Council in my letter of June 6, 2017.

Those plans show intent to destroy this excellent grove and show intent to destroy two trees on the opposite side of the street (Memorial Drive) from this doomed grove.  The DCR with the non stop praise from the Cambridge City Council went beyond their plans and destroyed half the trees across from the doomed grove on the sidewalk for the MicroCenter Shopping Center.  That Shopping Center’s parking lot is at the top of this still which I included in my report.

I realized after publication that this photo includes the before destruction status of the trees the DCR totally illegally destroyed next to the MicroCenter Shopping Center.

Here is the after photo of those trees which I have previously provided.  NOTE THE MULCH AROUND THE OBVIOUSLY HEALTHY STUMPS of destroyed trees.  Memorial Drive is to the right.  The two not destroyed trees are straight ahead and the parking lot is to the left.  The owner of the parking lot lovingly cared for ALL FOUR TREES.

Here is a blow up as relevant of the drone photo above.

The lovingly cared for trees, now stumps, above are the two trees on the left in front of the MicroCenter Parking Lot. .  The not destroyed two trees and also lovingly cared for trees are on the right.

Here are the relevant portion of plans provided by the DCR at their October 26, 2016 show and tell to the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

THESE ARE NOT THE OFFICIAL PLANS.  They include significant lies about the “quality” of the trees they are destroying WHICH HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE OFFICIAL PLANS. 

The interesting thing when dealing with dishonest entities are admissions against interest.  Those are much more likely to be accurate than outright statements.  These plans are more detailed and UP TO DATE than the filed plans.  These plans also ADMIT THAT ALL OF THE GROVE THE CITY COUNCIL IS CURRENTLY WORKING TO DESTROY ARE EXCELLENT TREES.  They cannot even claim under their bizarre lies that these trees are other than excellent.

The SEVEN ADMITTEDLY excellent trees for which the Cambridge City Council is paying the Charles River Poisoner to do destruction preparation are to the left of the plan.  The building at the bottom right is the state bath house for its swimming pool.

The lying color code translated ADMITS all seven trees targeted by the DCR and the Cambridge City Council are excellent healthy trees.  Destruction plans are the yellow circles.  The larger the circles, the larger the doomed trees.

Memorial Drive extends right to left.  The two red outlined circles above Memorial Drive are trees destroyed next to the MicroCenter building.  The red outline, subject to bizarre lying definition, indicates that the DCR, sniff, did not consider these trees worth saving.  


The four trees in the above photos are to the left of the two CONFESSED TO destroyed trees on the other side of the driveway which is split in the plans.

Failure to included the four lovingly cared for trees indicates that THEY WERE NOT IN THE PLANNING AREA.  Those two trees were clearly destroyed at the same time as the two, SNIFF, SNIFF, bragged about destruction.

The presence of the two trees shown on the MicroCenter side indicates an intent to replace with saplings.  The ABSENCE of the ILLEGALLY DESTROYED TREES indicates total lack of interest in replacing.


The Cambridge City Council routinely lies to its constituents about environmental sainthood by YELLING AT THE OTHER GUY AND KEEPING THEIR OUTRAGES AS SECRET AS POSSIBLE, frequently denying responsibility for outrages accomplished by them or praised by them.

The plans for the Magazine Beach area are kept as secret as possible for obvious reasons.  Here is a crop of a plan which was disclosed by the Charles River Poisoner in a city council meeting on February 25, 2019.  It SECRETLY allocates responsibility for work.

The basis of this plan would appear to be the same as above with all its lying.  Key, however, is that it allocates responsibility for work going forward from, it would appear, the DCR intentions.  The basis is before the ILLEGAL destruction.  What is important is the allocation of work going forward.  THE ONLY WORK WHICH APPEARS TO BE DONE NORTH OF MEMORIAL DRIVE IS A NEW AREA BY CAMBRIDGE’S MORSE SCHOOL.


3.  Administrative Detail.

I do these blog posts in coordination with condensations on Facebook pages and in email mailings.  The condensations are because the other publications are inappropriate for this level of detail.  This level of detail very much would overload the other media.

I intended to pass on my prior post to the other lists, but my discovery of this proof of destruction makes that post too large to pass on without edit.  This is the uncondensed version of the edit which adds to what will wind up on the edit condensation.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Recent Charles River Outrages by Cambridge, Part 2, Coming Destruction being set up, with payment to the Charles River Poisoner, PLUS previously undocumented destruction documented..

Recent Charles River Outrages by Cambridge, Part 2, Coming Destruction being set up, with payment to the Charles River Poisoner; PLUS previously undocumented destruction documented.

I. Introduction.

II. Index to letter.

III. Destruction responsibilities PAID to the Charles River Poisoner as a reward to the Charles River Poisoner for the poisoning she has accomplished.

IV. Previously unavailable photo of ILLEGALLY accomplished destruction.

I. Introduction.

A few weeks ago, the Cambridge City Council demonstrated their most important tactic in their ongoing attacks on the Charles River: lying about which side they are on.

I have mailed a 32 page response which sketchingly provides part of the very terrible record of this very destructive body in a city which expects exactly the opposite.

I passed on to this blog the first part of this letter on October 16, 2020..

II. Index to letter.

1. Latest Nonsense.

2. Poisoning of the Charles.

A. Destruction Rewarded. [provided before]

B. Destruction Coming. [provided below, the reward of the Cambridge City Council to the Charles River Poisoner]

3. City Council Direct Destruction.

A. Destroyed Boat Dock.

B. Ongoing and accelerating riverbank and tree destruction.

4. Core Destruction in the Magnificent Park.

5. Destruction of the Excellence at the Overpass.

6. Destruction in January 2016.

7. Coming destructive of magnificent woods PRAISED with deniability.

8. Destruction coming, care of the replacement (?) point person, the Harvard Square Destroyer.

9. Coming Destruction apparently being prevented by the CEO of MassDOT?

The first part of the letter went into the poisoning of the Charles River and the City Council’s REWARDING THE POISONER..

Here is the second part.  This goes into the outrage which that UNANIMOUS city council paid the Charles River Poisoner to reward her for poisoning the Charles River.  The award included lovely language and KEY WORDS to the outrage she achieved on the Charles River.

III. Destruction responsibilities PAID to the Charles River Poisoner as a reward to the Charles River Poisoner for the poisoning she has accomplished.

To put things in perspective, here is a drone shot showing the worst area CURRENTLY AND IN THE NEAR FUTURE under attack by the Cambridge City Council and the DCR, including the wild area which is targeted next, at the top along with the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, to which they are confined with their food destroyed AND WALLED OFF.  

Then is the BU Bridge.  The playing fields first poisoned by the Cambridge City Council and the DCR in the late 2000's starts at the softball field and runs to EXCELLENT woods UNDER ATTACK by the Cambridge City Council and the DCR.  

This is the poisoning which the Charles River Poisoner rerouted into the Charles River as agent for the DCR (photo, first page [ed:]).  In the middle left slightly above center, the photo shows some introduced and inferior poison eating grass which has been worn to the ground.  Between this outrage and the Charles River is the expensive poison drainage system which has been rerouted into the Charles River (that photo).

The state pool is in the middle toward the bottom.  The area the Charles River Poisoner is being paid to plan is between the pool and the Charles River.  Note the parking lot which is included in that area.  Apparently the entire parking lot including that area is being moved ON TOP OF THE EXCELLENT GROVE OF TREES to the left of the swimming pool and below it.  I am quoting DCR officials’ public comments to the Cambridge Conservation Commission during a show and tell.

The building across the street is MicroCenter.  Photo is a cropped still from minute 3.13 of “Flying Along the Charles River, From BU and MIT to Harvard, DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone Footage”,

Here is a photo of the grove from the MicroCenter side.  Its thickness and beauty is very difficult to present at ground level.

The gig for which the nine THEN city councilors paid to hire the Charles River Poisoner would set the ground work for the destruction of the excellent grove across from the MicroCenter on Memorial Drive, next to the state swimming pool.

Here is a drone shot of that grove, taken from minute 7.50 of “Flying Along the Charles River, From BU and MIT to Harvard, DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone Footage,”

Another very major example of WHAT THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL IS TRYING TO HIDE FROM ITS VOTERS IS Cambridge’s hiring of the women responsible for the algae poisoning of the Charles River during 2019 and 2020.  She has been hired to do further environmentally destructive work on the banks of the Charles River.  The latest effort for which she has been hired includes preparatory work for the destruction of the excellent grove across from MicroCenter shopping center.  That is part of the destruction of 60+ plus trees at Magazine Beach which the Cambridge City Council has repeatedly praised and which destruction the Cambridge City Council has directly funded, INCLUDING RECENT DESTRUCTION OF EXCELLENT TREES.

[Ed.  The markings at the bottom of this picture and the first picture are the result of blowing up the still to concentrate on the doomed, excellent trees.  They are a key part of the original still and cannot be deleted without losing part of the grove.  Details of the poisoning for which the Charles River Poisoner is being rewarded as presented in the city council letter were reproduced at]

IV. Previously unavailable photo of ILLEGALLY accomplished destruction.

An unexpected benefit of these drone photos is the ability to report destruction which was kept secret in the OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF DESTRUCTION PLANS which we did not previously have because two trees were illegally destroyed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation which were outside the bounds which we photod and thus did not record their prior condition.

The drone videos were taken just after the outrageous destruction in January 2016 between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.  Our detailed video of that January 2016 destruction is available at  

The drone videos thus show conditions at Magazine Beach in approximately March 2016, prior to the recent outrages at Magazine Beach.  The filed plans showed a projection of destruction of 54 trees.  They did not include totally illegal destruction by the DCR across from the currently targeted grove.  The owner of the shopping center had been lovingly caring for four trees next to its parking lot.  Two of those four trees were wantonly destroyed by the DCR with the Cambridge City Council’s praise.  

Those ILLEGALLY DESTROYED TREES show in the above still from minute 7.50.

Here is the portion cropped to the ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION.  The two smaller trees on the left were wantonly destroyed.  Photo cropped from still of minute 7.50 taken in about March 2016.

And here is the after picture which I took when I realized that TOTALLY ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION had been accomplished by the DCR WITH THE USUAL NON STOP PRAISE FROM THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL.  Photo taken July 26, 2017.

And here is the after picture which I took when I realized that TOTALLY ILLEGAL DESTRUCTION had been accomplished by the DCR WITH THE USUAL NON STOP PRAISE FROM THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL.  Photo taken July 26, 2017.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Richard McKinnon, R.I.P.

 I have sent the following letter to the Cambridge City Council and to the City Manager:

1. Letter.

Gentlemen / Ladies:

I was distressed to learn of the passing of Richard McKinnon by Resolution 3 of November 2, 2020, but pleased to see the City Council’s response.

I first met Richie as assistant to Al Vellucci.  He was always a welcome and active face in City Hall.

To his passing, I was always pleased to see him when I visited events in East Cambridge.

Richie was a moderating force at Alewife in striking contrast to the fake protective group at Alewife which takes its direction from the Development Department.

Clearly the most visible public impact that I am aware of came in the Sheila Cook Zoning petition concerning Alewife in 2000 to 2001.  I did the legal drafting for her.

The fake protective group, as is the wont of these terrible entities, did very real harm to Sheila’s petition and to the cause of open space in general in the city.  There was a very real victory in Sheila’s getting through the environmental part of the Sheila Cook petition insofar as it was not gutted by the fake protective group.  There is no doubt in my mind that Richie could have been instrumental in the City Council’s passing of that portion of the petition.

We saved for return to the environment that portion of the Silver Maple Forest which the Metropolitan District Commission (now the Department of Conservation and Recreation) had allowed to be destroyed for a parking lot.  As a result, what was a parking lot between Alewife Station and Route 2 is now returning to nature.

Richie did a good job returning to the world that lovely area.

Richie was helpful in trying to moderate the destructiveness of the Cambridge City Council and the MDC / DCR toward the natural environment in the Alewife area including the two’s irresponsible destruction of 3.4 acres of magnificent Silver Maple Forest.  The fake protective group was too visible in its Company Union function, along with the assistance of their fellow villains elsewhere in Cambridge.

I was always pleased to say hello to Richie at City Council meetings.  I was happy to continue to meet him at East Cambridge meetings.  I was happy as I saw his recovery from ailments.   

I regret that he has lost the fight, and I mourn for him.

2. Details.

Richie was the representative for the developer for the property which included that parking lot.

The fact that he was so much more reasonable and constructive than the fake group which claimed to be defending the environment says way too much about the sick situation which exists in Cambridge, MA, USA.

The same sickness exists on the Charles River with a much larger scale and much larger destructiveness, in the context of the same or worse duplicity.

This is reality in the City of Cambridge, USA and on the Charles River.