Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Environmental Destroyers’ idea of “Improvement” on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA

I reported yesterday on Commuter Rail’s throwing me out of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese because I had the nerve to photograph their vehicles parked in this environmentally sensitive area. Workers on the BU Bridge repairs were required to park under Memorial Drive in a location a few hundred feet from this latest outrage but the environmental destroyers find responsible behavior offensive. That report may be viewed at:

My attacker threatened to “Improve” the area they are destroying after they leave.

Photos of the environmental destroyers’ idea of “improvement may be viewed at:

Really rotten people.


Email addresses for contacts are:

Governor Patrick:

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (controls Commuter Rail):

Massachusetts Department of Transportation:

The City of Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation are beneath contempt.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Commuter Rail Ups the Ante on its Environmental Destruction at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA

Commuter Rail Ups the Ante on its Environmental Destruction at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, Charles River, Cambridge, MA, USA.

I have just had a person with an MBTA marking on his chest prohibit me from photographing the private vehicles parked in the last refuge of the Charles River White Geese where they have been irresponsibly parking private vehicles for the last four weeks.

He ordered me out of this public park and its irresponsible parking lot.

The poor dear could not understand why his big burly workers should be required to park under Memorial Drive as so many workers were required to do during the BU Bridge work.

He threatened to impose efforts to supposedly correct the destruction, very clearly by extending the DCR’s outrageous bushes which have been planted in half the area already. A rapid sample of this kind of “improvement” may be seen in the wall of bushes blocking access between the Charles River and the Magazine Beach playing fields. This bizarre wall has been starving the Charles River White Geese by keeping their food from them.

The reprehensible state bureaucrats are ramping up their goal of killing of all animals on the Charles River Basin. Based on their secret definition of parks, free animals need not apply and anything and everything they can get away with will be inflicted.

Prior reports with photos include reports at and at Note that the outrageous personal parking is fully and clearly separated from the construction zone and only a few hundred feet from readily available parking area under Memorial Drive.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cambridge Machine Questions Credibility

A few weeks ago, I reported on an exchange between two individuals concerning development in Cambridge, MA, USA.

One was a Machine type crying “too much development”. The other was a developer type blasting the Machine type for being unrealistic.

My evaluation was that the two were on the same side and that the developer type was helping the Machine type pull the usual con game on well meaning people by giving The Machine undeserved credibility.

We have had another such con game. This time the Machine type (different person) questioned the developer type’s (I do not have the slightest idea if this one was the same or another; they all sound the same. They all read from the same script.) credibility.

My response with some clean up:


[Name omitted to protect the guilty] is correct.

There is a severe problem with credibility on development and environmental issues.

It starts with [Name omitted to protect the guilty].

A little over a year ago, I communicated the very real problems facing Alewife and for a long time, I have communicated the very real problems on the Charles River.

At Alewife, in a meeting of this group, when action was needed immediately, [Name omitted to protect the guilty] said nobody was destroying anything and he/she claimed he/she knows what he/she is talking about.

Since then, Cambridge and the DCR have destroyed acres of Alewife and conducted a massive pogrom of its animal residents. More destruction is imminent because the project will not provide the flood protection claimed. So it is a matter of building underground in a location where underground is disappearing or destroying the rest of Alewife. The Machine has a position, stall and blame the other guy.

The same thing is going on on the Charles. The problem on the Charles is 13 years of environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse by, once again, Cambridge and the DCR. The Machine claims to be concerned about the Charles River but denies the last 13 years exist. So The Machine says to help with an historical building but ignore plans to destroy its parking lot until it is too late to prevent that destruction. Ignore the poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach. Ignore the bizarre wall blocking off Magazine Beach from the Charles and starving the 30 plus year resident Charles River White Geese. Ignore the replacement of healthy grass with sickly stuff that needs the poisons. Ignore the ease to seed responsible grass instead of seeding poisons. Ignore the ease of chopping down that bizarre wall.

Ignore the destruction of playing fields to drain off poisons which should not even be there.

Ignore the use of the tiny area the Charles River White Geese have been confined to as a parking lot for Commuter Rail workers. Ignore the bizarre massive thicket of bushes being seeded there.

Ignore reality. Listen to The Machine.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Latest Outrage continues at Destroyed Nesting Area, Cambridge Machine Speaks

1. Report.
2. The Cambridge Machine speaks.
3. Prior Posts.
a. Before Photos.
b. After Photos.
4. Contacts.

1. Report.

Yesterday, December 21, 2012, was a very rainy day.

In spite of this, there were six vehicles parked on top of the environmentally sensitive core area of the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese. An area which was filled with ground vegetation until the Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

One looked like a construction vehicle. The rest should have been parked at the top of the hill under Memorial Drive. But Massachusetts has a destructive government, lying about which side it is on.

The Charles River White Geese were huddled against the BU Bridge as far as they could get from this inexcusable attack.

More crushed stone has been dumped on top of the area which had been showing green.

One good sign: more destruction of the DCR’s introduced vegetation. The DCR likes gardeners. The DCR is aggressively working to kill off all animals on the Charles River Basis by whatever means it can find an excuse for. This is one such outrage.

But a little has backfired. The irresponsible workers, in addition to piling on more crushed rock, are wearing down the rock and wearing down some introduced vegetation which is intended to create another massive outrage like the wall blocking off the Charles River from Magazine Beach.

2. The Cambridge Machine speaks.

The poor dears from the Cambridge Machine are looking for money for their historical project.

They lie of their “concern” for the Charles River and the Magazine Beach area.

They do not want to know about the ongoing outrage at the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The last 13 years with its repeated and inexcusable destruction does not exist in their world.

They want suggestions as to how to “improve” the area as long as the improvements do not undo 13 years of environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

The claims of concern are silly to describe as other than flat out lies.

While yelling about their historical building, they keep equally silent about their plans to destroy its parking lot.

After all, they will not destroy the parking lot until they get the money. So don’t worry, until they get the money and then they will destroy without further notice, like the ongoing outrage at the Destroyed Nesting Area and the 13 years of outrages they do not include in their history.

3. Prior Posts.

a. Before Photos.

b. After Photos.

4. Contacts.

The Massachusetts Governor may be contacted at his on line form at]

MassDOT may be contacted at their on line form at

Friday, December 21, 2012

Harvard expansion destabilizing the Allston Brighton section of Boston?

1. Background.
2. Allston Brighton Community Corporation concerns.

1. Background.

Boston has two neighborhoods bordering on the Charles River which are far less exclusive than the much more renown Back Back and Beacon Hill neighborhoods. The Allston neighborhood is directly across the Charles River and slightly west of Magazine Beach. The Brighton neighborhood is adjacent to and west of Allston.

As far as connections to the Charles River go, they are pretty much indistinguishable. The borderline is Everett Street. Everett Street is the eastern boundary of the destroyed shopping center I reported on yesterday in my report on Harvard expansion, at

The reality is that the distinction between the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods on the Charles River is more historical than realistic. The construction of the Massachusetts Turnpike / Interstate 90 has created a very real separation of the Charles River portion of the neighborhoods from the larger, more landlocked areas. There really are now three neighborhoods.

The Allston Brighton Community Corporation has been in existence for quite a bit of time now. It has organized around open space and housing.

The Allston Brighton Community Corporation has distributed an email letter of concern on housing impacts. This report of problems looks to me like possibly recognizing the impact of Harvard’s empire building.

The report does not distinguish exactly where in the neighborhoods they are talking about. The primary part of Allston is a very major and very dense student enclave based on Boston University. The primary part of Brighton shares with Brookline a rather significant student enclave based on Boston College, with its own dense areas. The Charles River portion has been sleepy with a significant but not overwhelming student presence. A very significant portion of Brighton north of the Boston College enclave has the appearance of residential rather than student housing. Its use is like the Charles River portion but much nicer.

I lived in the Charles River section during my first semester at Boston University School of Law and commuted to BU Law on bike using Memorial Drive and the BU Bridge. I performed in a movie shoot in November 2012 about two blocks from my former home. These locations are less than a mile from Harvard Square and are directly impacted by Harvard’s empire building.

My personal opinion is that I would much rather see housing expansion instead of Harvard expansion in the area targeted by Harvard for Harvard expansion. There is another, major area I consider much more appropriate for Harvard expansion.

2. Allston Brighton Community Corporation concerns.

The Allston Brighton Community Corporation report starts:


Without swift action, we are at risk of losing our community.

The Allston Brighton real estate market favors cash-ready absentee investors over community-based owners.

In 2012, approximately 75% of all residential home sales in Allston Brighton were to absentee investors, not to people who will put down roots in our community. Half of all sales were 100% cash deals, transacted quickly and without warning.

Now that we’ve unearthed this data, the Allston Brighton CDC is devising solutions to increase neighborhood stability and we need your help to enact them.


Details may be obtained at:

Allston Brighton CDC
20 Linden Street, Suite 288
Allston, MA 02134

T. 617-787-3874
F. 617-787-0425

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Harvard’s empire in Allston, across the Charles River from Cambridge, takes another step with filing of zoning plans

1. Introduction.
2. Harvard Gazette. Details from press release.
3. Harvard Magazine. Extended background analysis.

1. Introduction.

Harvard University has filed zoning plans for the Charlesgate Housing site at North Harvard and Western in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, a couple of blocks or so from the Charles River and Harvard Square.

Charlesgate Housing is a 40 year old subsidized housing project which is being subjected to a forced move by Harvard University.

Harvard bought the rather good neighborhood shopping center two blocks from the project and turned almost all of it into a ghost town by failing to rent stores as the tenants vacated. To no great surprise, the owners of Charlesgate “voluntarily” agreed to sell and to move the housing to the site of 7 to 10 former stores. These stores formerly included a K mart, an OfficeMax, a package store, and other such facilities. They were the equivalent of an entire strip mall in the far, western end of the shopping center. These stores were emptied by Harvard.

A Shaw’s Market in the southern portion of the shopping center remains in a smaller building. It has been downsized into a Shaw’s related Star Market facility. A MacDonald’s on the northern / Western Avenue end has been rebuilt to fit into the new configuration. One other building containing, I believe, a pet store, on the nearest, northeast corner, also remains.

Construction in this part of Allston is of major importance to those concerned about the Charles River because the distance varies from a short one block distance to a distance equal to about two blocks.

The environmental problems and attacks on the Charles River White Geese seem to be directly related to plans for relocating Harvard Medical School to the Allston project area, to the Allston off ramps of the Massachusetts Turnpike and the Beacon Railroad Yards.

These facilities were purchased by Harvard months after a transit study determined that an off ramp to Cambridge could be built from the Massachusetts Turnpike over the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge which in turn leads to key areas next to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

The future Harvard Medical School and related facilities is visible from the Magazine Beach playing fields. It is the eastern end of the possible Allston projects. It is about equal in size to Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.

2. Harvard Gazette. Details from press release.

The Harvard Gazette, an official organ of the University reported on December 19, 2012, that Harvard’s agent had formally filed its plans with the Boston Redevelopment Agency, Boston’s equivalent of a zoning board.

This report, in turn, linked a press release dated December 17, 2012. This is Harvard’s version of the situation:

The press release includes the following key paragraph:


The Project consists of the construction of two buildings with residential uses on the upper floors, residential, amenity and retail uses on the ground floor, and parking in the basement. The north building ranges from seven to nine stories in height and is located along a newly created road within the project site. The south building is six stories tall and has frontage on Western Avenue, North Harvard Street, and a second new road within the project site and bordering Smith Field.

3. Harvard Magazine. Extended background analysis.

Harvard Magazine’s report, another house organ, posted about a week ago, has quite a bit of detail, plus a good map at This is their January - February 2013 issue.

The lead paragraph gives an apparently good description based on a document filed in October 2012:


Harvard’s October filing of a new Institutional Master Plan Notification Form (IMPNF), describing projects it hopes to build in Allston during the next decade, marked the formal withdrawal of the grandiose plans for a new campus described in a similar submission in January 2007. Gone are the reconfigured bridges over the Charles River, the new undergraduate Houses, the 10 million square feet of building space, and the performing-arts pavilion at Barry’s Corner. In the vicinity of the latter, a parking lot is now contemplated for the construction vehicles used to build the mix of housing, retail, and athletic facilities that administrators are proposing for the land Harvard began quietly acquiring in 1988, 25 years ago. Later, a mixed-use institutional building is slated to rise on the southernmost portion of the Charlesview apartments site. (Harvard planners, comparing the new IMPNF to the former one in meetings with the Allston community during the past 18 months, have characterized its proposals as practical, noting their greatly reduced scope, geography, and time frame—a decade, rather than the 50-year vision detailed in 2007.)


[The report continues through a number of paragraphs.]

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Environmental Con Game Accelerates in Cambridge, MA, USA

About a month ago I wrote a letter to the editor replying to Councilor vanBeuzekom’s nonsense at Alewife. She was defending the air and did not want to know about the acres of virgin woodland she and her friends are destroying. And she does not want to know about her plans to accelerate the destruction at Alewife to perhaps total destruction. And she does not want to know there is a readily available, responsible alternative. She does not want to know about the con game her friends are working to make the destruction that much more likely.

The letter was printed on this blog and in the Cambridge Chronicle.

The con game is accelerating.

I just received one email from the supposed group in front of which the councilor spoke. The email wildly claimed to be defending the environment.

Right after that email, I received an email from “another” group claiming the first group’s statistics are all wrong.

So what.

They are both on the same side.

The reply to the initial con game gives credibility to a group which has no right to credibility. Is the “reply” from an independent group or just another arm of The Machine helping a fake group from The Machine fool people?

This is how environmental destroyers keep up the destruction in Cambridge, MA, USA. They keep on piously claiming to be on a side strikingly different from the side they are on, and they have a massive organization spouting the lie to as many people they can get to.

And massive animal abuse and killing, and massive environmental destruction. All things that they very belligerently do not want to know about, but they love to lie that they are responsible people and environmentalists.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Latest Outrage Continues at Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

Cambridge, MA, USA, formerly wild property managed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on the north side of the Charles River. Managed so as to maximize heartless animal abuse while lying about being environmental saints.

Today, the Charles River White Geese remained huddled in the man made wasteland against the BU Bridge. They were kept from the tiny part of their world not really destroyed the them yet. The attackers were worker’s cars parked on top of their humble home. The workers are too lazy to park at the top of a not particular large hill under the adjacent Memorial Drive over pass.

There are not as many irresponsible workers' vehicles destroying this sensitive environmental area, but still too many.

The crushed stone which was dumped on top of the area which had been returning to nature has expanded and has been ground in by strikingly irresponsible people doing the dirty work for really rotten governments. Portions of the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s access highway have been deviated from to disrupt the DCR’s introduced vegetation. The crushed stone dumped on top of the DCR’s crushed stone creating that highway has been crushed in on top of what was too much before the Commuter Rail people started their totally inexcusable destruction.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nesting area of Charles River White Geese Turned into a Parking Lot

All of these were taken on December 4, 2012, on Analog film which was returned on December 9.

The comments I have previously made are very good. Links are at the end. I will try to add a little analysis. Basically, my prior comments work very well. There is no need to overdue the analysis.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 03-23, 12-04, DNA]

This photo is taken from the area next to the Charles a little west of the BU Bridge. It was untouched during the BU Bridge repairs although, like the rest of the area between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse perhaps half a mile to the east, has had major destruction of ground vegetation by the Charles River Conservancy. The view is up through the undeveloped swath next to the BU Bridge where the Commuter Rail outrage has forced the scared Charles River White Geese.

[12-12, Walgreen’s,04-22, 12-04, DNA]

To the right is the support for the Grand Junction Bridge. The vehicle is standing on the tracks. The area nearest the camera is the key part of the habitat.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 05-21, 12-04, DNA]

The area nearest the camera is the far portion of the area in the photo shown a number of times in the prior reports. That photo showed nature healing itself as many spots of green. The gray nearest the camera is massive amounts of dumped crushed stone. The area away from the camera is the eastern highway created by the DCR’s destructive ‘improvements’. Major dumping of stone on that highway is shown in later photos.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 06-20, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 07-19, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 08-18, 12-04, DNA]

The yellow vehicle is for work on the bridge. It almost certainly runs on rails and, along with the red vehicle at the far end of the bridge, was brought in from the Beacon Yards, straight ahead and to the right. These are the vehicles needed for the work. Almost all of the wheeled vehicles, with responsible entities, would have been left under Memorial Drive.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 09-17, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 10-16, 12-04, DNA]

This is the opposite view from the first shot, taken up the emptied area next to the BU Bridge. The Charles River White Geese are huddled as near as they dare next to vegetation which has not been destroyed. The geese to their left would be the ones seen up close in the first shot.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 11-15, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 12-14, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 13-13, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 14-12, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 15-11, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 16-10, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 17-09, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 18-08, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 19-07, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 20-06, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 21-05, 12-04, DNA]

At this point, the gaggle got up the nerve to move further from the river. The corner in the plastic wall is the separation between the area (nearest) which needed to be cleared for work on the BU Bridge and the area (further away) which was simply destructive. But note in the other pictures the crushed stone dumped on top of crushed stone on the new highway created in this eastern, totally unnecessary, leg.

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 22-04, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 23-03, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 24-02, 12-04, DNA]

[12-12, Walgreen’s, 25-01, 12-04, DNA]

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Emergency at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, assistance needed

The Charles River White Geese have lived on the Charles River for 32 years. They have created a community which is loved by decent human beings.

In recent years, they have been heartlessly abused by Cambridge, MA, and by its friends in state government.

The explanation for the abuse offered by the front organization representing the interests of Cambridge, MA in the community is that the last 13 years do not exist. But the front organization, The Cambridge Machine, runs around lying that it is concerned about the Charles River and its environment.

For most of the last 32 years, they have lived in a one mile long habitat on the Charles River centered on the BU Bridge in Cambridge, MA, USA. They fed at and lived at the Magazine Beach playing fields. Once a year during nesting and also during extreme weather conditions, they lived in their nesting area bounded by the BU Bridge, by an on ramp to Memorial Drive and by the Grand Junction Railroad.

For several years now, Cambridge and its friends in the state have been deliberately starving them by walling off their food at Magazine Beach and by dumping poisons on that food. The worst accomplice at the state level, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has created a secret goal for the Charles River Basin hidden in their definition of Parkland. The goal is to kill off all animals on the Charles River basin, and they implement this goal by dirty tricks sneaked into otherwise innocuous projects.

Half the tiny area to which the Charles River White Geese have been confined was destroyed in repairs to the BU Bridge. This is the almost all of the western portion of the area running along the BU Bridge. About half of that destruction was totally unnecessary. The destroyed area has been filled in with introduced bushes which look likely to recreate the bizarre wall which is walling off Magazine Beach.

The Charles River White Geese, until this week, were confined in the eastern half of their Nesting Area.

During the period commencing with the appointment of the Charles River “Conservancy” to destroy the environment for the DCR, almost all ground vegetation running about half a mile east from the BU Bridge has been destroyed.

We had blamed the CRC for this destruction but the outrage which initiated this last week indicates that significant parts of the destruction has also been done by irresponsible maintenance workers with DCR consent, outright or tacit.

This photo from the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese demonstrates the rottenness of the people with whom we are dealing.

2012 / 06-08 / 19 05-13-12, DNA dirt regrowing, natives, highway, geese.

The green spots are nature reclaiming land destroyed by human destroyers. This week, this area has had large amounts of crushed stone dumped on it. All the now brown areas were previously native and healthy until the destroyers went to work on them. Pretty much all of the brown areas have been used since the weekend for parking or access to parking. My prior report showed where responsible people would park.

The Charles River White Geese need your help.

Contacting the DCR or Cambridge is a waste of time. These people are beneath consideration.

The governor and the Department of Transportation are other matters.

The governor may have stepped in to keep the DCR from getting Obama moneys for the destruction of more than 100 healthy, excellent trees near the Charles River in the area between here and the second bridge to the east. The DCR lied that all the trees were diseased. The lie was proven in the DCR’s submittal to Cambridge which the governor received.

The Department of Transportation has been a breath of fresh air after dealing with Cambridge, the DCR, and the Cambridge Machine. The commuter rail workers committing this outrage are under the aegis of the Department of Transportation.

Contacts are:

Governor Patrick, 617-725-4005;, and

The Department of Transportation,

Additionally, assistance to the Friends of the White Geese is very much crucial.

We need money to help with our efforts, and we need workers. We may be contacted by email at We take paypal which in turn takes any major credit card. We have a link at the top of our Blog at

Checks and other snail mail communications may be mailed to Friends of the White Geese c/o Robert J. La Trémouille, PO Box 391412, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

Friends of the White Geese is a non profit organization registered with the Attorney General of Massachusetts. Contributions are NOT TAX EXEMPT because of our necessary political activities.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Bureaucrats turn last refuge of Charles River White Geese into a parking lot.

My thanks to Nick Lopen who sent us an email that he had seen vehicles in the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese and he did not see any of the geese.

I was at this cherished area at about 11 am on December 3, 2012.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation is allowing commuter rail people to use the last refuge of the Charles River White Geese as a parking lot for work on the railroad.

Here are some photos of the area before the latest destruction.

I will follow with the actual photos in a few days.

Actually, this outrage could explain how this delicate area has been destroyed and destroyed and destroyed and not allowed to grow back.

One excellent example of the outrage is an area where gravel / crushed stone was casually dumped.

2012 / 06-08 / 19 05-13-12, DNA dirt regrowing, natives, highway, geese.

This is a prior photo. See the green spots. Nature is starting to regain itself. So an irresponsible government just casually destroys.

Further away from the camera is significant parking.

2012 / 07-06 / 14 06-24 DNA E intro, native, dirt

The Charles River White Geese were huddled in fear in the artificially created wasteland next to the BU Bridge.

This area has turned into the only part of their 30 year nesting area the Charles River White Geese dare to use.

This is the northern end of the area to which they are confined. They were in this area when I left. When I got there, they were closer to the river. There is a narrow band of introduced bushes between this area and the few undestroyed native bushes and then the area that has been destroyed since the Charles River “Conservancy” started environmental destruction for the DCR. Vehicles are parked in the open area just beyond the native bushes.

2012 / 06-15, DVD 06-26-12 / 09 05-29-12 DNA dirt, geese, E natives, E introd

This is a pretty good view of the area where they were when I first saw them this afternoon. This area is about halfway down the BU Bridge side of the Destroyed Nesting Area. The gray blocks to the right are probably part of the BU Bridge’s eastern extreme.

2012 / 06-08 / 07 05-13-12 DNA Terrace, east, grass and thicket.

This is a good view of the area from near the northern end of the BU Bridge. The bushes on the wood chips are part of a group of bushes creating a terrace at the entrance which was illegally created by Boston University where the BU Bridge meets the on ramp to Memorial Drive. The large tree to the right, showing in this and prior photos, is on the Charles River. There was significant tree destruction in the area which is now undeveloped and holding the frightened, abused Charles River White Geese. The area to the left rear held parking on December 3.

2012 / 07-06 / 26 06-27 dirt, geese, natives, W intro, terrace W highway and parking lot.

There were approximately 12 vehicles parked in the area which was not touched by the outrageous aspects of the BU Bridge repairs. Gravel had been dumped on top of the western of the of two new highways started to “repair” the inexcusable destruction in the BU Bridge repairs. Gravel had been dumped in a wide part of the area which had been previously destroyed after the Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the Department of Conservation and Recreation in 2003.

Vehicles were parked everywhere there could be rudimentary, growing vegetation, destroying any chance of it growing now.

The near end of this photo is the western end of the new west highway. It was occupied by parking today.

2012 / 07-07 to 15, 07-26 DVD / 017_16

This is the eastern end of that new eastern highway. The crushed stone on the left has gone from nearly innocuous to very truly intrusive. The area to the right is the hillside under the on ramp to Memorial Drive.

2012 / 06-15, DVD 06-26-12 / 21 06-03-12 DNA E Hwy, Gaggle on Dirt, w native, intro to L, E to R

This the opposite view of that new eastern highway. The dirt on the other side of the undestroyed native bushes now sees significant amounts of crushed stone / gravel. The new highway is now much more significant.

2012 / 03-07 to 15, 07-26 DVD / 016_14A

Gravel had been dumped in a wide part of the area which had been previously destroyed after the Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the Department of Conservation and Recreation in 2003.

A very significant area nearest the camera is now heavily crushed stone / gravel. The geese have been driven from their favorite spot under this large tree.

2012 / 06-08 / 13 05-13-12 BU Bridge view, both natives, thicket.

This is a view from the BU Bridge. The black line snaking from middle to left and back to middle is a plastic wall built between the area which was destroyed in the BU Bridge repairs and the area which is now being further destroyed by the Commuter Rail people working with the DCR. The two thick green areas to the right of the black wall are remnants of native vegetation which was everywhere before the BU Bridge destruction and the destruction which started when the Charles River Conservancy started destroying the environment for the DCR. This photo was taken in May 2012 and the native bushes were significantly smaller than in other photos.

The figures in the middle of the brown would be Charles River White Geese and other free animals, probably a lot of Canadas.

The eastern highway is a bare sliver going from left to middle about a third of the way from the top of the photo, and ending at the upper of the two native groupings. Immediately to the right of the upper grouping is now gravel / crushed stone. Vehicles are now parked all over this area. The very top of this photo is the hillside under the on ramp to Memorial Drive. The sharp demarcation between brown and green is the demarcation between the introduced, soon to be massive, bushes and the native bushes which fill that hillside.

This photo is very soon after the planting of the introduced bushes.

This is the core, most cherished part of the last undestroyed home of the Charles River White Geese. There are a lot of vehicles parked her.

2012 / 06-08 / 19 05-13-12, DNA dirt regrowing, natives, highway, geese

This is an excellent view of the area where most of the gravel / crushed stone has been dumped. The smidgens of green are no longer there. It is all crushed stone. The vegetation to the right is the farther of the undestroyed native vegetation in the preceding photo.

Some white geese can be seen in the rear left. This area included quite a few vehicles on December 3.

2012 / 07-06 / 26 06-27 dirt, geese, natives, W intro, terrace W highway and parking lot.

Vehicles were parked everywhere there could be rudimentary, growing vegetation, destroying any chance of it growing now.

The near end of this photo is the western end of the new west highway. It was occupied by parking today.

This is the opposite view of the photo above of the northern end of the artificial wasteland in which the frightened geese are huddling.]

2011 / 09-13 / 18 09-04-11 DNA

MBCR signs were on a number of the vehicles. The main action was on the Grand Junction Railroad. MBCR is the managing agent for the Department of Transportation to run the Commuter Rail.

They were clearly working on the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge, and they were doing it in a manner as destructive as could be for resident animals.

This is the standard routine for work on DCR property. DCR goal is to kill off all animals living on the Charles River Basin. Their euphemism is parkland.

So whatever work is done is warped to destroy life as much as possible.

This is a photo from last year. This entire area was used for parking. You can see the geese huddled under the trees.

2011 / 04-04B Clark / 06 03-29 DNA east of Grand Junction.

Also from last year, notice all the geese under the trees. But also notice the green vegetation just sprouting in April.

Used for parking.

2011 / 04-04B Clark / 17 03-29 Grand Junction, geese, Charles, BU Bridge

This is the current construction zone, April 2011 photo. They are working on the Grand Junction Bridge, straight ahead. There is no need whatsoever to park on and destroy the hillside. The area in the immediately prior photo is bottom right.

Please yell at the governor and the secretary of transportation. The staging area for this work, if the DCR were a responsible entity, would be either:

a. Under the Memorial Drive over pass where there is plenty of room, or

2011 / 03-16 Clark / 01 02-13-11 Rotary from west.

In the photo, the area to the left has been used for parking during the responsible parts of the BU Bridge work. It is under Memorial Drive in a location where grass simply will not work.

The nesting area is straight ahead. The car viewed to the left of the snow on the island is preparing to go up the on ramp which is the northern neighbor of the destroyed nesting area.

2010 / 02-01 Clark / 14, 01-05-10, DNA Kathy and Son

This is a photo from February 2010 taken in the area to which the Charles River White Geese have been forced yet again. Straight ahead is the Memorial Drive overpass. Those cars could readily park under that overpass.

b. north on the railroad where the railroad meets Waverly Street. There is a lot of wide street there. Additionally, there is a large, underutilized parking lot there which could readily and harmlessly be borrowed from MIT with permission,

But the DCR destroys as many animals as they can get away with, in consonance with the equally reprehensible City of Cambridge.

The Governor may be contacted at his on line form at

MassDOT may be contacted at their on line form at

What is Cambridge’s position on the destruction? Well the DCR does nothing without being certain they are in line with Cambridge wishes.

The lying by The Machine about environmental sainthood at the priceless Alewife reservation says exactly where The Machine is coming from, plus the nonstop nonsense spouted by The Machine that the last 13 years do not exist on the Charles River says everything about The Cambridge Machine.

The Cambridge City Council has failed to fire the current City Manager, Robert Healy in spite of very clear court authorization / encouragement to do so. The check to the victim was $8.3 million. They are apparently replacing him with his long time assistant who has been in the middle of the environmental destruction.

Why? Well, Cambridge has the massive, lying Cambridge Machine to cover their backs.
? Well, Cambridge has the massive, lying Cambridge Machine to cover their backs.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Cambridge MA City Manager Regency to be Extended?

The Cambridge Chronicle is reporting that six members of the Cambridge City Council are seeking to appoint Deputy City Manager Richard Rossi to replace the retiring Robert Healy,

Five favorable votes will be needed on Monday night, December 3, 2012. With six incumbents endorsing the order, the Rossi promotion approaches being a sure thing.

This would be a repeat of the passing of the baton from James Leo Sullivan to Robert Healy which brought Robert Healy to office.

Rossi has been in the middle of some bad environmental destruction.

The guilty members of the City Council are Mayor Davis and Councilors Maher, Cheung, Reeves, Toomey, and Decker.

The actual order may be reviewed at

It is silly to think that this appointment will improve things.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cambridge Chronicle: Good Handling of Cambridge, MA, USA Corruption

1. General.
2. VanBeuzekom, the chair, and reality.
3. Analysis of issues.
4. Practical handling by the Chronicle.

1. General.

The editorial page of yesterday’s (11/29/12) Cambridge Chronicle was nicely laid out.

The main editorial page, page A10 had three letters to the editor with a fourth on the continuation page.

The first letter was given the heading, “Bercaw hurls ‘generalities without specificity’”.

The letter responded to Roy Bercaw’s attack on corruption in Cambridge government as his farewell to the departing last Chronicle editor. Roy thought he did some good work standing up to corruption in Cambridge government. The writer called Bercaw’s letter an attack on the municipal-paid employees of the City of Cambridge. He said:

“Hurling generalities without specificity, as Bercaw did, is the hallmark of a ‘gutless wonder’”.

The third letter was mine, headlined “‘Dishonesty in environmentalism is the norm’”.

I led with “Roy Bercaw’s analysis of Cambridge as a corrupt community was astute.” I followed with the ongoing con game of the Cambridge Machine fighting for destruction of the Alewife Reservation and featured my analysis of the destruction in light of a supposed environmental meeting by The Machine.

I previously posted my letter at It was my second posting concerning this typically bizarre Cambridge, MA “environmental” meeting.

2. VanBeuzekom, the chair, and reality.

First of all, by this posting, I am presenting my third report on this meeting. There is, however, one point I have not hit on with regard to this meeting yet.

Possibly key in the last election was a letter that was distributed quoting a flippant comment by an incumbent city councilor about Malvina Monteiro. Monteiro is the female Cape Verdean who had her life destroyed by the Cambridge City Manager in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint.

That letter could have been a key factor in that councilor being fired and Councilor vanBeuzekom replacing him. Identified in my first post but not identified in the letter was the councilor I was responding to, Councilor vanBeuzekom.

The meeting’s chair, who shut me up when I tried to get Councilor vanBeuzekom back on the issue, was the woman who distributed the letter which could have resulted in vanBeuzekom replacing the incumbent.

Particularly striking about that letter was the fact that the chair is a long time and very visible member of The Machine, and The Machine simply does not publicly make such statements. The chair did and the woman she protected at that meeting is the one who possibly got elected because of her letter.

3. Analysis of issues.

These letters are limited to 400 words. My reading of Roy’s letter was that he did an excellent job of presenting the problem within the constraints of 400 words.

Realizing the constraints Roy was working on and reading the rest of the lead letter, the lead letter yesterday is difficult to evaluate except as a bunch of cheap shots.

I have had a lot of letters published in the Cambridge Chronicle recently. Because of this, I did not expect to see this particular letter printed.

The editor, however, had my letter in hand. Roy did an excellent job in his letter given the word limit, and my letter exactly provided at least one specific example destroying the gutless wonder attack.

4. Practical handling by the Chronicle.

Neither of these two letters were published on line, nor was Roy’s original letter. The other two letters printed were published on line.

The Chronicle has printed a lot from me in the hard copy, but it has been many months since I was published on line.

The Chronicle has a record of publishing an excellent letters column. Many politically active Cantabridgians could be thought to read it primarily for the letters column.

You will see this sort of thing a lot in papers publishing on line versions. The really juicy stuff only appears in the hard copy.

I think that is what the Chronicle is doing with its choice of on line printing.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cambridge Day: Cambridge, MA, USA Common tree destruction already approved.

A report dated November 20, 2012 in Cambridge Day states that the environmental destruction and mass tree destruction I reported on a week or so ago has already been approved. This is in the second paragraph of a follow on report.

That existing approval makes the pious noises in Councilor Kelley’s motion about tree destruction of 100 trees as part of the project that much more typical Cambridge nonsense.

The Cambridge Day report may be read at:

My most recent prior report may be read at:

Kelley’s motion mentioned in my report was approved at the November 19, 2012, city council meeting. This sort of nonsense is how an environmentally reprehensible city government stays in power.

I do not know, but can guess, how Kelley voted on the vote for the destruction. Very clearly the Cambridge City Council voted for it. Following up a vote to destroy with saccharine of concern for the destruction they have approved is typical Cambridge hypocrisy.

This fits Roy Bercaw's analysis of Cambridge as a corrupt government. Dishonesty in fact.

It can be certain that The Cambridge Machine will brag about the expression of concern and suppress the reality.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Environmental response to objection to Cambridge, MA, USA corruption

In the November 15, 2012 Cambridge Chronicle, they printed a letter from Roy Bercaw praising the outgoing editor for standing up to the corruption in Cambridge. It is not published on line and I have not been able to get a URL if Roy put it on his Blog.

I have submitted the following suggested response.


Roy Bercaw’s analysis of Cambridge as a corrupt community was astute.

An excellent example of corruption on the environment is the public meeting conducted by The Machine on 11/17/12.

The Machine claims that Cambridge is “Pro Environment.” It yells about matters in which Cambridge is not being destructive. The Machine suppresses Cambridge’s inexcusable environmental destruction.

On 11/17/2012, a city councilor bragged about Cambridge’s holiness at Alewife. The Machine has been fighting for destruction of the Alewife reservation for more than 14 years. It cried about this irreplaceable virgin woodland. It yelled at private developers. It told people not to look at public destructiveness.

Last October - November, Cambridge destroyed acres of irreplaceable woodlands and killed hundreds of resident animals. The Machine bragged about the destruction in the pages of the Chronicle. So now, The Machine yells about protecting air quality and forgets its inexcusable woodland destruction and the massive increase in destruction it works for.

At the meeting, the councilor mentioned two pending developments on opposite sides of CambridgePark Drive. The parcel on the north side directly abuts the area where Cambridge ruthlessly destroyed acres of irreplaceable woodland and killed its animals. The southern development is in the middle of a massive parking lot which should be used for the flood storage which Cambridge claims it is providing.

Cambridge is protecting against the worst storm in an average two year period. Alewife has seen two fifty year storms in the last twenty years. Protection should be provided against 100 year storms.

The building on the south side of CambridgePark Drive is providing flood protection underground for its building.

All Cambridge has to do to expand that buildings protections deeper and put the protection under the two developments and under the parking lot.

But the Machine tells responsible people to yell at the developers and tells folks to keep away from telling the City Council that Cambridge should be doing its job. Then, when it is “too late”, Cambridge will perhaps destroy all of Alewife.

The councilor responded to my question about her destructiveness by bragging about another part of town. When I tried to get her back to her claims of “environmentalism” at Alewife, I was shut up by the chair.

This is one example of endemic corruption in Cambridge. Dishonesty in environmentalism is the norm. Pious mouthings and misleading directions are the tactic to hide reality.

Thank you, Roy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cambridge City Councilor vanBeuzekom shows she supports further massive destruction of Alewife Reservation

1. Brief summary.
2. Meeting Saturday night.
3. Analysis.
A. General.
B. The Machine’s goals.
C. VanBeuzekom’s goals.
D. Summary.
4. Prior reports.

1. Brief summary.

I have repeatedly condemned eight members of the Cambridge City Council for their irresponsible and soon to accelerate destruction at the Alewife reservation.

I have exempted from my condemnation Councilor vanBeuzekom because she just joined. She just lost my new member presumption of innocence.

2. Meeting Saturday night.

Saturday, November 17, 2012, The Cambridge Machine conducted an environmental meeting with emphasis on transportation. It was conducted at the city building across from City Hall. They had a good attendance.

These “environmental protection” meetings are part of the nonstop lies that an environmental destructive city government is holier than thou on the environment.

I popped in at exactly the right moment. Councilor vanBeuzekom was bragging about protecting the environment at Alewife. She even mentioned the two imminent projects on both sides of CambridgePark Drive.

So I asked her one question in the question period following her presentation.

She very clearly is aware of the two key coming projects. One directly abuts the destroyed virgin woodlands with its acres of destruction and massive animal kill. The other is across the street and is part of a massive parking lot stretching to the Alewife Brook Parkway.

I pointed out the fact that North Cambridge and Alewife have severe flooding problems, two 50 year storms in the past 20 years. I pointed out that Cambridge has destroyed acres of Alewife reservation for flood protection against the worst possible storm in TWO YEARS. The two year “protection” is kept as secret as possible. The Machine just claimed to be providing flood protection. Protection against a two year storm is not flood protection. I pointed out the uselessness of the accomplished destruction for flood protection.

I pointed out that the massive parking lot on the opposite side of CambridgePark Drive and those two projects could provide the needed protection. Without that protection, greater, perhaps total, destruction of the Alewife reservation would almost certainly follow. The victims in North Cambridge would learn they have been lied to after the first big storm.

Councilor vanBeuzekom responded by talking about other protective projects she has been working on. When I tried to get her to discuss the ongoing destruction of the environment at Alewife since she had given the idea she was protecting Alewife, the chair told me to sit down.

The immediately following speaker was Stephen Kaiser. He got a great introduction from the speaker. Kaiser is a key part of The Machine and has been for many years. Kaiser has been involved in a lot of destruction. He sounds great. He is just on the wrong side.

I walked out.

3. Analysis.

A. General.

Last year vanBeuzekom posed for a “protective” photo which was used by The Machine in its fight for the environmental outrage achieved at Alewife in October - November 2011.

The Machine ran around lying of their “concern” for Alewife for 14 years, telling people to look at everything except for what its friends are doing. After the acres of destruction and mass animal kill occurred in October - November 2011, the leader of the fake group which was The Machine’s front organization bragged about the destruction. At minimum, the 14 year leader of the fake group printed a letter in the Cambridge Chronicle. She then gave her pitch to The Machine’s fake environmental group in Cambridgeport.

Currently, The Machine has been yelling at the developers of the two projects. This is a standard pitch. ALWAYS do exactly the wrong thing and keep people doing the wrong thing as long as possible, until the outrage is accomplished.

The Machine will not talk with the Cambridge City Council, the people responsible for the accomplished environmental outrage at Alewife, the people who will be responsible for the future destruction. These are the people who should be IMMEDIATELY talking bout the taking of easements needed on the two properties and under that massive parking lot.

A responsible city government would be building flood protection underground, under those buildings and under the parking lot. The building proposed for the far side is doing exactly what is needed in all these locations, just at a size only useful for its project alone. A much larger version of the flood protection under this building can and should be used under the parking lot and under the two proposed buildings. This is essential for the needed flood storage in order. The obvious alternative is the future destruction at Alewife.


One of the key lies is nonstop nonsense in which The Machine is bragging falsely about the environmental sainthood of these environmental destroyers.

The Machine, as is usual with The Machine, tells people to look at everything except what counts.

B. The Machine’s goals.

The Machine is stalling until those two projects are too far along to take easements. Then the choice will be between

(1). building under a much smaller area, the remnants of that very large parking lot; this would clearly be a lot more difficult and expensive, or

(2). accomplishing further massive destruction and killing of resident animals in the irreplaceable Alewife reservation to do what The Machine is lying is being done by the accomplished and totally wasteful destruction.

The technique is ALWAYS to discuss everything except what counts, AND PREVENT DISCUSSION OF REALITY.

C. VanBeuzekom’s goals.

VanBeuzekom, by her detailed publicly stated knowledge of the two key projects has shown that she knows what is going on at Alewife.

VanBeuzekom, in her response to my question, tried to switch to areas where Cambridge and she do not have filthy hands and filthy coming destruction. VanBeuzekom showed:

(1). she knows exactly what she is doing and

(2). that she does not want to know herself what she is doing and,

(3). more importantly, that she does not want the voters to know how environmentally destructive she is.

D. Summary.

The count is now NINE BAD CITY COUNCILORS out of nine on the Cambridge, MA, City Council, if you are pro environment.

4. Prior reports.

My most recent report on Alewife was on August 30, 2012, at

This report is extensive. It includes photographs and links to prior reports.

Before that, I included an appendix on Alewife in my detailed letter to the Cambridge City Council reported on August 8, 2012 at This appendix is much less detailed that the August 30, 2012 report. It was the least reported part by me on this Blog. My emphasis was on the Charles River.

The Machine non stop brags that it is holier than thou on environmental issues.

The Machine non stop lies on the important stuff and tells people to look at everything except what counts.

You can bet The Machine will continue to yell about everything except what Cambridge is destroying.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Environmental Destruction at Cambridge Common to be worse than stated in Environmental Notification Form?

On October 4, 2012, at, I reported major environmental destruction slated for the Cambridge Common. The Environmental Notification form, at announced Cambridge’s intention to destroy 22 trees because they are blocking the view.

Cambridge City Councilor Craig Kelley announced in a motion in front of the Cambridge City Council last Monday, that

1. the project includes “plans to remove close to one hundred significantly sized trees; and”

2. “There has been no tree hearing for these trees nor is there any clear indication on the Cambridge Common or readily available online to help people determine which trees will be removed”.

Cambridge being Cambridge and Kelley being Kelley, Kelley does not object in his motion to this massive destruction of trees, he just wants to know if the public objects. He wants the slated trees to be marked so that the public can tell him if he objects to the destruction.

Kelley delayed action on his motion to November 19.

Kelley fits the lack of environmental conscience of all long term Cambridge city councilors except possibly for the Councilor who was added in the last election. He has no problems with the outrages on the Charles River. He voted for the outrages at Alewife. He has no problems with the outrages at Fresh Pond.

His people are treating the very clear plans to massively increase destruction at Alewife in the usual Cambridge Machine fashion. They are loudly proclaiming their concern and telling those who respect them to look at everything other than the outrages Cambridge is accomplishing.

Destruction at Alewife is for “flood storage” the project cannot provide and which can be provided next door and across the street. All Cambridge has to do is take easements under a massive parking lot and under two condo projects which WILL GO FORWARD WITHOUT THE PROTECTION because the “protectors” as usual are telling people to look at everything else. Trouble with the one possible “protector” is that she posed for a publicity shot telling people to look at everything else.

I have gone in great detail lately as to the outrages on the Charles River and to the fake “protective” group fighting for the outrages in the manner of the Cambridge Machine.

And the City Councilors constantly yell about everything except for the destruction they support. As I said, Kelley does not object to the destruction of 100 trees on the Cambridge Common (or to the many other outrages), he just wants to find out if people will persuade him to be outraged.

I certainly do hope people MEANINGFULLY concerned about the many environmental outrages including the Cambridge Common will communicate to this very bad city council their outrage.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Boston University, the Charles River, and our world

1. Boston University’s Photo of Boston University.
2. Analysis.

1. Boston University’s Photo of Boston University.

This photo is taken from the cover on the on line version of Boston University’s Boston University Charles River Campus Master Plan. It is dated August 10, 2012, submitted by Trustees of Boston University, submitted to Boston Redevelopment Authority, prepared by FortPoint Associates, Inc., in association with CBT Architects, Greenburg Consultants, Inc., Tetra Tech.

[Editor's comment: I am trying to insert the key photo. It is on the front page of the report found through the second link immediately below. I get confused every so often. I push the envelope and it pushes back. So far, I have saved the photo in PDF but am bewildered as how to upload it from there. Help from somebody who knows what he / she is doing will be appreciated.]

The plan was last updated with the BRA on September 20, 2012. The BRA’s on line page is

You may get a copy of the complete document at

2. Analysis.

This photo shows, from Boston University’s point of view, the problems on the Charles River.

The river is to the right.

Crossing the river is the BU Bridge. Under the BU Bridge is the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge.

The treed area between the two on the right is the destroyed nesting area of the Charles River White Geese. This is the area to which they have been confined since Cambridge, MA and the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation started massive destruction of the environment and animal habitat on the Cambridge, right, side of the Charles River.

The building on the right below the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge is the BU Boathouse.

Since 2003, when the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” started destroying the environment for the DCR almost all ground vegetation between the BU Boathouse and the BU Bridge has been destroyed.

Above the BU Bridge is Magazine Beach. The bizarre wall of introduced vegetation which has been created blocking off Magazine Beach from the Charles River is so massive it can seen from this aerial / satellite view.

At the top right of the photo is the railroad yard / turnpike exit now owned by Harvard University where Harvard plans to move the Harvard Medical School.

The Massachusetts Turnpike itself (I-90) is below the Harvard holdings and raised above the Charles River.

The smaller highway between the Turnpike (I-90) and the Charles River is Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive.

If you look carefully at Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive as it extends toward the camera (east), you will see, first the Grand Junction Railroad crossing Soldiers Field Road / Storrow Drive and then the BU Bridge crossing it.

The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority did a study which determined that an off ramp could be built from the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) to the Grand Junction Railroad at this point or to the left of this point.

Within months, Harvard owned the highway exit.

That portion of Boston which can be seen abutting the Charles River is approximately equal in size to the habitat of the Charles River White Geese on the Cambridge side before Cambridge and friends starting their heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese.

The first entity to attack the Charles River White Geese was Boston University. BU accomplished destruction at the destroyed nesting area in Fall of 1999 and lied for six months that they did not do it. After the Cambridge Conservation Commission condemned BU for the destruction, BU started bragging about it. BU blamed its president’s secretary for the false denials, but there is no record of any sanctions being applied to her.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Monteiro wins again. Appeals Court awards $300K in lawyers fees and costs from Cambridge, MA, USA, in this Women’s Rights Decision.

1. The Decision.
2. Summary of the case.
3. This decision.
4. Application.

1. The Decision.

The Massachusetts Appeals Court, on October 10, 2012, awarded $298,349.33 in lawyers fees and Court Costs to Malvina Monteiro as perhaps the final decision in a court case in which Courts and Jury have strongly condemned Cambridge’s destruction of a Black female department head in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complain.

The Appeals Court docket number is 2010-P-1240. My source is Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, October 22, 2012, page 20, Lawyers Weekly No. 11-152-12.

2. Summary of the case.

For the Superior Court judge’s key opinion, please see

For the Appeals Court panel’s key communication, please see

Malvina Monteiro was head of Cambridge’s Police Review Board until the consequences of her filing a civil rights action alleging disparate treatment because of her sex.

According to judge, jury and appeals court panel, she was fired in retaliation for the women’s right complaint.

She lost on the merits of the actual complaint.

The jury awarded $1,062,040.00 in actual damages and $3,500.000 penal damages.

The judge supported the jury decision. Her opinion goes into great detail analyzing the testimony of the Cambridge City Manager and using his testimony to condemn his behavior. The key word she used was “reprehensible” with regard to his behavior.

The appeals court panel refused to dignify Cambridge’s appeal with a formal opinion.

“Ample evidence” of “outrageous conduct.”

The check to Monteiro ran $8,300,000.

The Cambridge City Manager, on June 12, 2012, reported to the Cambridge City Council payments to outside counsel of $2,144,000 from the 1998 complaint to the 2008 trial, and $288,409.00 for the appeal.

Cambridge Day, on June 21, 2012, calculated payments on this and four related cases to come to $14,469,558.00

3. This decision.

The court stated, quoting the most relevant part of the MLW entry:

“. . .(i) We agree with the petitioning counsel that an extremely aggressive appellate campaign by the City demanded proportionate response work. (ii) The extensive supporting materials for the petition show that Monteiro’s appellate counsel responded with disproportionately less expenditure of time than exercised by counsel for the City. In particular, the materials show that counsel for the City employed nine attorneys upon the appeal and accumulated 1,368.8 hours of work, so as to generate a cumulative bill of fees and costs of $693,623.55.. . . .

“By contrast, counsel for Monteiro employed four attorneys, accrued 650.8 hours of work and generated the itemized fees of $284,420, and costs of $13,929.33, for a total of $298,349.33.

“Beyond the comparison of hourly volumes, several features of petitioning counsel’s itemization of time and services support our impression of their work. . . .

“Lead counsel at trial performed 84% of the hourly work invested in the appeal. That allocation employed the knowledge of the attorney most experienced with the litigation. In particular, it eliminated the dangers of excess and duplication most commonly generated by the assignment of multiple attorneys ato an appeal, especially attorneys who are unfamiliar with the earlier phases of a case.”

4. Application.

Jury, judge and appeals court panel are in agreement that the Cambridge City Manager committed malfeasance in office in his destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro.

The Cambridge City Council and the Cambridge Machine see no problems. There has been exactly zero attempts to implement the Court decisions by firing him even though the decisions would justify firing him without golden parachute and possibly without pension.

But The Cambridge Machine and the Cambridge City Council love to claim they are pro Civil Rights, pro Women’s Rights and much, much, much holier than thou.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Environmental Destroyers Pushing Governor for Charles River Destruction

1. Introduction.
2. Background.
3. The CRC’s highways.
4. This week’s approach.

1. Introduction.

The Charles River “Conservancy” is conducting a campaign against the governor to implement their latest destruction plans for the Charles River.

2. Background.

There are a lot of very destructive people fighting for environmental and animal harm in and near the City of Cambridge, MA, USA.

A very major part of the problem is The Machine which formed around the two consecutive City Managers which has been of such great value to them in their destructive ways. Entities of this nature organized to this extent and so dominant in city government are highly unusual.

The latest attack comes from the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy”. Machine groups do a lot of lying and lying as part of the name is not at all unusual. This entity for a number of years was the only visible group attacking the Charles River.

The attack more visibly from more traditional parts of the Cambridge Machine was the usual company union approach. They claimed to be concerned about the Cambridgeport neighborhood. They did not want to know about the destruction on the Charles River. Therefore, by definition, there was no destruction on the Charles River.

The Charles River “Conservancy” is the second name for this group. They first called themselves Friends of Magazine Beach. This fake friends group did nothing but fight for the destruction which has been achieved and for an annual cleanup the week before Boston University conducted part of its graduation there. Naturally, the CRC did not mention the BU use. One of the first achievements of Friends of the White Geese was to discredit that incarnation of the CRC. Dah, dah, maybe six months later a group with many familiar faces announced a “new” group.

The CRC has been in the middle of massive amounts of environmental destruction lying that they are “improving” the environment.

3. The CRC’s highways.

The CRC loves highways and they mouth so good about them. Naturally, they do not mention the environmental destruction. They do not mention massive destruction of trees. They do not mention heartless animal abuse. But they sound so good.

The latest outrage is a small vehicle highway the CRC wants to put everywhere abutting the Charles River, no matter how irresponsible.

The latest euphemism is “underpasses.” They do not mention the damage, but how could anybody be against underpasses?

The key state agencies could. A joint committee of the Department of Transportation and Department of Conservation and Recreation condemned CRC’s highway proposal on the Cambridge side as environmentally destructive.

So the CRC sobbed about being mistreated and decided to fight for destruction in Boston instead.

I have published several reports on this outrage. The one with the photos may be read at:

4. This week’s approach.

The CRC in its monthly newsletter brags that it has conned people into supporting this outrage, naturally without mentioning the destruction. They brag of the number of people who have emailed the governor. And they non stop lie about which side they are on by using their name and sounding like other than what they are.

This is all part of a pattern of deception which is very broad and very consistent.

If you get a chance, the Governor’s contact page is now