Sunday, February 13, 2011

Visit to the Ghetto of the Charles River White Geese

On Sunday, February 13, I visited the Ghetto of the Charles River White Geese.

This used to be a place of beauty, nature in the middle of the city. This used to be the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese, which a lot of other free animals shared with them.

Over a period of six years starting in 2003, the state descended on this beautiful area and destroyed it, piece by piece. All ground, protective vegetation was destroyed from the BU Bridge to the BU Boathouse and it did not regrow indicating dumping of poisons.

The one area of vegetation which was not destroyed by the state was the area they intended to destroy for the BU Bridge project. They destroyed almost all of this in the project, half for a silly staging area which was very much unnecessary.

Now, the BU Bridge repairs on the side facing the Goose Ghetto are done and the area is still roped off. Most of the roping off is obviously silly. There is nothing next to the bridge needed for access. All that is in that area is a boat and a dock, each pulled out of the water.

The area used for support has a lot in it, but pretty much all of it could be placed elsewhere in the area. But Cambridge and the state are trying to kill off all animals in the Charles River basin, and this is the area where the most visible animals live.

Surprising, there were more Canadas visible on the ground than there were White Geese. Inspection of the abutting ice showed the White Geese taking turns drinking water through holes in the ice.

Cher reported to me in an email that she had driven by and seen no geese. It is possible she went by at a time when everybody was on the water. It is more likely that the angle from her car was such that she could not see the ground far beneath the highways.

When I went by, there were many water birds in the Goose Ghetto, although most of them were Canadas.