Saturday, December 03, 2011

Core Alewife Reservation destroyed by Cambridge and MA, usual lie of explanation

I have dreaded this day and put it off and put it off, but I could no longer put it off.

I went to Alewife to inspect. When I got out of the car at the reservation lot, I was shocked by the emptiness I saw where there previously was an excellent native forest with massive numbers of animals.

I was not able to fully realize the horror of the situation until I walked around and saw the devastation up close.

My first meaningful view was at the interim destruction area. Its boundary of trees was gone.

I walked along a pathway that previously had been overwhelmed by this excellent forest. The woods was so thick that I could not photograph it last time. Now it looked like a mining operation.

The explanation of Cambridge and MA: just more lies, tossed out with the assurance that Cambridge has a massive organization which will back up whatever lie that Cambridge comes up with.

The lie this time was that they are protecting against floods. Their secret definition of “protecting against floods” translates into protecting against the worst possible rainstorm in a two year period. But this area has seen two fifty year floods in the last twenty years, and Cambridge and MA are fully aware that anybody listening to their comments will think that Cambridge and MA were protecting against such meaningful events.

I also walked by the massive parking lot across the street which could provide protection against the worst possible rainstorm in a fifty year period with underground flood protection and storage. The massive parking lot is still untouched and “environmental saints” have just accomplished a massive killing of all animals which did not get out of their way.

A highly rotten city council knows it is protected by the lies of this massive organization. This highly rotten city council does not have significant integrity to even consider firing a city manager who has been found guilty of malfeasance in office by judge, jury and appeals court. Destruction of a woman's life because she filed a civil rights complaint.

The Cambridge City Council knows that that massive, destruction organization will protect them.

But this massive organization did not protect this really bad City Council last time. A member of that massive organization publicized typically rotten comments by several members of the Cambridge City Council with regard to the destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro. The second worst member of the Cambridge City Council environmentally was fired.

That massive parking lot is still there. The Destroyed Core Alewife Reservation can be returned to what it was. It will take a hundred years of nature repairing nature with very minimal human minimization of the destruction of this rotten government, but it can be done.

Absolutely crucial is the firing of the Cambridge City Manager. Judge, jury and appeals court have given any decent city council ample grounds to fire the Cambridge City Manager without golden parachute and possibly without pension.

After the well deserved firing, a responsible city council would take the massive parking lot by eminent domain. Then cancel all existing contracts at Alewife and replace plans for designer vegetation with minimal work. Then put the flood storage under the parking lot, coordinating work with the existing owner who wans to construct massive office buildings above the storage. Oh yes, while nature is repairing what a rotten city government destroyed, the Cambridge, MA city government should post discrete signs of apology to decent human beings.

At the same time as taking the parking lot by eminent domain, a responsible city council would start to heal the outrage on the Charles River, a much smaller effort, all it takes is decent human beings doing the obvious to repair equally bizarre destruction on the Charles River.

What does firing the Cambridge City Manager have to do with the Charles River White Geese.

I have posted exactly the same posts on the facebook page as the last few posts on this blog.

I got the following very valid question in response to the post on strategy and timing in firing the Cambridge City Manager:


Hey Robert, Can you give us the short version on how this affects the well-being of the geese? I'm interested, but need it in more of a nutshell.


It is all one big rotten situation. The contempt for the life of a human being which the City Manager showed in Monteiro is an extension of the heartless abuse inflicted on the Charles River White Geese and the Charles River, and there were key outrages added to the abuse.

The apparent destruction of Alewife and mass animal killing also was inflicted with a lot of key lying.

In the background is a very large, very rotten organization which rubber stamps whatever lie and whatever destruction the City Manager is pulling this week.

And the City Council is very happy with the rotten behavior as long as the Cambridge pol organization protects them.

The City Council raising the issue of failure to communicate on Monteiro Monday night.

The massive destructiveness and lying on top of that fake organization is one big house of cards. Because there is a very concerned electorate.

One city councilor is being fired apparently as part of that house of cards starting to collapse.

They are staying in office because they are doing a lot of lying.

I am trying to get that house of cards to collapse.

The lies are falling apart in Monteiro.

The Cambridge City Council is in position to amend the request for information on Monteiro with the firing process. All they have to do is attach those decisions and refer to the case and they have full grounds to fire.

Will they clean up their own house? Monteiro was an extension of the environmental destruction, same mentality. Alewife is an extension of the Charles River, same mentality.

The house of cards has started to collapse. Firing the city manager could be a very big removal of key cards.

Would they clean up the messes they have created? Alewife will take a century to fix. The Charles could be corrected in a week. All it takes is a will on the part of people who have been very rotten because their lies have worked.

PS: Excellent point. I will post it on the blog along with my response and not use your name.

Thank you very much.