Thursday, May 05, 2011

facebook to destroy group page of the Charles River White Geese

The behavior of the people fighting for destruction of animals and environment on the Charles River is commonly outrageous.

They work through many front organizations. The worst calls itself a Conservancy.

But the destructiveness is not limited to specialized groups. The bad guys toss in outrages in groups with less direct connections.

One thing which is a bad sign is groups with high MIT/Harvard connections.

One such group, which calls itself the Association for Public Transportation has gotten maneuvered into supporting an alternative on the Charles River which is flatly and simply stupid from a transportation point of view. They run a listserv.

Discussion of their nonsensical transportation position has been immediately responded to with cyberabuse.

The response of the listserve when the victim sought protection? The listserve defended cyberabuse as protected by freedom of speech and THREW OUT the victim for offending the listserve by passing on the cyberabuse and continuing to object to cyberabuse after the listserve head defended cyberabuse as protected speech.

Amazingly, it looks like facebook is not even exempt.

The owners come from Harvard or MIT.

We have just been told that our Charles River White Geese page will be destroyed by them.

They will allow us to keep some of our content but they are wiping out our total list of “friends.”

Just after we posted photos of key trees being destroyed, just a few of the hundreds threatened.

Just after we realized that some people who might be trying to friend us may have been fooled into “liking” the facebook page of the front organization for the destroyers, a destructive entity which has the nerve to call itself a “conservancy.”

facebook is giving no explanation. They are allowing us to keep some content but they, without any explanation, are destroying all our contact with our friends.

This is the way things are done in Cambridge, MA.

And how dare you call it “reprehensible.”