Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save Kendall Square rooftop open space or the Charles River (or Alewife)?

1. General.

In the March 22, 2012 Cambridge Chronicle, the editor printed three letters to the editor, all on the “rooftop garden” at Cambridge’s Kendall Square.

The second and third letters were from a husband/wife tag team who use different names.

The first was from me.

The situation stems from the bizarre Cambridge zoning rules while require extremely little open space and allow half of that to be on the roof.

To make it worse, Kendall Square has special zoning which “spells things out” in a totally different way from the rest of the ordinance, thus hiding reality.

The husband/wife couple is smack dab in the middle of the Cambridge Pol organization. They have a long record. Two and only two examples:

They helped killed a Department of Conservation and Recreation project which would have converted the current Lechmere Square Green Line Rapid Transit station to open space after it is moved to the other side of McGrath / O’Brien Highway.

They had their own "open space" proposal: Two buildings with a plaza in between them. They kept the buildings as secret as possible. They bragged about the plaza without mentioning that the plaza was almost certainly required under the open space requirements for the two buildings that they kept as secret as possible.

They ran around lying that they were fighting for an open space proposal.

They also assisted the fake protective group at Alewife in its fight to destroy irreplaceable virgin woodlands at Alewife.

The couple, without identifying themselves as a couple, got two letters to the editor printed fighting to save rooftop open space in Kendall Square.

2. My letter.

My letter was printed first, with the heading:

“Save the roof top garden? Save the Charles River!”

The letter:


I think it is a lot more important to save the Charles River.

End the dumping of poisons at Magazine Beach. Chop down the bizarre introduced vegetation which walls off Magazine Beach from the Charles River. Just like bordering vegetation is destroyed everywhere else on the Charles River basis twice a year.

Stop starving the Charles River White Geese. Let them return to Magazine Beach where they have fed and lived most of the last 30 years until their world was destroyed by a truly bizarre project.

Let nature return to the area between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse where almost all ground vegetation has been destroyed.

Stop the bizarre plans to extend the destruction to destruction of the picnic area at the foot of Magazine Street by destroying its tiny and environmentally responsible parking.

Stop the annual poisoning of the eggs of migratory waterfowl.

Let nature exist on the Charles River as it did 10 years ago before these bizarre projects did so much harm.