Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fake neighborhood association praises “honoree” a week after paper comes out, an hour after we comment on the nonsense

A few hours ago, this blog debunked a report / printed press release in the Cambridge Chronicle which was an obvious piece of nonsense designed to con decent people into giving credibility to a fake group’s con game fighting to keep irresponsible destruction on the Charles River and to expand it.

Our report is at:

We are being listened to.

Our report concerned LAST WEEK's Cambridge Chronicle.

AFTER my posting, the fake neighborhood association trumpeted its praise for the “honoree” on their listserve. Were they too embarrassed by the obviousness of the game to publicly comment before I debunked the nonsense?

Cambridge Chronicle gives good location to Press Release

The Cambridge Chronicle, on page 8 of its May 24, 2012 edition, gave about a third of a page to a press release from the fake Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association.

The Chronicle gave the press release good coverage on line, apparently trying to sooth the powers that be about its very strong editorial and front page report on the Monteiro case.

The press release was in the form of an award for community activities. Close review indicates the “report” was a con to get people on the wrong side of the situation on the Charles River.

The basic form was that the state representative who has been fighting aggressively for environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse nominated the key person in the fake group’s con game on the Charles River for a community activist award. The state funded group she nominated her to kept the destructive state representative happy (and kept open their own funding).

Key in evaluating the report was that the only part of the activities which were specific was the con game in support of destruction at Magazine Beach and the Nesting Area. The report concluded with a plea to contact the fake group’s web page which supports the destruction on the Charles River and provided an email address.

The editor gave the report his byline. He apparently cleaned up the press release by creating a question and answer format.

The fake neighborhood association is implementing on the Charles River the fraudulent tactics which achieved mass animal killing as part of the totally unnecessary destruction of acres of irreplaceable virgin woodland at Alewife.

The game is to run around yelling concern until you have fooled people into thinking you are not only concerned but are the expert. You then tell concerned people to ignore the important stuff and look at their carefully sanitized version of reality.

All the yelling of concern very carefully omits the inexcusable destruction and heartless animal abuse achieved by city and state through the outright lies and lies of omission.

Fitting the company union motif, they call for assistance in improvements lying through omission about the destructiveness of the proposal which they support. The secret stuff, in turn, minimizes the value of the improvements they tout and, as usual, is inexcusable destruction.

So this press release on an apparently trumped up award. The reality is the press release seeks to legitimize the con game supporting environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse of the beautiful Charles River White Geese.

Outrageous, but business as usual in Cambridge, MA, USA.

For further details on the ongoing outrage, please see many recent posts.

PS: Reenforcing the outrage, the falsely named Charles River Conservancy heaped its own praise and linked the on line report in its monthly newsletter. The usual tactic: scoundrels praising scoundrels.