Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strong comments from Cambridge Chronicle in its report / editorial on release of final payments in Monteiro case

The case name is Malvina Monteiro v. City of Cambridge.

I have previously reported from the Boston Globe point of view concerning the order by the Secretary of State for release of the settlement in the final payments.

The Chronicle report / editorial goes into detail as to why the Cambridge, MA, USA position is, as usual, so much nonsense.

The short explanation is that Cambridge has a corrupt city government which will do pretty much whatever it wants because the voters are controlled by the fake advocacy groups which, in turn, very clearly are controlled by the corrupt city government.

Reality is irrelevant in Cambridge, MA. The fake groups strongly take care of that.

I have said too much on this topic already.

My prior report on the Secretary of State order is at:

The Chronicle report is at:

The Chronicle editorial is at:

Please read them at your convenience. It is nice to see them doing such a professional job of reporting the corrupt situation.

In no way should my use of the word “corrupt” with regard to the City of Cambridge and the fake groups be interpreted to infer exchange of money as part of the corruption. The situation is too corrupt to call for pay offs.