Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Fraud, the Cambridge Chronicle and the Charles River Poisoner

Fraud, the Cambridge Chronicle and the Charles River Poisoner

The ongoing con from the environmental destroyers in Cambridge is to lie of environmental sainthood by bragging about the stuff they do not destroy, and keeping the very terrible things secret which they do destroy.

Our most recent report on the poisonings the Charles River Poisoner has led is posted at

The Charles River Poisoner recently put a lovely letter in the Cambridge Chronicle which omits the 300 to 400 mostly excellent trees she has destroyed on the Charles, and whose destruction she is fighting for.  It, among other major omissions, omits the ramping up of heartless animal abuse and destruction of habitat.

In her Chronicle letter, she sniffed with FRAUDULENT concern about the poisoning of the Charles WHICH SHE ACCOMPLISHED and "neglected" to mention the fact that she did it.

She spoke fondly about “volunteers” who are working in the area, and that they will be defending against beautiful non contractor paid vegetation whom “volunteers” previously helped her to destroy as part of the poisoning of the Charles.  Naturally, the terrible record was omitted.

“Volunteers” are commonly supplied by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  Silence about the terrible records and plans is normal.  “Volunteers” commonly have no background in the area they are destroying and thus are readily pliable for the outrages.

The destroyers of the Charles River do not mention their terrible records.  They just tell folks about the good stuff they have done, not the stuff for which they are justifiable pariahs WHILE FIGHTING FOR FURTHER OUTRAGES.

Here are some samples of her prior UNMENTIONED “achievements,” THE PRIOR DESTRUCTION AND BLOCKING WHICH RESULTED IN POISONS IN THE CHARLES AND ON ITS BANKS with a few photos of the latter.  The next outrage includes prep work for the destruction of the excellent grove across from the MicroCenter.  A photo of that target is included as well.

The two algae photos are provided by Phil Barber.

Supplemental Photos

Number 1

The DCR has a sign up admitting that the poison drainage system is needed to keep ITS poisons from draining into the Charles. Here is a drone view of the area principally blocked.
Source: From Cambridge to Boston with the DJ Inspire 1 Drone footage,, cropping of minute 10.26

Number 2

Here is a cropping from minute 3.13 of the same footage. At the top right is the drainage location above. The area the Cambridge City Council IS PAYING the Charles River Poisoner for "environmental work" is to the right of the white structure (bath house and pool). DCR and City Council are working to move the parking lot at the very bottom on top of the thick grove to the left and below the bath house. 



Number 3

And here, from the same minute, is a closer crop of the doomed grove. A ground shot from the MicroCenter side is the last photo on the main post.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Cambridge City Council proceeds on Charles, brings ultimate tree destruction total up to 60+

Cambridge City Council proceeds on Charles, brings ultimate tree destruction total up to 60+

1. Phil Reports.
2. Phil’s Photos.
A. Tree number 60 out of 54.
B. Plus. Phil.
3. Explanation of new obstacles.
4. Background.
5. Record of “improvements.”

1. Phil Reports.

They're finally taking that awful fence down today, but they've built obstructions so the geese can't get to the grass, proclaiming they ate the new shrubs there that died over the winter! There are two or three big tents in the lower bioswale now.

Pretty much self-explanatory of the fence down and the new barriers for fowl to access the grasslands.  That one [strings criss-crossing] is more for small flying birds who would eat the seeds, I would guess

2. Phil’s Photos.

A. Tree number 60 out of 54.

[Ed:  The destruction on the Charles River is kept as secret as possible.  The definitive document is the destruction plan the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation filed with the Cambridge Conservation Commission.  That shows 54 trees being destroyed.  I filed the plans with the Cambridge City Council with a photo analysis.   The numbers keep increasing, except for the excellent willow which was undermined with very heavy rain, lost its footing and blew over with associated very heavy winds. 

[The report is filed on the Charles River White Geese Blog at  The situation is exacerbated by pretty much non stop lies from the Charles River Poisoner (by various techniques conning the public in favor of all the destruction on the Charles).  She has fought for it all, either by direct con games or Company Union fraud.  She repeatedly lies that she is not destroying trees.

[Total destruction now looks in the 300 to 400 range.  More than 150 mostly excellent trees being destroyed between the BU and Longfellow Bridges east of Magazine Beach.  Our report is posted at  This video gives before and after views of the January 2016 outrage with prequil of the current ongoing outrage.  It also goes into depth on the next phase, which has had fraudulent "public meetings."

[The phase in planning will destroy the Wild Area, a thick woods east of the BU Bridge on the east side of the Grand Junction Railroad and the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geeese with predictable to the Destroyed Nesting Area.  This destruction was included in the plans for the original outrage but not accomplished then.]

B. Plus.  Phil.

3. Explanation of new obstacles.


This is about as close as I got. The place where they cut away the starvation wall is closed off supposedly to keep out ducks & geese, while the other areas, at the stump and beyond, are wrapped up in a complicated arrangement of overhead twine with things in it to scare away smaller birds. New grass seed there, I would guess. Must have cost quite a bit to string all that up.

4. Background.

One of the Cambridge City Council’s too many SECRET votes for destruction at Magazine Beach involved NEEDED destruction at the Starvation Wall which blocks off Magazine Beach from the Charles to keep the Charles River White Geese from their NOW POISONED feeding grounds where they have spent most of their time for the last 39 years as a loved tourist attraction.

Here is a photo of the Charles River White Geese being fed by DECENT PEOPLE on the first day when the Cambridge City Council and the DCR started to starve the Charles River White Geese in 2008 as part of the many outrages of the 2000's.  The Boston Sunday Globe reported the starving of the Charles River White Geese by the Cambridge City Council and friends with a large report and lead photo on their Sunday Metro Region page.

Here is a photo of the Starvation Wall taken from “From Cambridge to Boston with the DJ Inspire 1 Drone footage,”, minute 7.11:

This is the Playing fields.  The balance of the area currently being destroyed by the Cambridge City Council, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation stretches way out in the distance.  The Starvation Wall was built running the entire stretch of the playing fields, with one tiny opening., blocking out from the Charles as if they were ten miles inland.  The tiny opening has further barriers preventing access for feeding.  Those barriers have been made worse in SECRET votes by the Cambridge City Council.  The Starvation Wall has been deservedly hated.

The expensive poison drainage ditches which were blocked by Cambridge, the DCR and the Charles River Poisoner is about two third up, following the water line.  Phil uses the correct term, “bioswales” in his reports.

The explanation of the “improvements” in this area was given by one of the DCR’s happiest cheerleaders.  This destructive group did a “swim in” during the planning to brag of the Starvation Wall.  To no great surprise, the Starvation Wall was promised as a “lawn to the river” in the DCR’s supposed holy planning document.  It was changed after the lie served no further value.

Until the Cambridge City Council and their friends installed the starvation wall AND THE POISONS the Charles River White Geese lived and fed on the Playing Fields to the great delight on residents and tourists.

The Starvation Wall definitely needed to be destroyed.  The problem is the usual problem with the destructive people with whom we have to deal, and the REASON for the SECRECY in so many of their votes.  The constantly “omit” stuff they have good reason to be ashamed of.  There are incessant euphemisms.  The much more accurate word is “fraud.”

5. Record of “improvements.”

English translation by editor: Cambridge City Council Funds, DCR work.

The DCR commonly has had lovely explanations of “temporary” obstacles which become permanent.

During debate on this particular secret vote, I believe there was comment on new items being introduced which rather clearly look like obstacles.  Looking at these photos, I am concerned about waterfront areas we cannot see.

Here is a photo of the “improvements” put in across from the Hyatt Regency, where EVERY tree was destroyed.

Try walking over them with web feet.

And here is a photo from about 2012 of an woman overwhelmed by the Starvation Wall.  She is standing in the only opening, the blocked boat dock.  It has been “improved” in another SECRET vote, by adding more obstacles.

As far as the poisons go, the DCR has refused to deny that they plan to dump poisons on their part of the Interstate 90 rebuild on the Boston side.