Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Cambridge Machine on the Charles River: Bad Faith of Course

Bob La Trémouille reports.

I reported recently on plans for the Cambridgeport branch of The Machine to put on a stacked presentation concerning the city’s plans for the Charles River.

The presentation went beyond being stacked. It was bad faith with no apologies.

The meeting was the evening of February 24 working through their Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association front.

The Charles River presentation was one of three by City Manager people. The others concerned Western Avenue and elderly proposals with a suggested zoning change.

The Charles River presentation was moved from third on the agenda to last. The first two City Manager shows were done in good faith with fair time for audience response.

The Charles River presentation did not start until 8:40 pm, with explicit statement that the meeting would end at 9 pm. No time was allowed for questions or comment.

Although I had the impression that Councilor Kelley would attend, and I responded on this blog to his rather outrageous explanation for the destruction on the Charles, he did not attend. Perhaps a factor in the blatant bad faith presentation could have been that I destroyed the nonsense he tried to pass off as an explanation. Another factor could be the letter the Cambridge Chronicle published written by Marilyn and me and published on this blog which did an effective job of proving reality on the Charles with regard to Councilor Davis.

Councilors Davis and Cheung were present.

Councilor Davis gave a pitch for the Development Department’s attempt to even further destroy the zoning ordinance. Before she spoke, a number of astute members of the audience clearly communicated that further destroying zoning protections was a bad idea.

I leafleted the crowd during the bad faith presentation on the Charles River with a flier which I will be happy to provide to you. Please just send an email to I gave Councilor Cheung a leaflet. His endorsement by The Machine’s controlled Sierra Club is damning, however.

The flier gives a detailed, effective explanation for the bad faith which was so clear in the meeting.