Thursday, March 19, 2015

Charles River, MA, USA: Environmental Destroyers Oppose Boston Olympics

Charles River, MA, USA:  Environmental Destroyers Oppose Boston Olympics

1. General.
2. Reality.
3. Analysis.
4. Photos of reality.

1. General.

Last night the team working for an Olympics in Boston held a presentation in Cambridge.

2. Reality.

Leading up to this meeting, a lot of people involved in the Fake Group fighting for destruction on the Charles River spoke out about the Olympics.

They were pretty much unanimously opposed.

These include people who have lied of concern for the Charles River and proceeded to fight for massive environmental destruction through company union techniques: Fill a void and prevent action by being the entity which claims to be responsible and simply shutting up on the subject.

They have fought for and achieved a state vote of $20 million to destroy hundreds of trees between the Longfellow and BU Bridges on the Cambridge side of the Charles River by ordering silence.

But they are yelling about the Olympics.

They have fought for continued starvation of the Charles River White Geese by ordering silence about the bizarre wall of introduced vegetation which keeps them from their food of most of the last 34 years at the Magazine Beach playing fields, and by ordering silence about the dumping of poisons on the Magazine Beach playing fields to keep alive sickly grass which through lies of silence was introduced in place of environmentally responsible grass.

But they are yelling about the Olympics.

They achieved zoning destructive of open space on the north side of Memorial Drive.  Their friends lied that the zoning would protect open space.  They ordered silence.

But they are yelling about the Olympics.

They have fought to keep poisons being dumped on the banks of the Charles River after the poisoning was commenced through lies of omission.  They ordered silence.

But they are yelling about the Olympics.

I could go on and on.  The hypocrisy is too thick.  The reversal is too extreme.

They lie that they love the Charles River and fight for its destruction by ordering silence.

But they are yelling about the Olympics.

3. Analysis.

The extreme change from silence to yelling at supposed “harm” stinks.

The reality to me is that we are dealing with, yet again, the weakness of the vile situation in Cambridge, MA, USA.

The people fighting for environmental destruction have a weakness.  They are lying that they are holier than thou.

That weakness can be exposed like the Emporer’s New Clothes.

All that is necessary is for one person or enough people to say the obvious.

The Olympics organizers already want to tear down the starvation wall which this vile organization has fought to keep.

The Olympics organizers are not fools.  They see a plan and money to destroy hundreds of trees in an area they want to show off.  They are not about to be suckered into the corrupt world of Cambridge Politics.

They are going to say the obvious.

The rottenness which dominates the political system in Cambridge, MA, could be toppled by the Olympics and sensible people saying sensible things.

The vile Cambridge Machine will fight the Olympics because their very existence could be at stake.

4. Photos of reality.

The Magazine Beach playing fields before the building of the starvation wall.

The Starvation Wall which the Olympics organizers want to destroy.

Trees which Cambridge’s environmental destroyers have fought to destroy, destruction which normal decent people would consider outrageous.

For the plans, please see

The sickos bragging about contempt for resident animals as part of their propaganda piece on City of Cambridge property.

This vile situation is at stake.

The rotten Cambridge political system is being called rotten.

The rotten Cambridge political system considers that unacceptable.