Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boston Globe subsidizes Charles River Destruction.

The following email was distributed by the creator and head of the Falsely named Charles River “Conservancy.”

The Boston Globe is subsidizing this environmentally reprehensible entity.



Globe Readers And Non-profits Together

If you are a subscriber to The Boston Globe or boston.com, you are eligible to participate in GRANT. The newspaper's GRANT initiative enables readers to show their support for non-profits by choosing which ones are given free advertising space in The Boston Globe.

I hope you will show your support of the parklands and choose the Charles River Conservancy!

The Boston Globe is mailing vouchers to all print and online subscribers (look for the silver envelope in your mailbox!). Seven-day newspaper subscribers' vouchers are valued at $100; all other subscribers (including website-only readers) have been sent vouchers valued at $50.

It is up to Globe readers to decide which non-profit is deserving of this voucher. The organizations with the highest donations will be awarded free advertising in The Boston Globe to highlight their work.
Make your Globe subscription count! Please help advance the Conservancy's mission by showing your support of through the GRANT initiative.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Renata von Tscharner


Von Tscharner has fought for the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive between Magazine Beach and the Longfellow Bridge.

This was before the state bureaucracy tried to get Obama moneys lying that those trees were diseased, a lie disproved by their filing with the City of Cambridge.

When the state started construction on the Longfellow Bridge, von Tscharner cooed at the first tree needlessly destroyed.

The Boston Conservation Commission has called them to task for destroying native vegetation on the Boston side.

They have destroyed all the ground vegetation between the Grand Junction railroad tracks and the Boston University boathouse and the most of the ground vegetation in the Destroyed Nesting Area which was not destroyed in the BU Bridge project.

They have been the most visible supporter of the multiple outrages at the Magazine Beach recreation area. Von Tscharner even led a swim bragging, falsely of the improved swimming there. The wall of bushes blocking access from Magazine Beach which were secretly installed directly proved her chearleading false, albeit, she was publicizing the lie the bureaucrats used to get the money for the destruction and bizarre walling off of Magazine Beach.

Now she is fighting for destruction of the same hundreds of trees she supported before. This time it is under the lie that she is fighting for underpasses under the next three bridges.

The underpasses certainly are part of the project, but her numbers are $4 million for the underpasses and $24 million for the tree destruction and related and the underpasses and the tree destruction are all combined, something she never tells anybody, except for the one time when she got the governor to sign off on the destruction in House Bill H3332, seeking bond authorization.

H3332 even buries it, using the phrase “Historical Parkways” in one heading. That is the bureaucrats code word for the tree destruction. The “underpasses?” She is fighting for the bill, those are not visible to the public.


Shame, shame, shame on the Boston Globe.

They really stooped low.