Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good person praises Cambridge Chronicle’s records fight.

We have had many reports on Monteiro v. Cambridge.

The Cambridge Chronicle’s need to fight to obtain the settlement agreement with the last two plaintiffs is yet another example of the corrupt situation in Cambridge, MA, USA. We have reported on that fight a couple of times in the last week or so.

The May 24, 2011, edition, at page 10, has buried a letter from Roy Bercaw praising them for the fight.

He concludes the letter: “. . . but if you are one of the few citizens who watch what the councilors and the manager . . . do, it is clear they are a lawless bunch of self-serving politicians with no concern for ordinary citizens.”

You may or may not be aware that my environmental initiatives include the use of the Zoning Ordinance to make construction in Cambridge more environmentally responsible.

My biggest problem in my initiatives have not been the publicly declared developers but the Cambridge Machine.

I downzoned 85% of Massachusetts Avenue between Harvard and Central Squares, a very key part of Cambridge.

The further I got the proposals from The Machine, the better were my successes.

My most obvious victory is a building at the eastern edge of the core Harvard Square, the Inn at Harvard located at Harvard Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

This is probably the one relatively new building that most normal people are really happy with. In the downzoning that included this building, I achieved more than anybody else had even attempted.

But half of the victory was snatched away when the leader of the fake neighborhood association in Roy Bercaw’s neighborhood infiltrated my neighborhood group and inflicted a flat out lie on my people: “You have made your deal with the City Council. Now you must deal with the Planning Board.” He brought with him the usual group of robots.

Roy has been standing up to the same rotters.

Standing out in my mind is a project about two blocks north of the Inn at Harvard which was obviously irresponsible.

I looked at the package of people The Machine had assembled and realized that, after many victories over these people, I was outorganized. I backed off.

Roy fought them.