Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Responsibility from the Cambridge Pols and State Bureacrats?

Ellen posted the following comment following up on my monkey report comments posted at


These folks need to take full responsibility for their actions instead of blaming the other guy. however the other guy needs to take responsibility for his actions as well. our government system has hit rock bottom IMO. they are the ones responsible for all this killing that goes on here in MA

Your Editor:

The situation from the City of Cambridge and its friends in the State Bureaucracy (primarily the Department of Conservation and Recreation) are viler than normal because of the nonstop lies of being "holier than thou" combined with the fake groups which run around telling folks to yell at the other guy and who lie through omissions that the Cambridge pols are decent folks.

The state bureaucrats expand on the problem. You go from a lot of sophisticated lying from the massive Cambridge Pol organization to a lot of flat out lying with the state bureaucrats.

Protect the Food of The Charles River White Geese — Response: They are being deliberately starved

1. Introductory.
2. Anjell response.
3. Editor’s response to Anjell.
4. The fake groups in general.

1. Introductory.

A few days ago, we provided an analysis of the destruction on the Charles in response to the Charles River Swim, posted at

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2. Anjell response.

Anjell responded with the following comment:

Oh no, what plan have they 4 Magazine Beach-- the white geese live off the grass there so do the Canadian ones.! -- Bob plz keep us posted. --- thanks

3. Editor’s response to Anjell.

We are dealing with the same sick people who conducted the totally wasteful destruction of acres of virgin forest at Alewife along with mass animal killings. The only difference on the Charles River is the names used by the fake groups who cheerlead them, and those groups back each other up.

These people have been deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese for years. The geese have only survived through the saintliness of the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative. The state got this far through non stop lies, “We have no intention to harm the Charles River White Geese,” and the lies of fake groups claiming to be defending.

The starvation has been accomplished by the introduction of a bizarre wall of introduced bushes walling off access to Magazine Beach from the Charles River. The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” destroys all protective vegetation on the Charles twice a year except for this bizarre wall. Both actions serve the same purpose. Destroying the protective vegetation drives away migratory waterfowl (and the CRC poisons eggs every spring). Walling off Magazine Beach starves the Charles River White Geese. The holy grail, the lying Charles River Master Plan called for a lawn to the river. That was casually changed after the fact.

And the poisons being dumped to keep alive the sickly grass introduced in place of healthy grass, of course, has very negative effects as well.

The local fake group now strongly parallels the fake group which destroyed the core Alewife reservation. They have suddenly decided to protect Magazine Beach, but their protection includes lies through omission and lies through flat out censorship. They have even conducted a meeting in which they allowed people from the environmentally destructive, flat out lying, Department of Conservation and Recreation to say anything they want, and explicitly prohibited negative comments, mentioning the heartless animal abuse or the outrageous environmental destruction.

These frauds have taken up the next step of destruction while lying about concern for Magazine Beach, concern which continues suppression of discussion of the fully correctable destruction at Magazine Beach which is the real problem. They say the real problem is the next welfare project for contractors. And how dare you mention the little guys who use that picnic area they now want to destroy. And how dare you mention the condemnation as environmentally destructive by MassDOT of their beloved new highway in the Charles and on its banks.

4. The fake groups in general.

These fake groups with their lies of concern for what decent people are concerned about conduct very much non stop con operations in Cambridge. The con going on at Magazine Beach fits the sickness.

“Don’t look at what we are destroying, help us with the next level of destruction and we will omit the destructive part just as we censor the reality of our past destruction.”

So they fool concerned people into shafting the causes for which concerned people stand. The organization is massive. The organization gains credibility by false praise back and forth between members and their fellow destroyers.

There are so many, and the gulls are so ingrained into the really rotten system that it is impossible to tell the knaves from the victims. Telling the difference is really irrelevant since the victims are some well roped into the very bad system.