Friday, February 03, 2012

Conflict with Cambridge Chronicle City Council Report: We were right.

I did a double take on reading the report of the Cambridge Chronicle on Monday night’s Cambridge City Council meeting.

We reported that two of the three motions concerning the future of the Cambridge City Manager and Cambridge City Clerk were delayed until the next meeting by Councilor Davis’ exercise of her rights under the Cambridge City Charter.

The only motion to pass was the one appointing Donna Lopez as Interim City Clerk given the stated intention of City Clerk D. Margaret Drury to retire at the end of February. The motion authorized the two to establish transition procedures.

The Chronicle, on page 2 of yesterday’s (February 2, 2012) edition reported that the motion passed which established procedures concerning the future of the Cambridge City Manager. I have not checked, but it is likely the on line equivalent is the same.

The conflict in the reports was a matter of distress to me because the council, by voting to suspend its rules after I left the meeting, could have brought the two “charter righted” orders up and passed them.

I have checked the on line report of the City Clerk and determined that my report is correct.

The report is at The orders “charter righted” are orders 4 and 5. The order passed is motion 6.