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Responsibility from the Cambridge Pols and State Bureacrats?

Ellen posted the following comment following up on my monkey report comments posted at


These folks need to take full responsibility for their actions instead of blaming the other guy. however the other guy needs to take responsibility for his actions as well. our government system has hit rock bottom IMO. they are the ones responsible for all this killing that goes on here in MA

Your Editor:

The situation from the City of Cambridge and its friends in the State Bureaucracy (primarily the Department of Conservation and Recreation) are viler than normal because of the nonstop lies of being "holier than thou" combined with the fake groups which run around telling folks to yell at the other guy and who lie through omissions that the Cambridge pols are decent folks.

The state bureaucrats expand on the problem. You go from a lot of sophisticated lying from the massive Cambridge Pol organization to a lot of flat out lying with the state bureaucrats.

Protect the Food of The Charles River White Geese — Response: They are being deliberately starved

1. Introductory.
2. Anjell response.
3. Editor’s response to Anjell.
4. The fake groups in general.

1. Introductory.

A few days ago, we provided an analysis of the destruction on the Charles in response to the Charles River Swim, posted at

Our facebook page includes regular comments on responses to this blog.

2. Anjell response.

Anjell responded with the following comment:

Oh no, what plan have they 4 Magazine Beach-- the white geese live off the grass there so do the Canadian ones.! -- Bob plz keep us posted. --- thanks

3. Editor’s response to Anjell.

We are dealing with the same sick people who conducted the totally wasteful destruction of acres of virgin forest at Alewife along with mass animal killings. The only difference on the Charles River is the names used by the fake groups who cheerlead them, and those groups back each other up.

These people have been deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese for years. The geese have only survived through the saintliness of the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative. The state got this far through non stop lies, “We have no intention to harm the Charles River White Geese,” and the lies of fake groups claiming to be defending.

The starvation has been accomplished by the introduction of a bizarre wall of introduced bushes walling off access to Magazine Beach from the Charles River. The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” destroys all protective vegetation on the Charles twice a year except for this bizarre wall. Both actions serve the same purpose. Destroying the protective vegetation drives away migratory waterfowl (and the CRC poisons eggs every spring). Walling off Magazine Beach starves the Charles River White Geese. The holy grail, the lying Charles River Master Plan called for a lawn to the river. That was casually changed after the fact.

And the poisons being dumped to keep alive the sickly grass introduced in place of healthy grass, of course, has very negative effects as well.

The local fake group now strongly parallels the fake group which destroyed the core Alewife reservation. They have suddenly decided to protect Magazine Beach, but their protection includes lies through omission and lies through flat out censorship. They have even conducted a meeting in which they allowed people from the environmentally destructive, flat out lying, Department of Conservation and Recreation to say anything they want, and explicitly prohibited negative comments, mentioning the heartless animal abuse or the outrageous environmental destruction.

These frauds have taken up the next step of destruction while lying about concern for Magazine Beach, concern which continues suppression of discussion of the fully correctable destruction at Magazine Beach which is the real problem. They say the real problem is the next welfare project for contractors. And how dare you mention the little guys who use that picnic area they now want to destroy. And how dare you mention the condemnation as environmentally destructive by MassDOT of their beloved new highway in the Charles and on its banks.

4. The fake groups in general.

These fake groups with their lies of concern for what decent people are concerned about conduct very much non stop con operations in Cambridge. The con going on at Magazine Beach fits the sickness.

“Don’t look at what we are destroying, help us with the next level of destruction and we will omit the destructive part just as we censor the reality of our past destruction.”

So they fool concerned people into shafting the causes for which concerned people stand. The organization is massive. The organization gains credibility by false praise back and forth between members and their fellow destroyers.

There are so many, and the gulls are so ingrained into the really rotten system that it is impossible to tell the knaves from the victims. Telling the difference is really irrelevant since the victims are some well roped into the very bad system.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Third Monkey Dies At Harvard Research Facility

Exchange from facebook:

1. Ellen Schloss has posted the following on the facebook page:

Third Monkey Dies At Harvard Research Facility
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- A dehydrated squirrel monkey died at a Harvard Medical School research facility in December, the third monkey to die at the New England Primate Research Center in 19 months. Sunday, February 26, 2012.

2. Editor's Response:

A very major part of the destruction of the environment and heartless animal abuse on the Charles can be traced back to Harvard's empire building.

As is usual with Harvard, you really have to understand what is going on.

3. Ellen:

they have way too much control of cambridge

4. Editor:

Excellent point and one we tend to ignore because the Harvard types are so pervasive, both on the responsible side and the irresponsible.

The empire building can specifically be traced to any number of outrageously destructive proposals and actions on the Charles River.

On the Charles, the goodies laden out, the benefits of destruction, are obviously spread out among the three key institutions with Harvard most important, but also, less visibly, among other developers.

Then there are the developer types who ALWAYS support the party line and sound so good.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Charles River Swim in context of environmental destruction by the state and its fake groups

1. “Charles River Swim” announced.
2. “Charles River Swim” scheduled to avoid pollution of the Charles River created by environmental irresponsibility of the DCR.
3. Destruction of Magazine Beach playing fields follows the lead of the environmental destruction at Ebersol Fields.
4. Further destruction by the Charles River “Conservancy” and related.
5. Photo op by the Charles River “Conservancy.”
6. Further water related uses destroyed.
7. Two fake groups implement successful destruction tactics at Alewife to attack the Charles River.

1. “Charles River Swim” announced.

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” has posted an announcement from another non profit that registration for this year’s “Charles River Swim” is now open.

As usual when dealing with the destructive entities running around cheerleading efforts on the Charles River and related environmental targets, there is a key omission.

2. “Charles River Swim” scheduled to avoid pollution of the Charles River created by environmental irresponsibility of the DCR.

The key omission this time is the timing of the Charles River Swim. The Charles River Swim is supposed to celebrate the cleanliness of the Charles. The key omission is that the swim schedule has been moved forward to avoid contamination of the Charles by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The contamination came about as part of one of the favorite activities of those involved: dumping poisons on the river banks.

There is a large group of ball fields on the South Side of the Charles River near Massachusetts General Hospital. Without giving respect to a bunch of bureacratese, a good name to refer to them as is Ebersol Fields.

You see, the DCR, with its usual contempt for the environment dumped poisons on Ebersol Fields to keep sickly grass alive. The poisons did not work, so the DCR dumped poisons there which were marked not for use near water bodies.

The next day, the Charles River was dead, from the Massachusetts Avenue (aka Harvard) Bridge to the Harbor with an infestation of algae. This infestation is repeated annually.

Because of this infestation caused by the DCR, the Charles River is very much unswimmable during the infestation.

3. Destruction of Magazine Beach playing fields follows the lead of the environmental destruction at Ebersol Fields.

The outrageous series of contractor welfare projects at Magazine Beach follows the lead of Ebersol Fields. These contractor beneficial projects took playing fields which, according to all knowledgeable independent people I spoke with, did not need “improvement.”

So the DCR and Cambridge “improved” playing fields which did not need improvement.

They dug up seven acres of grass and dirt which had survived nicely without poisons for the better part of a century. They have replaced the seven acres or perfectly good environment with an inferior seven acres. The healthy grass was replaced with sickly stuff that cannot survive without poisons. To keep the poisons out of the Charles River, a significant part of the perfectly good playing fields were destroyed for a fancy drainage system. The fancy drainage system drains off poisons needed to keep alive grasses which should not even be there.

4. Further destruction by the Charles River “Conservancy” and related.

Almost immediately after the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” assumed responsibility for destruction of ground vegetation on the Charles River, the ground vegetation between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse to its east came under attack.

Over the years, almost all the ground vegetation in this area not slated to be destroyed by the BU Bridge project was destroyed.

This is the area to which the DCR and Cambridge have consigned the Charles River White Geese when they barred the Charles River White Geese from Magazine Beach with the bizarre wall of introduced bushes and poisoned grass.

At the same time as the DCR did their first dig up of Magazine Beach with deliberate barriers installed, Cambridge walled off the riverbank east of the BU Boathouse. Supposedly this massive walling off was for a sewer project.

Supposedly, the timing of the sewer project to take away all the Charles River White Geese’s food was strictly a coincidence.

Cambridge and the DCR have destroyed hundreds if not thousands of resident animals as part of the bizarre Alewife project.

I have seen the shock on the face of members of the Boston Conservation Commission receiving a report of environmental destruction on the south side of the Charles River by the Charles River “Conservancy.”

The BU Bridge project was planned by the DCR. It was needlessly and deliberately cruel to the Charles River White Geese, destroying a significant part of the tiny ghetto to which the DCR and Cambridge assigned them.

5. Photo op by the Charles River “Conservancy.”

The fake group, the Charles River “Conservancy” conducted a photo opportunity during the destruction. They swam off Magazine Beach, bragging about swimming there.

The DCR and Cambridge have walled off Magazine Beach with a bizarre wall of introduced bushes which they lie are “native” but are certainly not native to the Charles River.

The Charles River Conservancy and its friends have yet to explain how dumping poisons on the banks of the Charles River and walling off the Charles River from Magazine Beach assists in swimming off Magazine Beach.

6. Further water related uses destroyed.

The DCR claims it is concerned to keep water related uses on the Charles River. Another part of the project seems to have closed a boat ramp which was in use for the better part of a century.

The DCR publicly brags that it is killing off all animals living on the Charles River Basin. Naturally, they use euphemisms. The euphemism is parklands. Their definition of parklands is: “No resident animals need apply.”

The project manager has publicly bragged that the bizarre wall starves the Charles River White Geese, keeping them from grasses on which they have fed for the better part of the last 30 plus years.

The project manager previously has lied, repeatedly that he has no intention to harm the Charles River White Geese. The article printed in the Boston Globe when the destruction of Magazine Beach started quoted his lie.

He has more recently explained that, in his world, starving them is not harming them.

Starting in 2003, the Charles River “Conservancy” ran around the Charles River poisoning the eggs of as much migratory waterfowl as they can get away with.

Starting in 2003, the Charles River “Conservancy” has around destroying pretty much all protective vegetation lining the Charles River twice a year.

The only exception, the bizarre introduced wall at Magazine Beach.

There is a common factor. Destroying protective vegetation everywhere else drives away migratory waterfowl. Letting the bizarre wall at Magazine Beach grow and grow and grow starves the Charles River White Geese.

In the world of the DCR, Cambridge and their cheerleaders / destroyers, migratory waterfowl are not water related uses.

In the world of the DCR, Cambridge and their cheerleaders / destroyers, resident waterfowl are not water related uses.

In the world of the DCR, Cambridge and their cheerleaders / destroyers, the boat ramp they seem to have destroyed at Magazine Beach is not a water related uses.

7. Two fake groups implement successful destruction tactics at Alewife to attack the Charles River.

These facts are part of the facts which were shouted down by the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” during the public hearing in which they allowed representatives of this destructive DCR agency with truth problems to say whatever they wanted.

The two entities, the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” and the Charles River “Conservancy” have joined forces to “celebrate”: Magazine Beach, a celebration which bars discussion of the above but which glorifies the destruction of the picnic area west of the Magazine Beach playing fields, as usual, without mentioning the destruction.

They are following the lead of the very successful tactics used for the destruction of the core Alewife reservation by a related group which ran around “defending” Alewife for the past 15 years.

Don’t look at what we are destroying, look at us yelling our half truths falsely praising our future destruction.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cambridge Pols going ahead with destruction of picnic area west of Magazine Beach?

1. Report from lovely sounding group.
2. Background of lovely sounding group.
3. Funding for power house translates into chasing away minorities using the abutting picnic area?
4. Clarification.

1. Report from lovely sounding group.

It is always very tricky interpreting initiatives by the Cambridge Pols. Remember they have just destroyed a key part of Alewife running around “defending” Alewife.

As a result, the following entries in notes from the Annual Meeting of the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association are of interest:


Treasurer Jay Shetterly reported that the organization had received grants in the past year amounting to about $5,500, much of it in support of the Powder House renovation.

Cathie Zusy gave updates on the Earth Day Clean-Up scheduled for April 21 at Magazine Beach and on the Powder House rehabilitation. Marilyn Wellons reported on a trip she made with Zusy and Nina Cohen to observe renovations at another powder house in Newburyport.


Analysis in section 3. First the reality behind the lovely sounding group.

2. Background of lovely sounding group.

The “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” was created by request of the Cambridge City Manager’s people. By contrast, “Friends of the Alewife Reservation” or whatever they are calling themselves these days was created by a woman who wanted to create it after discussions with the Cambridge City Manager’s people.

The “CNA” organized itself around objecting to a conversion of Catholic Church property next to Dana Park on grounds that the proposal was too big. They had a victory. They made the project bigger.

The “CNA” repeatedly sent people to the fake Alewife group to defend Alewife until the fake group succeeded in destruction. Now the :CNA claims to have nothing to do with Alewife.

A fake environmental group connected to the “CNA” which calls itself Greenport gave a forum recently to the leader of the fake protective group achieving the destruction at Alewife. She bragged about the destruction.

The “CNA” assisted major destruction of zoning protections on the north side of Memorial Drive by telling people not to fight it. The advocates of this proposal, written by the Cambridge City Manager’s people, ran around telling people that the zoning protected the north side. They lied. It destroyed key protections on the north side.

The “CNA” brags about major benefits to the neighborhood in Memorial Drive zoning. After

a. They got caught destroying those zoning protection,

b. the developer of the targeted property got its major benefits, and

c. people realized they had been had,

the “CNA” undid what they got caught on, only what they got caught on. The “CNA” left a whole bunch of lovely fine print in the ordinance that was added by zoning that they helped pass.

The “CNA” held a recent meeting on Magazine Beach. There are very major problems on Magazine Beach. All have been created by city and state in the past 10 years, truly bizarre projects of benefit primarily to the people paid to do the outrages. The “CNA” presented representatives of the state agency who, with Cambridge, did the outrages.

The outrages include major environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse aimed at the Charles River White Geese.

The “CNA” allowed the environmental destroyers, an agency with truth problems, to say whatever they wished. Part of their proposals would destroy a little picnic area east of Magazine Beach by destroying its parking.

The “CNA” then explicitly censored reality. Negative responses were prohibited.

The “CNA” then started a cheerleading group which "celebrated" the situation at Magazine Beach. The cheerleading group, neglected to mention the very real problems created by its friends and that the “CNA” had shouted down mention of the destruction at the “public meeting”.

The pattern of the cheerleading group is exactly the scam by which their friends at Alewife achieved very major destructions, with much more to come unless they are stopped, at Alewife.

3. Funding for power house translates into chasing away minorities using the abutting picnic area?

The quote in section 1 is taken from

That announcement follows up on the censored meeting concerning Magazine Beach. The censored meeting at Magazine Beach included comments by the state agency that they want to close the tiny parking lot west of Magazine Beach which makes a small picnic area viable. The small picnic area is used by minorities from outside Cambridge.

Next to the small picnic area is the power house for which they have received renovation funds.

The machine and its bureaucrats commonly lie through omission.

Need we say what will happen to the picnic area?

Need we say what will happen to the little guys who need to drive to the destroyed parking lot to get to the picnic area.

Need we say what will happen to their tiny, environmentally sensitive parking area?

Need we say what the fake Cheerleading group will say about destroying the parking and thus destroying the picnic area?

Business as usual from the Cambridge Pols.

But the Cambridge Pol love minorities, except for Malvina Monteiro (that Appeals Court / Superior Court civil rights decision, among other things calling the Cambridge City Manager’s behavior “reprehensible”), of course, and except for minorities using that tiny picnic area, and except for who knows what other exception.

Business as usual from the Cambridge Pols.

4. Clarification.

The first post of this report described the targeted picnic area as EAST of Magazine Beach. It is WEST of Magazine Beach directly across from Magazine Street on the other side of Memorial Drive. Sorry about the typo.

Additionally, in my analysis of this particular fake / controlled group, I did not go into detail about the destruction they have hidden at Magazine Beach. I can only go into so much irresponsible behavior from these fake groups. I have opportunity to go into Magazine Beach in other reports. These other outrages are peripheral and are included in this report because otherwise they might not get included.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A response to Alewife destroyers / “Silver Maple” "Defenders"

On February 17, 2012, I transmitted to the editor of the Cambridge Chronicle six photos of Cambridge’s destruction at Alewife and a suggestion that he really should cover it. This came in response to the editor devoting the first page of the second section of the Cambridge Chronicle to photos of a fund raiser for a long shot fight to stand up to private nearby development. The key “defenders” could care less about massive destruction by Cambridge in the same area.

The communication and photos have been published at:

In the interim, I added one photo to the photos I provided to the editor, the following photo of the area of destruction from the location where the flood storage should go. The photo was taken on June 30, 2011, before the worst of the destruction. The two roads used to be part of the untouched forest. The left road is a small vehicle highway. The right is construction access. The destruction area can be seen a few hundred feet straight ahead, before the mess.

The editor has just suggested a letter to the editor.

I have submitted the following:

Cambridge Chronicle

I appreciate your coverage of the continuing scam concerning the “Silver Maple Forest.”

The game is: “Don’t look at what we are destroying, look at how great we sound when we yell at the other guy.”

Attached is a photo of the massive destruction done by the "Silver Maple Forest" activists’ friends at the City of Cambridge in the core Alewife Reservation a few hundred feet away.

This, Cambridge promises, will protect against the worst storm likely in every two year period. Two fifty year storms have hit the area in the last 20 years.

A massive parking lot directly across Cambridge ParkDrive is about to be built on. In a combined project, this parking lot can provide the flood protection needed by local residents.

The 15 year leader of the “Silver Maple Forest” scam has published a letter in the Chronicle bragging about the destruction.

I have twice in the pages of the Chronicle pointed out the reality at Alewife and demanded her response. Her response, and yours, is that full page advertisement at the beginning of the second section about how great their con game is.

I consider this outrageous.

Kill Shelters, the Very Destructive Pols in Cambridge, MA, USA, Nevins Farm, a serious attempt to kill the Charles River White Geese

Ellen Schloss started a discussion on facebook which has evolved into relevance for this blog.

1. Ellen protecting a beautiful dog.

Wall Photos

please cross post this on fb, and email to others.

This dog is at Andover vet and his time is just about up (10 day hold, been there since 2/13)
from there he goes to MSPCA, Nevins Farm in Methuen (which is NOT a no-kill shelter).

2. Editor’s response on facebook.

Nevins Farm is well known to me.

The Cambridge Pols tried to move the Charles River White Geese there, calling it a "happy farm." They neglected to mention the kill part, or that people "adopting" could "adopt" for Sunday dinner, or that their "water" would be a kids' wading pool.

Their current replacements are using tactics on the Charles like their friends used to destroy at Alewife.

3. Ellen.

yes i remember when that happened

4. Karen.

Bob, there are other no kill shelters in Massachusetts.

5. Your editor.

I got off on a side track.

The destructive people lying that they are environmentalists normally lie through any number of tactics, including omission.

Saying to send the Charles River White Geese to a "happy farm" while not mentioning the routine killing is an excellent example of the really rotten situation in Cambridge, MA, USA, which is destroying the environment insofar as they can get their really bad hands on it.

This includes the Charles River, Alewife, Fresh Pond, and undisclosed fine print in contractor booty all over the place.

Caveat on calling Cambridge’s new mayor an “Environmental Destroyer”

One caveat on yesterday’s report on the Cambridge, MA, USA mayoral election.

It is very clear that Cambridge City Councilor Henrietta Davis is the most environmentally destructive Cambridge city councilor with regard to the Charles River. However, the title I used yesterday, “Cambridge, MA elects Environmental Destroyer Mayor,” would apply to any of the incumbent city councilors (8 out of 9) possible to have been elected chair (“mayor”) of the Cambridge City Council.

The only current member without totally filthy hands as far as environmental destruction goes is the newly elected councilor. She, however, has been very visible on a photo quite dominant on the website of the fake protective group which has been most important in the fighting for destruction at Alewife. The new incumbent fits very well into the very hypocritical world of the Cambridge Pols. It is rather silly to even give her the courtesy of considering possibly redeeming environmental leanings. I simply would not be so silly as to think she has meaningful environmentally responsible leanings. I would love to be proven wrong.

And note that the preceding paragraph picks out the new incumbent for discussion solely because the other eight are beneath favorable consideration.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cambridge, MA Elects Environmental Destroyer Mayor

The Cambridge City Council is reported from various sources to have elected Henrietta Davis, the most environmentally destructive member particularly as far as the Charles River is concerned, as its mayor. Reports are from the Boston Globe, Universal Hub, and Cambridge Day.

This report is based on the listings / links on (Boston Globe).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing left to defend at Alewife and on the Charles River?

Ellen follows up on as follows:


There is nothing left to defend are they blind?

Your editor’s Response:

The Cambridge Pols are defiant about their belligerent stupidity.

If you see somebody in Cambridge who talks Cambridge politics and cries out for the response, "You cannot possibly be so stupid," that is almost certainly a Cambridge pol.

Unfortunately, the latest game is that there still is a lot more which has not been destroyed. And there is the continued existence of that massive parking lot which can hold the flood storage that they lie is being provided by this destruction. They are continuing the "Silver Maple Forest" scam which allows them to destroy more and more of Alewife.

When the victims find out their lies did not provide the needed flood storage, they (or to be more accurate, the one or two people pulling the strings) want to be able to say:

Oh, golly gee, we meant well. We will just have to destroy more.

One branch of the Machine, in Cambridgeport, has been very active in its environmental destruction.

The Cambridgeport con game spent years telling people to "defend" Alewife by ignoring their friends destruction at Alewife.

The Cambridgeport branch's attack on the Charles River is exemplified by a "public meeting" in which state destroyers were allowed to say every sort of nonsense they felt like. The Cambridgeport branch of the machine, in the name of "fairness," censored every response which reflected reality, flat out publicly prohibitting such statements.

They then started "celebrating" Magazine Beach with the blatant censorship of the environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

But now, just as they lied about defending Alewife, they are lying about defending the Charles River. They are fighting to keep in place on the Charles totally repairable outrages and hoping to keep up the con to implement even worse destruction.

At Alewife, it will take the better part of a century to undo one month's destruction.

These are really, really bad people and they have a massive machine supporting each other.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ellen comments on the photos of Alewife Destruction by Cambridge, MA and the state of Massachusetts

Ellen Schloss:

What a mess they made out of a beautiful area.

Your Editor:

It is even worse when you realize the 15 years of scam loudly claiming to be defending Alewife.

And I am not positive I got everything.

Photos are at:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife — Photo Evidence

The following is the transmittal document and photo evidence (reduced in size here) transmitted to the Cambridge Chronicle on February 16, 2012.

If Cambridge, MA, had a responsible city government, it would negotiate with Richie McKinnon, the owner of the parking lot shown in Photo #7. It stretches behind the building to the left and follows the commuter rail to Alewife Brook Parkway.

I am not certain but I think he owns the entire massive parking lot.

Flood storage to protect Alewife, North Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont from fifty year storms or more should be constructed under that parking lot combined with Richie’s project on air rights. Richie should be compensated for whatever costs might be added to his project by the delay.

As for this environmental outrage, created as a very major part out of the “Silver Maple Forest” scam, Cambridge and the state should stop work and walk away from it.

Post signs, front and rear, calling this outrage the “Ellen Mass Memorial Wasteland” and let nature heal what a reprehensible (to quote that civil rights judge) city council destroyed in a month. The contractors have had too much pork at the expense of the environment.

Included on the sign as evidence of their infamy (in the same manner as so many responsible projects) should be the names of the Cambridge City Manager and the members of the Cambridge City Council plus the responsible state bureaucrats (including the governor) in October 2011 when the outrage was done.


The mantra of the Cambridge Pols: Don’t look at what we are destroying, look at how great we sound when we yell at the other guys.

These photos were taken on February 16, 2012. The trees around the artificially created moonscape are the same trees these hypocrites destroyed to create the moonscape.

The fake flood protection will protect against two year storms. The massive parking lot across Cambridge Park Drive can readily be used to provide the needed protection, against 50 years storms, two of which have occurred during the past twenty years.

You are authorized to print one or more of these seven photos, giving me credit.

You have done so on the con game fundraiser with regard to photos taken by Ellen Mass who fought for this destruction for 15 years, lying that she was defending Alewife, which she has admitted in a letter to the editor by praising the destruction.

The photos are identified by the sequence in which I am sending them combined with the sequence number assigned by the processor, i.e. #1 (019A).

The first six photos will be my shots from 2/16/12. The seventh is my photo from June 30, 2011, of the parking lot where the flood storage belongs and which can hold in combination with the project now going through city reviews.


Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #1 (019A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #2 (020A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #3 (021A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #4 (022A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #5 (023A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #6 (024A)

Cambridge Pols destroy Alewife - #7 (6/30/11)

For my analysis of Richie McKinnon and his project, please see

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alewife: Richie McKinnon, true environmentalist and victim?

1. Richie McKinnon — a good record.
2. The Cambridge Conservation Commission meeting, February 13, 2012.
3. Summary.

1. Richie McKinnon — a good record.

In my last post, I said that the new owner / developer of the massive parking lot where the Alewife flood storage should be is a good guy.

His name is Richard McKinnon. He was a key assistant to the late Cambridge Mayor / City Councilor Al Vellucci. I posted a glowing praise of Al a couple of months back, contrasting him to the outrage which is the very destructive Cambridge Pols. Al would be proud of what Richie has done at Alewife.

Richie is now developing property both north and south of the Alewife reservation, and judging by the looks on folks faces when I went over the destruction of the Alewife reservation being accomplished by the City of Cambridge, I would say he has been believing the con games from the Cambridge Machine that the private developers are the big threat at Alewife, not Cambridge.

I am spreading among this report photos of the parking lot he returned to the Alewife Reservation and of the massive parking lot he is committed to develop. The first two are the parking lot he returned to nature.

The third is the parking lot he is developing and which should hold the flood storage. His ownings stretch far to the left behind the building.

The fourth photo is a VERY dated view of the Alewife destruction from his property. The access road on the right and the small vehicle highway on the left used to be part of the virgin forest and the destruction is a lot worse now. The small vehicle highway has been relocated from the destroyed virgin woodland which last I saw was a open surface mine.

I know what Richie did with that parking lot between his existing project and Alewife Station. He implemented the zoning change in the Sheila Cook zoning petition which I wrote and for which the Cambridge Machine treated Sheila like crap.

Richie sounded very responsible in other environmental aspects of his existing development especially those facing the area Cambridge and the Cambridge Pols seem to be determined to destroy as they do their non stop con game telling people to look everyplace else.

2. The Cambridge Conservation Commission meeting, February 13, 2012.

Richie has replaced the developer who got environmental approvals in 2008.

Richie presented his plans to the Cambridge Conservation Commission last night and hopes to present it to the Cambridge Planning Board on March 20.

Richie presented a package showing his proposal.

At the very beginning of the proposal package is a site plan / satellite photo which would be an excellent before picture for Cambridge’s outrage at Alewife.

It shows the Alewife reservation in the excellence which Cambridge and its fake groups destroyed.

As near as I can gather, it would appear that he owns the big parking lot which is directly across the street from the destroyed Alewife reservation and that he owns the rest of the series of parking lots which run from there along the commuter rail to Alewife Brook Parkway.

I started off my comments by pointing out to them that their site plan / satellite photo is out of date because Cambridge has destroyed a fast amount of the reservation shown on the site plan / satellite photo.

I continued to explain that the Alewife area needs flood protection from the 50 year floods which have occurred twice in the last 20 years.

I pointed out that, as massive as the destruction has been, it only protects against 2 year floods, i.e. rather than protecting against the worst possible flood in a 50 year period, it protects against the worst possible flood in a two year period.

Once the first really bad rain occurs, folks are going to find out they have been lied to.

Then the real destruction occurs. The flood protection can only be provided by further massive and perhaps total destruction of the Alewife reservation or by creating underground flood storage under all of Richie’s property, preferably coordinated with his project.

McKinnon’s plans call for at grade parking throughout the project area, exactly the area which would be hurt worst by Cambridge’s lies that Cambridge is meaningfully protecting against flooding.

I asked Richie if Cambridge has ever contacted him about use of his property for the flood storage which Alewife needs, coordinating with his project.

He said he has not been contacted.

3. Summary.

Cambridge’s con game continues.

McKinnon, the true environmentalist, North Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont are being severely hurt by the non stop smoke screen tactics what have gotten this outrage this far.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cambridge (MA) Conservation Commission: Charles River and Fresh Pond

1. Introductory.
2. The Charles River.
3. Fresh Pond.

1. Introductory.

The February 13, 2012 meeting of the Cambridge Conservation Commission had items on its agenda concerning the Charles River, Alewife and Fresh Pond.

I am going to break my report into two parts. First I will do the Charles River and Fresh Pond. Then, in a separate report, I will do Alewife.

The Alewife report will require a lot of work. It deserves its own separate report.

To put it succinctly, the developer has changed. The new developer is a person I have known for a long time and whom I respect. Some of my introductory comments drew a reaction from his team which indicated to me that they may have been had. They may have entered into this project thinking that the comments of the fake groups were true, that the problems at Alewife are the private developers and that Cambridge and its friends are saints. I quickly and succinctly disabused them of yet another lie from Cambridge and its friends.

It is entirely possible that they have been shafted.

2. The Charles River.

The first item on the agenda was the Western Avenue and River Street Bridges project. These are the next two bridges to the west from the BU Bridge.

The biggest problem was that the agenda misidentified the presenters as the Department of Conservation and Development. It turned out to be the Department of Transportation (MassDOT).

The environmental problems with these projects are the ones Cambridge’s friends are trying to add. MassDOT and the DCR have rejected these outrages.

It was a straight forward presentation from good people.

3. Fresh Pond.

The best example of the ongoing Fresh Pond projects are photos of wild birds nesting on nearby office buildings because the animal habitat at Fresh Pond has been destroyed.

The presenters, employees of the City of Cambridge, were showing a plan in which they were chopping up a hillside and rebuilding it.

I asked them how many trees had previously been destroyed in the project area and how many would be destroyed by the project.

The presenters objected to my language. They were not destroying trees they are removing trees.

And they were not destroying animal habitat. They are improving animal habitat.

I refused to use their euphemisms and I, with the maximum nicety possible, condemned the massive habitat destruction in their ongoing series of projects.

I did not get an answer.

Cambridge Chronicle glorifies Cambridge con game at Alewife

In my last post, I praised the Cambridge Chronicle for moderating its language concerning con game fundraiser concerning part of the Alewife reservation which is privately owned. This is a Don Quixote con game fight in which well intentioned people are told to ignore those ;portions of Alewife which are being destroyed for no good purpose by government with a ready, alternative and look at the next to impossible fight concerning a privately owned portion of the Alewife Reservation, to which has been applied to glorious name, Silver Maple Forest.

I just saw the hard copy version of that language. I retract nearly all of my praise. The language is an improvement for certain over the prior edition. It however is surrounded by a page full of photos of the con game fundraiser.

By contrast, although my Letters to the Editor have been pretty much universally printed, (1) exactly zero reporting has been done on the needless destruction of the Alewife reservation by Cambridge and its friends and (2) exactly zero reporting has been done on the obvious alternative, the massive parking lot across CambridgePark Drive, an alternative which could disappear very quickly.

Cambridge and its friends tell people not to look at Cambridge’s willful, totally irresponsible and totally unnecessary destruction which should be readily preventable. Cambridge and its friends tell people to yell at the private property owners who are destroying an inferior, smaller portion.

The obvious result of the con game is the possible destruction of all of Alewife: the private property against which the fight is a tilting at windmills and the publicly owned Alewife reservation where the destruction is totally avoidable.

The reality of Cambridge and friends’ completed destruction of the core Alewife reservation is that their destruction cannot achieve its claimed goals: protection of the neighbors of the Alewife reservation from flooding during massive storms.

Cambridge has destroyed acres of virgin woodland and hundreds or more animals at Alewife. The problem is the flooding of neighbors resulting from Cambridge allowing development in the flood plain. Cambridge’s destruction will protect against the worst possible storm in any two year period, a two year storm. The problem is two fifty year storms in the last twenty years. Cambridge and its friends have knowingly destroyed the core Alewife reservation for flood storage Cambridge and its friends know they cannot provide.

Directly across CambridgePark Drive is a massive parking lot which extends to the railroad right of way to the south and to Alewife Brook Parkway to the east. Build the flood storage under that parking lot and build building on top of the flood storage and you accomplish two goals at once, flood storage and development near public transportation.

TONIGHT, the Cambridge Conservation Commission will hear the owner of the most important part of that parking lot seek a modification of their permission to build office buildings in that parking lot. Prior permission was granted before the Great Recession. The owner is coming back.

If those buildings are built without the parking lot, a city government which lied that it was providing meaningful flood storage will be oh, so sorry when neighbors find out they have been had.

The poor dears in the Cambridge city government will “have to” destroy a much larger part of the publicly owned portion of the Alewife reservation if not all of it to deliver on the promises made when they destroyed the core Alewife reservation.

And the Don Quixote fighit? Cambridge pols are very fond of Don Quixote fights in place of meaningful action. In the rare times that Don Quixote wins, other things come up, as happened at North Point, but North Point is another story.

It would be nice if the Cambridge Chronicle devoted the same coverage to this very real and very avoidable destruction as the Cambridge Chronicle has to the con game fundraiser. A page full of photos of the strip mine which was formerly an irreplaceable forest, plus the massive parking lot which can hold the flood storage, plus some of the massive trees yet to be destroyed when the s*** hits the fan.

It would be nice.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cambridge Chronicle improves its reporting on Alewife in its on line report

Earlier today, I passed on with analysis my letter to the Cambridge Chronicle responding to their on line report on fundraising which I consider just part of the ongoing fight by Cambridge and its friends to destroy the core Alewife reservation by conning people into defending a long shot part of the Alewife reservation. This is particularly distressing because Cambridge and its friends appear launched to strikingly multiply the totally inexcuseable destruction.

The game of Cambridge and its friends has been to fool well meaning people to fight one of their usual Don Quixote bouts rather than working to defend the key core Alewife reservation from totally inexcusable destruction by Cambridge and its friends.

I just found a copy of the February 2, 2012, issue of the Cambridge Chronicle, which had their report on fundraiser buried on page 9. The language used implied that the long shot being defended against is superior to the irreplaceable forest destroyed.

The key language on line is: “The 7-acre silver maple forested area is a habitat for rare animals and birds including otter, deer, coyote, fox and nearly a hundred bird species – some of which require both uplands and wetlands. The concert celebrated this valuable resource.”

Frankly this language is also applicable to the area these “activists” are happy seeing destroyed. I definitely think the area they are destroying is more valuable because, in addition to these factors, it includes Little River.

The real difference, as is normal in the rotten situation in Cambridge, is that the Cambridge machine is destroying the core Alewife reservation, and it is a private developer in the area they claim is so great. The Cambridge City Council constantly lies that it is holier than thou on environmental and civil rights matters. That is a flat out lie, and this game of irresponsibly maneuvering people away from their irresponsible destruction is just part of it.

That flat out lie makes the Cambridge City Council vulnerable to attacks by knowing people who are aware of how irresponsible nine councilors are. The exposure in the last election of the environmentally second worst councilor as “reprehensible” with regard to the civil rights case of Malvina Monteiro could very possibly have led to his firing by the voters.

The fundraiser with the usual failure to mention the important stuff is another factor in the fight to destroy the core Alewife reservation. Simultaneous with the destruction, the owner of the parking lot where the flood storage should go is building, apparently without the flood storage that should be there rather than destroying the core Alewife reservation.

Another interesting factor is the presence of Ellen Mass in this non “Alewife” group which has apparently replaced “Friends of the Alewife Reservation.” Ellen Mass’s credit appears on the two photos printed in the hard copy. Thus the admission continues. Ellen Mass has succeeded in destroying the core Alewife reservation by loudly claiming to be defending Alewife and by duping people into this Don Quixote fight. She has publicly bragged about the destruction. She, at least judging by that photo credit, is continuing with the “defense” group which no longer claims to be defending Alewife.

Mass led the fake Alewife group and has publicly praised the destruction. That praise totally discredits her and her friends claims of concern for the environment in their Don Quixote Silver Maple fight.

So thanks to the Chronicle for moderating key language in the later printing. People who are thinking about what they are doing, and responsible, will change upon reflection.

Fund raising which aids destruction at Alewife

1. General.
2. Letter to Cambridge Chronicle.
3. Summary.

1. General.

The following letter has been submitted to the Cambridge Chronicle in response to a series of versions of a report by the Chronicle on a fund raiser concerning private property at the Alewife reservation.

The most recent version of the report is at It is quite a bit shorter than the other versions. Sorry. This is the best I can see.

2. Letter to Cambridge Chronicle.

Cambridge Chronicle

I appreciate your “Silver Maple Forest” report.

For nearly 15 years, a group “defending” Alewife told people who were concerned about Alewife to protect the “Silver Maple Forest.” That group said not to look at the inexcusable and in fact downright bizarre environmental destruction being accomplished at Alewife by Cambridge and by Massachusetts’ Department of Conservation and Recreation, which owns the core Alewife reservation.

A few months ago, these entities accomplished the first stage of destruction. They bragged about “flood storage” their destruction cannot achieve. They brag about needed flood storage which can be achieved on the other side of the adjoining CambridgePark Drive.

The destruction so far can protect against two year floods (the worst flooding in any two year period). Alewife has seen two fifty year floods in the past twenty years.

The needed protection can be provided by taking the massive parking lot across CambridgePark Drive or by further destruction of the reservation. The flood protection should be placed under office buildings whose construction in that parking lot is imminent. The alternative is a doubling, tripling or more of destruction of the irreplaceable woodlands.

The key “activist” has gone from “defending” Alewife to bragging about the destruction of the core Alewife reservation. The “defending” group which is now visible does not even use the word “Alewife” in its name.

Your report describes “Silver Maple Forest” in glowing terms. Those glowing terms describe the destroyed area and the phase 2 destruction as well. Total public destruction will easily be much larger than the destruction at this privately owned long shot at “Silver Maple.”

If Cambridge had a responsible city government, that massive parking lot would be taken by eminent domain and used for the flood protection needed. The imminent office buildings would be built on top of the flood storage. The inexcusable strip mine which replaced an irreplaceable woodlands would be given back to nature to undo damage which should never have been done.

Instead we see people fighting Don Quixote fights who do not want to see the bizarre and totally avoidable destruction a hundred or so feet away. They destroy their own credibility by their indifference.

Cambridge and its friends keep the good guys “out of trouble” by having them chase their tails. They keep up the lie that they are environmental saints. How dare you object to totally wasteful environmental destruction. Cambridge pols sound great!

3. Summary.

Please note that the Cambridge Conservation Commission will be discussing the office project slated for that massive parking lot on the fourth floor of City Hall Annex at Broadway and Inman Monday, February 13, at 7:15 pm.

The bragging about the destruction was done by Ellen Mass to a non profit which calls itself “Greenport” on January 18 at the church on the corner of Brookline Street and Putnam Avenue. The related “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” has spent years telling people who are concerned about Alewife to go to the fake Friends group.

Since the destruction of the core Alewife reservation the “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” has started strongly denying that Alewife is any proper interest of their group.

The “Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association” has joined the falsely named Charles River Conservancy in creating a group for Magazine Beach which stinks of the “Friends of the Alewife Reservation” group.

The “Friends of Alewife Reservation” now seems to have disappeared with its success in destruction of the core Alewife reservation.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

“Non profit” wants to gold plate the Boston / lower end of the Charles River

Ellen Schloss has posted a link on the facebook page at to the Boston Herald’s report on one of the typical non profit’s proposal for the Boston Esplanade on the south side of the Charles River and for the Charles River Dam area.

The non profit claims to love the peace and the beauty of the Charles. The Boston Herald link very prominently shows their proposal for a Ferris Wheel dominating the skyline at the Charles River Dam overwhelming the Museum of Science.

And the non profits, as a group, will keep on telling you how lovely they are. And their proposals are always called "improvements" or the like.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Alewife destruction progresses

Next Monday, February 13, 2012, the Cambridge Conservation Commission will consider a “Request to Amend Order of Conditions” with regard to 150 and 180 CambridgePark Drive.

This is the office project that was delayed because of the Great Recession.

This office project is on top of the parking lot where flood protection for the Alewife Reservation should be placed, across the street from the Cambridge/DCR created strip mine that used to be an irreplaceable forest.

If those buildings go there without the flood protection under them, the Cambridge Pols will have “no choice” but to finish the destruction of the Alewife Reservation for flood storage.

In related news, the falsely named “Friends of the Alewife Reservation” no longer is visible in “fighting to save” the nearby “Silver Maple Forest”, the privately owned property subject to the usual Don Quixote type fight to distract concerned people from the real action, the fully savable Alewife Reservation. The "non profits" are using a different name now and no longer apparently even use the word “Alewife.”

Alewife is fully savable except for the related non profits, fake groups normal in Cambridge, MA, politics which regularly control the population and achieve a lot of environmental destruction.

So a “reprehensible” city government (to quote that civil rights judge) looks like it is getting its destruction, and North Cambridge, Arlington and Belmont neighbors will not find out they have been chasing their tails until it is “too late.”

Oh, and the Cambridge City Council keeps up its very much non stop efforts to “save the world” just as long as the voters do not look at them destroying Cambridge and related environment.

The Cambridge Conservation Commission meeting is of no real significance. The key forum is the Cambridge City Council, which is protected by the massive Cambridge Pol machine.

The core Alewife reservation can still be saved. The acres of destruction which occurred in the last few months can be undone by allowing nature to restore itself.

Those buildings go up without the flood storage and the Alewife reservation will be gone.

Oh, and the “Silver Maple Forest”? A long shot at best, made even longer by support for destruction of the core Alewife reservation.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Orders to review Cambridge City Manager’s contract and to replace retiring Cambridge City Clerk Placed on File

We had a disagreement with the Cambridge Chronicle on the handling of one of the three orders considered by the Cambridge City Council concerning the employment situation of the Cambridge City Manager and the replacement of the retiring Cambridge City Clerk.

My resolution of the employment situation is to fire the Cambridge City Manager for Monteiro and hire the retiring Cambridge City Clerk to act as acting Cambridge City Manager pending international search for a new City Manager.

The third motion, which passed, appointed Donna Lopez, City Clerk Drury’s current number 2 person as Interim City Clerk because of the anticipated late February retirement and to empower the two to set up an orderly transition.

Two motions (1) to establish procedures with regard to the City Manager’s expiring contract and (2) with regard to establishing procedures to replace the City Clerk were initiated by Cambridge City Councilor Kelley and were delayed to last Monday’s meeting (2/6/12) by Councilor Davis under her powers under the city charter.

Kelley was out of state on Monday and no other councilor brought up the orders. The two orders, in accordance with the Charter provision, were automatically placed on file.

The Monteiro decision concerned the City Manager’s firing of Department Head Malvina Monteiro in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint. Very strong communications were written by a panel of the Appeals Court and by the Superior Court trial judge, plus there was an award of $3.5 million PENAL damages by the jury in addition to $1.1 million real damages. The judicial comments clearly established grounds to fire the Cambridge City Manager without his golden parachute and possibly without pension.

Response to Sea Island Defense

1. Response to Sea Island Defense.
2. Your Editor.

1. Response to Sea Island Defense.

Dear Mr. La Trémouille,

Thank you ever so much for picking our concerns up on your blog. I am the retired Altamaha Riverkeeper®, well at least almost retired. Having said that, if you care about our wildlife and natural resources you can never totally retire. Before I became the Altamaha Riverkeeper® I worked as a blue crab commercial fisherman on the coast of Georgia for almost 25 years until we formed the Altamaha Riverkeeper®, Inc. (ARK) in 1999. We formed the ARK because the State of Georgia had lost site of what our natural resources mean to us as a people. Without going into a long writing spell you can just about figure the rest out for yourself. Just wanted you to know a little bit about us and how much we appreciate your assistance.

Again, thank you very much,

James Holland

To learn more about the Altamaha Riverkeeper® go on their web site at
To learn more about me and what I care for go on my web site

2. Your Editor.

The parallels between the two situations are striking, except that our enemies have very bad records both on the Charles and in the not too far away Alewife reservation where they indulged in large scale environmental destruction and mass animal killing for "flood storage" the project could not deliver and which could be achieved across the street under a parking lot.

The non profit in that situation was a fake group which fits patterns of fake groups which are associated with Cambridge.

And thank you for friending the Charles River White Geese.

Why publicize the Charles River “Conservancy”’s Money?

1. A good friend: Why publicize the Charles River “Conservancy”’s Money?
2. Editor’s Reply.

1. A good friend: Why publicize the Charles River “Conservancy”’s Money?

A good friend posted the following question on facebook in response to our partial posting of the funders of the Charles River “Conservancy.”


Robert, I am not clear what this posting is about! Plz clarify in simple terms. The White Geese at the Charles R extremely important 2 me.--thank u Robert!

2. Editor’s Reply.

This posting is a direct response to the posting concerning Sea World below.

The Sea World destruction very closely fits the attacks on the Charles River.

There are a lot of “non profits” whose behavior is destructive.

Some, like the Charles River “Conservancy” are blatant falsehoods. This group is belligerently destructive of the environment. There is a very real problem with groups claiming to be holier than thou who really are not.

The very big problem is their fooling well meaning people into hurting the cause they claim to stand for.

Like so many activists in Cambridge, it is impossible to tell the difference, at face value, from the knaves and those who have been fooled.

One way to try to do so is follow the money.

The good guys will run away from groups running false colors. The bad guys will stay there.

Another interesting point in the funders are the educational institutions which benefit greatly and have been quite active in environmental destruction on the Charles River. These institutions very consistently lie to their students about their environmental destructiveness. Their false colors are a very major factor in fooling well meaning people into destroying the environment.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Selected Non Profits Funding Charles River “Conservancy”

The following is a partial list of nonprofits contributing to the environmentally destructive and falsely named Charles River Conservancy.

This is taken from an attachment to a Fall 2011 fundraising letter bragging, among other things about their fight for a new small vehicle highway on and in the Charles River on the Cambridge side. This major initiative (and not mentioned any more than they can help) would destroy hundreds of healthy trees, wetlands, and animal habitat including major portions of the habitat of the Charles River White Geese.

The CRC’s highway construction has been rejected as environmentally destructive in a joint report by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The CRC’s list is preceded with the comment: “We are grateful to our corporate sponsors and to the foundations who have supported us over the last 18 months.”

VERY prominently displayed at the top of the list are the following logos:

The Boston Foundation
Massachusetts Environmental Trust
Bank of America
Fidelity Investiments

The first two groupings are:



George H. and Jane A. Mifflin Memorial Fund
Harold Whitsworth Pierce Charitable Trust


Bilesikian Family Foundation
Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden Foundation
Mahoney’s Garden Center
National Grid Foundation
Sanoli Aventis/Genzyme


Elsewhere on the list are Harvard University, MIT Community Service Fund, Harvard Business School, Boston University and the New England College of Optometry.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Leading Nonprofits Join Sea Island in Destroying Critical Habitat in Marsh Buffer

The following link has the stench of the environmental destruction on the Charles River, right down to “non profits” fighting for environmental destruction.

The title is “Leading Nonprofits Join Sea Island in Destroying Critical Habitat in Marsh Buffer.”

The Charles River Conservancy is lying with its name, but the stench is the same and it is by far not the only actor using “non profit” status. I have its publication of its contributor list.

Fortunately, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is standing up to the small vehicle highway outrage on the Charles River. It seems to have roped the Department of Conservation and Recreation into a responsible position on that highway but DCR and Cambridge are very, very destructive on their own.


Archie Mazmanian comments:

Yesterday's (2/5/12) NYTimes Sunday Review section features "Why We Love Zoos" by Diane Ackerman. Here's the closing paragraph:

"What a lonely species we are, searching for signals of life from other galaxies, adopting companion animals, visiting parks and zoos to commune with other beasts. In the process we discover our shared identity. We flock to zoos for many reasons, not least to shed some of the burden of being human."

Zoos are indeed great places to go to. But so is our jewel of the Charles River where for many years we - and especially our children - could enjoy the Charles River White Geese in what ha d developed into a seemingly natural habitat. There were no bars or cages. We did not interfere with the Goose Ghetto, respecting their privacy. But we shared the Charles River with them in mutual respect. Will the Goose Ghetto be restored? Will the destructive vegetation along the banks interfering with the CRWG use of the Charles River be eliminated? Will we once again reside in harmony with the CRWG?

Imagine 50 or a 100 years from now yet another misguided governmental effort to eliminate some other Charles River fauna. Perhaps these government officials might think: "Who remembers the CRWG?"

Let's not forget.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Conflict with Cambridge Chronicle City Council Report: We were right.

I did a double take on reading the report of the Cambridge Chronicle on Monday night’s Cambridge City Council meeting.

We reported that two of the three motions concerning the future of the Cambridge City Manager and Cambridge City Clerk were delayed until the next meeting by Councilor Davis’ exercise of her rights under the Cambridge City Charter.

The only motion to pass was the one appointing Donna Lopez as Interim City Clerk given the stated intention of City Clerk D. Margaret Drury to retire at the end of February. The motion authorized the two to establish transition procedures.

The Chronicle, on page 2 of yesterday’s (February 2, 2012) edition reported that the motion passed which established procedures concerning the future of the Cambridge City Manager. I have not checked, but it is likely the on line equivalent is the same.

The conflict in the reports was a matter of distress to me because the council, by voting to suspend its rules after I left the meeting, could have brought the two “charter righted” orders up and passed them.

I have checked the on line report of the City Clerk and determined that my report is correct.

The report is at The orders “charter righted” are orders 4 and 5. The order passed is motion 6.