Monday, July 19, 2010

Magazine Beach poison drainage, trees near Phil Barber photos.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The Charles River White Geese have been cherished natives of the Charles River for nearly 30 years.

For most of that time, they lived a migratory life in a one mile habitat centered on the BU Bridge. Most of their days, they fed at Magazine Beach. Part of the year, and in the worst storms, they lived at their nesting area which is the only part of the habitat not yet destroyed to them, just 3/4 destroyed with no remediation.

The Cambridge voted to destroy the playing fields and animal habitat at the seven acre Magazine Beach. This has been implemented along with the outrages at the nesting area under the watch of Governor Patrick.

When the plans were first proposed by the Cambridge City Manager, the response of the public was very uniform. This hillside to the west of the playing fields could use some work. The playing fields themselves were very clearly in no need for “improvement.”

As part of their implementation of the Cambridge City Manager plans, the state created a master plan for the Charles River which showed Magazine Beach as a lawn to the Charles River.

The state introduced massive bushes blocking off the Charles River from Magazine Beach and starving the Charles River White Geese by blocking off their food.

Starting in 2000 and repeatedly since then, the state has repeatedly proclaimed “no intent” to harm the Charles River White Geese. They have since explained that starving them is not harming them in their world.

When the Cambridge City Council voted funds to assist in the environmental destruction, the explanation was that they were “improving” open space. How does blocking off the Charles River and starving the residents “improve” open space? The Cambridge City Council and their undisclosed representatives do not want to discuss that.

Cambridge and Patrick destroyed seven acres worth of grass at Magazine Beach which had survived the better part of a century green, without poisons.

Cambridge and Patrick replaced the green native vegetation with sickly stuff that needs poisons to survive. To keep the poisons that should not even be there out of the Charles River, Cambridge and Patrick have introduced large drainage ditches a few feet from the Charles to drain off the poisons that need not be there.

This drainage system replaces food for the Charles River White Geese, if they could get beyond the barrier.

This drainage system replaces playing fields that are the supposed excuse of Cambridge and Patrick for this outrage.

So they have replaced perfectly good playing fields and animal food with poisoned grass, smaller playing fields, and a drainage system to drain off poisons that should not even be dumped on the banks of the Charles River.

Here are photos of the drainage system taken in the last few weeks.

The major trees shown in the rear are trees which have not been destroyed, although significant recent destruction has occurred here, in the Destroyed Nesting Area and a massive destruction of excellent trees behind the Hyatt Regency just east of the Destroyed Nesting. Cambridge brags of being a tree city. Cambridge brags of saplings planted. Cambridge keeps secret healthy trees and healthy environment needlessly destroyed. Yet another lie from a very destructive government.

The photos provided by Phil Barber and recently printed are of major destruction very close to the trees in the background, if not some of these trees. Phil’s photos may be found at