Friday, July 05, 2013

Kendall — Longfellow, Cambridge, MA, USA: The Cambridge Machine “Gets Religion”

1. Report.
2. Contacts, Miscellaneous.

1. Report.

This an open letter to people who may have received yet another bizarre communication from the Cambridge Machine in response to my series of reports concerning MassDOT's plans to continue its outrageous destruction on the Cambridge end of the Longfellow Bridge, near Kendall Square.

MassDOT has destroyed an excellent grove of trees above the Red Line at the Cambridge end of the Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River. This is the second bridge to the east of the BU Bridge over the Charles River.

MassDOT has moved one excellent tree from the excellent grove lining the ramp from Memorial Drive to the Longfellow Bridge heading to Boston. MassDOT has promised to destroy and move the rest of that excellent grove starting Monday, July 8, 2013.

When you are dealing with the Cambridge Machine, reality is the rotten stuff rammed through as fast as possible in as corrupt a manner as is necessary.

Reality was the corrupt tactics in the fake vote a meeting or so ago when the Cambridge Machine fraudulently put its organization on record in support of destruction of hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge.

That is the secret fine print in the fine print all of which was kept as secret as possible. The less extreme destruction was also kept as secret as possible.

This is normal behavior with the Cambridge Machine.

Thus, it comes as no surprise to see a Cambridge Machine member with a strikingly bad record suddenly get religion and put out a lovely email which tells people to do nothing until after the July 10 meeting concerning the Longfellow Bridge outrage, and which email gives bizarre “reasons” for the destruction which bear no resemblance to anything MassDOT has put out.

The same person loudly called herself an expert on Alewife and told people nothing was going to be destroyed while it was still possible to prevent the wasteful destruction of acres of Alewife.

Reality is as I have described in my reports and the links included therein. The most recent report is at

You want to see the reality which this fraudulent actor claimed would not be done, look at This is what the, oh so pious, writer said would not happen.

I have gone over reality. MassDOT has promised to start further destruction on Monday, July 8, 2013, and to conduct a meeting on July 10, 2013, apparently after the destruction is accomplished. The reasons for the destruction are nonsensical.

I have stood up to too many lies from the Cambridge Machine.

I have stood up to too much corrupt behavior from the Cambridge Machine.

“They would never stoop so low,” is the biggest lie on the Charles River.

You want to believe a woman who was part of that corrupt “vote,” you are way beneath respect.

You want to believe a woman who spouted that outrageous lie to help the destruction of Alewife, you are way beneath respect.

Most people live in reality.

2. Contacts, Miscellaneous.

Massachusetts Governor’s Office email form:

State environmental people, DES Hotline:

MassDOT Accelerated Bridges Program: 857-368-8904 or

All Massachusetts Legislators’ emails:

Cambridge, MA, USA city councilors:

Plus the links provided in the above email.


For people listening to Boston Sierra Club endorsements of environmentally destructive members of the Cambridge City Council, you should be aware that

(1) using the world’s definition of “environmentalism,” there are no environmentally responsible members of the Cambridge City Council, and

(2) there are Cambridge Machine activists very visible and apparently very active in the Boston Sierra Club.

If you are talking to a person associated with the Boston Sierra Club, do a credibility check. Ask if they are familiar with the “Urban Ring” rapid transit proposal. This is a subway proposal designed to link the existing subway spokes. I have been working on it since 1985. Cambridge raised the project in a comment to an environmental Impact Statement in the last month or so.

If the Boston Sierra Club “expert” answers “yes,” that he / she is familiar with the Urban Ring rapid transit proposal, ask how many rail options there are. If the answer is “one,” you are getting the flat out lie put out by the City of Cambridge.

Cambridge’s flat out lie is that, of the TWO rail options, the only one that exists is the environmentally destructive streetcar option which the City of Cambridge supports. This option would be highly destructive to the environment near the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

The reality is that THE STATE LEGISLATURE HAS SUBSIDIZED THE OTHER OPTION, the responsible Orange Line / heavy rail option, the Kenmore crossing. The state legislature has subsidized the expansion of Yawkey Station as part of the massive Fenway Park area project which has gotten recent press.

Cambridge’s nonsensical proposal would move Yawkey Station three blocks. The Cambridge proposal would not work without moving Yawkey Station. The Kenmore Crossing uses the now subsidized and being expanded Yawkey Station as part of a brilliant megastation.

You should immediately respond to such nonsense from a Sierra Club “expert” by having nothing more to do with this person. Whether the person is stupid or venal is irrelevant, the person has no credibility and is not worthy of your time.

It is frequently difficult to pin these irresponsible people down in general. The deviant behavior in my test is extreme. They are pious in their demands that, if you are politically correct and pro environment, you have to rubber stamp them. Please do not waste your time arguing about destruction they can wiggle around.

Turn your back on them and walk away fast.