Monday, February 11, 2008

MCAD finds probable cause of Cambridge civil rights violations.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

A little over a week ago, the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination found probable cause that Cambridge violated the civil rights of Kathy Podgers when Cambridge tried to throw her guide dog out of a Cambridge City Council meeting.

You will recall that Cambridge considers itself above Federal civil rights laws. Cambridge has its own civil rights law, and Cambridge thinks its only duty is to obey ITS civil rights law and that, in Cambridge, people who want more civil rights than Cambridge guarantees are out of luck.

The MCAD is not controlled by Cambridge pols. The MCAD thinks that Cambridge's behavior looks quite unacceptable.

A bunch of rogue cops apparently followed up on the outrage in Cambridge City Council. They followed up by abusing Kathy Podger's guide dog in the lobby of the police station. Last I heard, their fellow police officers continued to treat these rogue cops like police officers.

After all, they are only implementing the clear policy of the Cambridge City Council.

The Cambridge City Council has contempt for civil rights and for guide dogs guaranteed by Federal law.

Nine members of the Cambridge City Council are heartlessly and publicly animal abusers. They have deliberately starved the Charles River White Geese now for more than three years as part of a public works project that only the people paid to do it can love.

And they are heartlessly destroying the animal environment at Fresh Pond while they destroy thousands of healthy trees because the thousands of healthy trees are in the way of a thousand saplings they want to plant.

Hey, so rogue cops implemented their vile positions.

Cambridge, the city in which guide dogs are abused by rogue cops, the city in which civil rights violators call themselves defenders of civil rights, and environmental destroyers and animal abusers call themselves environmentalists.

At least the MCAD stands up to these reprehensible people.