Friday, June 15, 2012

Report from the Destroyed Nesting Area: The Charles River White Geese travel a bit further

Last yesterday afternoon, June 14, 2012, the Charles River White Geese strayed into the introduced vegetation zone.

As with last time, the three adolescent goslings were in the lead. They look quite a bit larger now. They were followed by the parents and baby sitter, plus about the same number of members of the gaggle as last time. The identifiable goslings were still yellow. There were some limited other members of the group which may have fuzzy and white and a bit larger. These, if my identification is accurate, would be slightly older goslings.

Once again, the Charles River White Geese did not venture far into the introduced vegetation, just further than the last time I saw them there. Last time, they were in the area next to the eastern native bushes and only the goslings were pushing ahead, trying to feed.

This time they lined the eastern edge of the northern hillside, still keeping as close as they could to the destroyed area to which they have been confined during the BU Bridge construction. The gosling threesome walked up the hillside to the edge of the sidewalk, separated from it by the traditional metal fence and by the newer construction woven metal fence next to the sidewalk. All were feeding.

Most of the group stayed at the foot of the hill just north of the eastern beginning of a small vehicle highway.

This is the portion with the thickest of the introduced bushes / soon to be thicket.

A number of folks were admired the Charles River White Geese from the BU Bridge. Several came into the introduced zone, admiring and taking pictures.

These beautiful animals are and always have been highly popular with decent human beings. The problem is that tiny number of rotten individuals who are part of the corruption in the City of Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. The rotters recognize their popularity with their lies and lies of omission, with the fake group in the lead lying about their concern for the area and telling folks to look at everything else. After all, the Machine succeeded in massive, inexcusable destruction at Alewife using the same tactics. And the Machine insists reality, and the last twelve years, does not exist.

Eventually a couple of middle aged men with pots walked over the eastern highway branch to the edge of the gaggle. They stood there looking into the long time destroyed area. The geese suddenly gave the alarm and all rapidly retreated into the long time destroyed area.

The portion of the longtime destroyed area nearest to and just east of the soon to be impenetrable thicket is showing signs of grass growth, perhaps seed which blew there from the soon to be introduced thicket. Perhaps this is the end in this small area of the destruction of the Department of Conservation and Recreation and its environmental destroyer, the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy.”