Sunday, March 30, 2014

Charles River: Magnificent Grove, the Destruction Plans

1. Report.
2. Postscript.
3. Governor's Response.

1. Report.

The rottenness of the bureaucrats and the Cambridge Machine on the Charles River is strongly demonstrated by the fact that they are fighting to destroy hundreds of trees, and the loudest support they provide is the Cambridge Machine ordering folks not to look at anything on the Charles River except for one building that has not been used for 80 years.

They have stooped to corrupt voting tactics to double destructiveness at Magazine Beach which they spent years telling people not to look at.

It is a company union with a long destructive record. On the Charles River, they lie about love for the Charles River and maneuver people into behavior which, through playing a monkey hiding his eyes, supports massive destruction.

The planned destruction of the excellent grove at the Memorial Drive split is a dramatic example of how low the Cambridge Machine can go.

And nothing is destroyed in the environment in Cambridge without participation by the City of Cambridge, employees of whom the Cambridge Machine lives to please.

Here are the photos of the targeted trees taken in March of 2011 and 2012.

Here are the plans for their destruction taken from the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s official filing when they were looking for Obama moneys to destroy those trees. Then they lied that all the trees were diseased, a lie proven by their filing with the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

The plans are for “Phase 2" of the “Historical Parkways” project. Phase 1 was the destruction of the diseased trees the bureaucrats lied was phase 2.

Please note that, in the last photo, you can see the beginning of the median between east and west bound traffic. That median is quite clearly shown in the second and third of the destruction plans. The darkened circles are trees being destroyed. The third plan shows the first of many trees being destroyed on the median, trees commonly much larger than the ones in this grove.

I will publish the entire announced destruction in the next report.

The moneys for destruction amount to $24 million included in a portion of Governor Patrick’s bond authorization bill, House Bill H3332. The money in the section which refers to Historical Parkways is much larger than $24 million, raising the very real question as to how much else is being destroyed.

The source of this amount is the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” which ran around lying to people that they were only looking for underpasses under the next three bridges. Their announcement reported $4 million in the Patrick bill for the “underpasses” (opposed as environmentally destructive by the governing agency, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation). Supposedly ancillary to the $4 million was $24 million for ancillary highway construction, with the destruction of all those trees.

They ran around seeking support for underpasses and presented the signatures of support as supporting destruction of hundreds of trees. In this sick world, $24 million dollars of destruction is ancillary to $4 million of underpasses.

This is the sort of rotten behavior with which decent people are faced on the Charles River.

2. Postscript.

I have given the Governor the following communication by his form email, at

RE: Part of the environmental destruction you are seeking to bond in H3332.

I have published photos of one excellent grove you are destroying on Memorial Drive, along with the formal destruction plans. These are at

My next post will provide the total destruction plans that I am aware of on Memorial Drive, hidden in H3332. The euphemism is Historical Parkways.

I very seriously doubt that the DCR has meaningfully communicated to you the level of their irresponsibility, but you have submitted this application for bonds. It is thus your irresponsibility as well.

It would be responsible if you withdrew this part of your bill, especially since all this destruction is being done in secret.

3. Governor's Response.

Sent 3/31/14, 4:57 pm:

Dear Robert J.,

On behalf of Governor Deval L. Patrick, thank you for your recent correspondence regarding H. 3332. Governor Patrick is grateful to have your voice as part of the discussion on this important issue and we have shared your thoughts with the Governmental Affairs Office. We will be studying this legislation as it proceeds through the Legislature.

Please feel free to contact our office in the future with any further questions or concerns; your comments are always welcome in this administration.


Governor Patrick's Constituent Services Team