Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fake Neighborhood Association announces money toward construction at foot of Magazine Street on Magazine Beach. Destruction of crucial parking lot coming.

On their misleadingly named blog page, with a date of June 26, 2012, the Cambridge Machine’s front organization in Cambridgeport reports $50,000 from the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation, and $25,000 from the City of Cambridge.

Construction is targeted at the area west of the Magazine Beach playing fields rising perhaps 20 feet above the Charles River. The area consists of a lovely little parking area which supports a picnic area and an historical building.

As usual when you are dealing with an arm of the Cambridge Machine, parts of their activities which would be offensive to decent people are not mentioned. The Cambridge Machine just seeks the support of decent people while lying by omission.

There is no mention of their fight to destroy the lovely little parking area which is needed for the picnic area and of major advantage to the historical building. There is also no mention that this outrage has been removed from the package.

Business as usual from a very bad situation in Cambridge, MA, USA.