Friday, May 23, 2014

Mass. Legislature: Destruction on Memorial Drive goes from Bond Authorization to Actual Expenditure. Killing off of the Charles River White Geese? Plus hundreds of trees.

1. The rotten reality.
2. Contacts.

1. The rotten reality.

I have been reporting on the ongoing attempts of the DCR and Cambridge to destroy hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge.  The replacement of the prior bill with H4009 makes things much worse.

Including authorization of direct attacks on the abused Charles River White Geese.

Massachusetts House bill H4009 which is late in approvals specifically funds massive destruction on Memorial Drive as follows:

Section 2C

line item 2890-7020, as relevant:

$32,000,000 shall be expended to complete the planning, design and construction of Phase II of the Historic Parkways Initiative along the section of the Memorial Drive between the Longfellow Bridge and the Boston University Bridge, also known as the BU Bridge, in the city of Cambridge, to construct and make improvements to pedestrian pathways, bike and paths, and to make betterments to landscaping; and in accordance with the MassDOT’s Healthy Transportation Directive;

Prior wording was just for bond authorization.  This is expenditure.

Prior wording was vague.

This is extremely specific.

English translation of “construct and make improvements to pedestrian pathways, bike and paths, and to make betterments to landscaping” is “DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY”


Heartless abuse could readily turn into outright killing or greater abuse consistent with the destruction.

The Cambridge City Council is moving forward on a bike highway proposal which includes irresponsible destruction in the undestroyed part of the goose area.  Cambridge’s plans call for two bike highways and a fence blocking access between the main goose area and the adjacent hillside.

The tree destruction plans are posted at

The Memorial Drive project has been kept as secret as possible.  When the DCR sought to destroy these trees in 2009, they simply lied to the public that they were diseased.

This has been kept below the radar except for chortling by the destructive Charles River “Conservancy”.

Until last week when the Cambridge City Council directed the City Manager for a funding proposal.

And this outrageous rewriting.

2. Contacts.

Massachusetts Governor’s Office email form:

All Massachusetts Legislators’ emails:

Cambridge, MA, USA city councilors: