Sunday, December 07, 2008

A response to an environmental destroyer – State Representative Martha Walz

Bob La Trémouille

State Representative Martha Walz is one of the few people with filthy hands to publicly brag about the outrage going on on the Charles River within half a mile of the BU Bridge.

A few days ago, she put out an email to constituents “informing” the constituents about plans on the Charles River and neglecting to mention her very reprehensible part in the plans.

The following is my response:


Walz has been in the middle of the totally unnecessary heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese, and the destruction of the Charles River from the beginning of her term.

She is just as vile as nine heartless members of the Cambridge City Council.

If she were a decent human being:

1. The bizarre starvation wall of designer bushes preventing access between Magazine Beach and the Charles River would be regularly chopped down or destroyed.

2. The biannual destruction of useful protective vegetation throughout the Charles River between the harbor and the Watertown dam would end.

3. The sick destruction of green maintenance at Magazine Beach would end. Green maintenance would be restored. The HEARTLESS, TOTALLY UNNECESSARY starvation attacks on the Charles River White Geese would end, and they would be allowed to return to their 25 year home and food at Magazine Beach BEFORE the BU Bridge repairs start.

4. Fancy drainage pits in Magazine Beach to drain off the totally unnecessary poisons would be ended. If you are not using poisons, you do not need the fancy drainage.

5. The near total destruction of ground vegetation by the DCR between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse would be reversed. The destruction of all undestroyed ground vegetation in that area by the BU Bridge repairs would be ended. The only destruction would be within 25 feet of the BU Bridge. Staging would be placed under Memorial Drive where it belongs. Work would start only after the Charles River White Geese were returned to a green Magazine Beach. The White Geese would be allowed to nest as necessary and the construction be fenced in that 25 foot area.

6. The annual poisoning of the eggs of waterfowl on the Charles River would end.

7. Introduction of light pollution on Charles River bridges would be reversed.

8. The reprehensible Charles River Conservancy would be recognized as the sick entity it is and be barred from future destruction on the Charles River .

But Walz is not a decent human. Walz is just another irresponsible, destructive rotter like the nine Cambridge City Councilors and the Cantabridgians in the State House.