Friday, August 06, 2010

Environmental Destroyer seeks money from Tom’s of Maine

Bob reports:

1. General.
2. Posting to Tom’s of Maine.
3. Leaflets.
4. Add on.

1. General.

The environmentally destructive Charles River Conservancy is seeking money from Tom's of Maine under the lie, it would appear, that they are pro-environment.

Please defend the animals, the trees and the water of the Charles from this group. Please tell Tom's not to assist their destructive cause. Tom's may be contacted at

2. Posting to Tom’s of Maine.

I have posted the following comment on Tom’s email card:


Enclosed are two documents concerning the environmental nightmare on the Charles River and in Cambridge, MA.

The Charles River Conservancy is uniformly on the wrong side.

Cambridge and Massachusetts are destroying all resident animals on the first 10 miles of the Charles River because they are offended by the presence of water related animals near a river.

The CRC runs around poisoning the eggs of Canada Geese every year.

The CRC twice a year destroys all protective vegetation on both side of the Charles River.

The State has been punished by the City of Boston for the environmental destructiveness of their agent, the Charles River Conservancy.

If you want to do something positive on the Charles River, I would request that you fund the people defending the river against these destructive people, Friends of the White Geese, address on the fliers.

Please also note our blog, website and facebook page, all on the fliers.

3. Leaflets.

Please contact me at I would be pleased to provide you the files (opposite sides of leaflet) I provided to Tom’s of Maine.

The situation on the Charles River and in Cambridge is bad enough without the destroyers fooling more good people to fund their cause.

4. Add on.

I realized that the above posting was not completely correct. So I added the following:


I just made a posting which states that the Charles River Conservancy destroys all protective vegetation on the lower Charles River twice a year.

That is not completely true. They destroy all protective native vegetation.

The state with CRC’s support has introduced a bizarre wall of vegetation which has no business on the Charles River at the Magazine Beach playing fields. This replaces an animal habitat in existence for the better part of a century and starves the Charles River White Geese from keeping them from their primary source of food for most of the last 30 years: the grass on the playing fields.

This bizarre stuff is allowed to grow without limit which the CRC destroys the valuable native vegetation everywhere else.

The grass, 7 acres which survived the better part of a century, has been dug up and replaced with sickly stuff that requires poisons to survive.

They have introduced a massive drainage system supposedly to keep these poisons out of the Charles River, poisons that would not be necessary if they returned to the healthy grass which has been native to this area for the better part of the last century.

The CRC, of course, is on the destructive side.

It gets worse.