Sunday, March 16, 2014

Machine “admires” Charles, Trader Joe’s Revisited.

1. Machine “admires” Charles.
2. Return visit to Trader Joe’s.

1. Machine “admires” Charles.

George Despotes reports that the Cambridge Machine has posted lovely photos of the Charles River on their blog, even one of the area where they are working for the destruction of hundreds of trees.

The basic con of the Cambridge Machine is one used as well by the Cambridge City Council.

Yell, yell, and coo about a whole bunch of stuff which has no meaning but which sounds nice.

Then ram through the real business as fast and as secretly as possible and tell folks to look at everything except for the important stuff.

The Cambridge Machine organization is a belligerent company union. They succeed if they shut up all discussion of the destructive efforts under way on the Charles River. Suppression of discussion with a bureaucracy actively destroying achieves their goals.

This is the reason for non stop yelling about a building which has not been used for 80 years combined with prohibition against discussion of the very major problems created and being planned by their friends.

That is why the corrupt vote of April 2013 was rammed though in ten minutes with no chance to read anything until the beginning of the ten minutes.

They doubled the environmental destruction at Magazine Beach. They blessed the Governor’s proposed destruction of hundreds of trees and heartless animal abuse (House Bill H3332) by blessing their part of that irresponsible highway. They supported destruction of the little guys parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street.

This is the most basic of con games and hypocritical destruction. Yell about everything except what is important. Do your destruction as fast as possible and with as little ethics as necessary. Then go back to the false front.

The Cambridge Machine and the Cambridge City Council have achieved major destruction with such tactics while lying that they are pro environment.

2. Return visit to Trader Joe’s.

I went back to get photos.

They did not allow it. No photos in the store.

A further review of the mural did indicate that I overstated its width. It dominates the middle rear of the store but there are smaller murals to the left and right. 50% of the width? Perhaps.

That goose dominates the left end of the mural. Vertically, his span, foot to top of head is perhaps 75% of the height of the mural. The BU Bridge is behind him and he is looking west, thus viewing the rest of the mural. He is a unifying entity behind the work.