Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Preliminary Cambridge City Council Vote: A very bad guy loses.

The details of the permutations in the Cambridge voting are beyond the scope of this blog.

“Preliminary” voting results are posted at You can get to detailed results by following links. The value of this link may not last for more than a few days after this Blog posting, if that.

It would appear, subject to various permutations, that City Councilor Samuel Seidel loses. Davis is worse. Seidel is very bad.

He is being replaced by Minka vanBeuzekom. There is nothing complicated about her election. There is a very, very slight chance that, instead of replacing Seidel, she will replace Reeves.

Seidel is one of the incumbents who was quoted as saying that the Cambridge City Manager’s destroying the life of Malvina Monteiro was no big thing. Seidel is a former member of the Cambridge Conservation Commission. He was in the middle of the planning for the outrages on the Charles River. He is very strongly pro the City Manager.

Good riddance to Seidel. It is a shame a lot more did not disappear.

The reality, however, is that vanBeuzekom looks like very much part of the Cambridge Machine, although she is more ambiguous about the future reappointment of Healy. And she most definitely is not as bad as Seidel.

ADDENDUM: A nice write up may be read on the Cambridge Chronicle’s page,

Comment: Correction. I used a small "v " in her name above because that is how the sources spelled it.

I have since checked Ms. VanBeuzekom's facebook page and see a large "V". I left a message with her on the issue, but I must assume the spelling on her page is correct.

The computers on facebook are not nasty people.

Comment: Correction to Correction.

Councilor Elect vanBeuzekom informs me that the facebook computers are the problem, not the news sources. Small “v.”

Very distressing. They do get my “é” right.