Friday, July 20, 2012

CRC Keeping Additional Major Destruction of Trees Secret

I recently reported on the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” proposal for environmental, animal habitat and, possibly, historical destruction on the Boston end of the River Street Bridge as part of a highway proposal by them which, of course, does not mention the destruction.

The River Street Bridge is the next bridge across the Charles River west of the BU Bridge.

The report, with the CRC’s photo, is posted at

I went by the target location a few hours ago.

I understated their destructiveness.

Their lovely photo shows a new two land (back and forth) small vehicle highway being built in the Charles River north of the existing off ramp / side walk / small vehicle highway from Soldiers Field Road west bound to the River Street Bridge.

I knew the embankment is very steep supporting the existing highway structure. I did not realize how enthusiastically nature has healed the harm of man in this location. Apparently coming up to the point where the CRC’s highway in the Charles would split off from the existing highway structure is a very solid line of trees.

The view of the Charles River from Soldiers Field Road approaching the off ramp facility goes from a solid wall of trees to wide open next to the ramp. The embankment with this excellent collection of trees would be wiped out by the CRC’s latest outrage.

The trees could very easily be as little as one foot apart. People frequently plant trees close to each other to create a situation in which a bunch of separate trees grow together into one very big tree. The situation on Soldiers Field road which would be destroyed by this outrage looks like it could wind up as many feet of joined trees. The trees are that close and are that plentiful.

The Charles River Conservancy, as is common with the various Charles River destroyers, lies by omission.

No mention whatsoever of this additional environmental outrage.