Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Charles River, Cambridge / Boston, MA, USA; State Representatives yell at Airplanes

Tuesday evening, March 4, I stopped by a public gathering sponsored by two State Representatives representing Cambridge, MA, USA, concerning airplane overflights Associated with Logan Airport in East Boston, MA.

It was scheduled for an amphitheater on the Leslie College campus near Porter Square in Cambridge.

A suburban State Representative with part of Cambridge in his district cosponsored the gathering with a former Cambridge City Councilor who improved the Cambridge City Council by leaving it for the State Representative seat.  She was one of the two worst councilors on environmental matters.  The other worst member retired at the same time this woman took her promotion.

That now promoted Cambridge City Councilor was part of the Monteiro civil rights / women rights outrage.  She had an inability to understand multiple Court level condemnation of now Honorably Retired City Manager Robert Healy for destroying the life of a black Cape Verdean woman’s who headed the city’s Police Review Board.  The court rulings determined Healy fired Malvina Monteiro in retaliation for her she filing a civil rights complaint.  She  contended that women were biased against in the city pay scale.  So naturally, this pol sees no harm in the Cambridge City Manager destroying a black woman department head' life because the department head filed a women’s rights complaint.

This pol has since put on a public meeting lying that she meaningfully supports women’s rights.  She, as is normal in Cambridge, MA, USA, is great at yelling at the other guy and also great at keeping her real record as secret as possible.

The topic of Tuesday’s meeting, airplane overflight problems are, of course, an important issue.  Coming from responsible people, fighting for protection against such intrusions would be a commendable fight.

Unfortunately, the State Representatives certainly do not look like they are normal, responsible people.

Much more directly important in their districts is the expenditure of state moneys in their districts.  Of equal importance to the districts is the belligerent irresponsibility and destructiveness of Cambridge and its friends, at Alewife, on the Cambridge Common, on the Charles River and elsewhere in and near Cambridge.

The formerly virgin Alewife reservation is of key importance to the representative districts of both State Representatives.

Here is Cambridge’s puff piece photo bragging about the first stage of Cambridge’s destruction at Alewife, behind 165 CambridgePark Drive.  The trees off in the distance used to fill their area which Cambridge destroyed with assistance from the state.

Here are some earlier photos of mine.

Cambridge’s irresponsibility at Alewife with state money greatly threatens the property rights of voters in the two districts.  Cambridge’s zoning has over many  years encouraged the destruction of flood storage by Cambridge developers obeying Cambridge zoning.  Cambridge has not provided meaningful replacement for the flood storage being destroyed by Cambridge’s irresponsible zoning.

The fake groups are stalling until it will be impossible to defend voters’s homes from storm flooding unless Cambridge destroys that part of Alewife they have not already destroyed through their irresponsible zoning and through use of state funds to destroy those first 3.4 acres of virgin Alewife woodlands, behind 165 CambridgePark Drive.

What is needed is a taking of / codevelopment of all area properties in such a way as to include flood storage in new buildings at a scale much larger than can properly be expected of developers.  Money, money, money.

Enclosed is a Cambridge photo bragging of the first stage of destruction of Alewife.  Cambridge’s puff pieces do not mention the associated pogrom of so many animals whose families have lived in these woods for hundreds of years.

Destruction at Alewife is so irresponsible that the Cambridge City Council has issued multiple condemnation of private developers destroying elsewhere in the Alewife reservation IN COMPLIANCE WITH MUNICIPAL CREATED ZONING.  And last I heard, there were folks in the state house delegation crying about the private destruction.

Funny, none of these self proclaimed pious folks mention the municipal destruction or the municipally created zoning obeyed by the private developers they yell at.

So the State Representatives are yelling about overflights.

Then again, there is the imminent outrageous destruction on the Cambridge Common.

Here are a few photos of threatened parts of the Cambridge Common.

Then again, there is the state vote of moneys for destruction of hundreds of trees and animal habitat on the Charles River.

Here are a photos of targeted trees and of their impending animal victims.

The increasingly imminent and probably total destruction of the Alewife reservation is a major factor in the equation.

These three outrages, of course, come on top of many other outrages, planned, pending and achieved.  I can only put so much in one report.

I really can only go on so long about what these self proclaimed saints do not want their constituents noticing.

But the State Representatives are yelling at plane overflights, and they certainly appear to me to be horribly quiet about their destructive money expenditures in Cambridge, and Cambridge’s general destructiveness in its zoning.

Business as usual in Cambridge, MA, USA.