Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter on Charles River Destruction and state moneys

I have previously reported on the press release from, apparently, the Department of Conservation and Recreation that was printed as a news article on page 2 of the July 5, 2012, Cambridge Chronicle.

The following is a letter to the editor I have submitted:


Cambridge Chronicle

You have reported DCR moneys for Magazine Beach.

Part of this project is destruction of the environmentally sensitive parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street. It is never mentioned and never explained. It is filled on the weekends by little people using the picnic area.

The proposal’s first public presentation by the DCR was sponsored by this group. They censored negative comment.

This group put on a “history of Magazine Beach.” It omitted the destruction of the last 13 years. They shouted down my brief communication of the many outrages.

They conducted a stacked survey on desired “improvements.” A repeated comment called for the reversal of the most outrageous “improvement.” Last I heard, the survey was censored from the minutes.

A few “improvements” which should be uninstalled and thus are censored are:

• the impenetrable wall of introduced bushes blocking off the Charles from Magazine Beach and starving the Charles River White Geese (one spontaneously objected to “improvement’),

• the boat dock destruction,

• poisons dumped to keep alive sickly grass introduced in place of healthy grass needlessly destroyed, and

• the destruction of playing fields to drain off poisons which should not be there.

But Cambridge, the DCR and this group want to keep the environment destruction and animal abuse and want to destroy the parking.

A group insider praised the planting of more impenetrable bushes east of the BU Bridge in a nesting area which has become a Ghetto into which the Charles River White Geese were forced when their decades long home at Magazine Beach was taken from them. My objections to this outrage were shouted down as well.

You reported funds for park benches.

Also needed and not mentioned is reversal of “improvements” between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse. Almost all ground vegetation has been destroyed and has not grown back (poisons?). The impenetrable thicket just started is not acceptable. Grass would be a nice replacement.

Commencement in the destroyed nesting area of a highway which has been condemned by responsible bureaucrats should also be reversed.

When the deliberate starvation of the Geese is reversed, closing the two openings in the fence of the geese’s nesting area / ghetto should follow. They are part of destruction that was condemned by the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

The DCR and its friends do praise each other. Mutual praise fools responsible people into thinking they are dealing with responsible people.