Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some Harvard maps of Harvard University’s empire building in Allston, MA, USA

The Harvard Gazette, in its October 18, 2013 issue, reports on approvals for the first stage of Harvard’s empire in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, near the Harvard Business School and Harvard Stadium at

The report presents three maps. They are reproduced below.

The best plan has large yellow buildings in the middle of the plan. These are the Harvard Square density buildings which are intended to be the core of this part of the project. The new location for Harvard Medical School is to the right of the plan shown.

[West / Central Map]

Of the two other plans, one is in black and white, showing two streets, North Harvard Street and Western Avenue. The point of the two streets is in the middle of those big yellow buildings. The tiny buildings between the two streets are the affordable housing being destroyed, the Charlesgate Housing complex.

[Black and White Map]

The third plan is the only one to show the area where the very long range plans threaten the Charles River. In all the three maps, the Charles River is at the top.

This plan shows a major highway on the right extreme. This highway is owned by Harvard University. It is I90 / the Massachusetts Turnpike. The exit which is being moved to the railroad bridge which runs next to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese is not directly shown. If you look above the Super Highway complex, you will see a fairly thin road. That is the ramp to the exit / entrance.

[Color, right]

This area and the area to the right not shown is the long range target for which so much destruction is being inflicted on the Charles River and the Cambridge side of the Charles River, to facilitate the relocation of the very large Harvard Medical School complex for the long term expansion of the Harvard Medical Area hospitals. Exactly which will go where in replacing Harvard’s off ramps and railroad yard is not know. The first part of the complex, the Harvard School of Public Health, is admitted to being moved to Western Avenue as part of the first stage of empire building in the Allston neighborhood of Boston.