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Charles River, MA: Magazine Beach Playing Fields Destruction, Council report part 3, sections 4 to 6, Starvation Wall, Use of Poisons, Some Dead Trees

Charles River, MA:   Magazine Beach Playing Fields Destruction, Council report part 3, sections 4 to 6, Starvation Wall, Use of Poisons, Some Dead Trees

I. Introductory.
II. Repeats.
(1) Fraudulent Presentations, Heartless Animal Abuse, Poisons, and flat out fraud.
(2) Index to Maps.
III. Main New Material.
4. Southern Edge of Playing Fields.
5. The Starvation Wall.
6. The middle of the playing fields.  Poison usage.  Drainage for poisons that should not be used.

I. Introductory.

This is the third report in a series presenting on the Internet a report delivered to the Cambridge, MA, USA City Manager on June 6, 2017, and to the Cambridge, MA, USA by way of the City Clerk at the City Council meeting of June 12, 2017..

This portion of the Internet transcription presents our third package of detailed photos of the destruction.  We are proceeding from east to west.  This segment presents destruction existing, planned, and intended to be expanded at the playing fields of Magazine Beach in the area from those playing fields to the Charles River.

The trees being destroyed in this segment are truly dead and dying.  They are part of the small minority which fraudulent words claim justify the destruction of 54 trees.  But the situation gets much worse because Cambridge, MA, USA would continue the very terrible situation in the area in question, ON THE BANKS OF THE CHARLES RIVER:

(1) Since the 2000s, this area has been subjected to use of poisons WHICH HAVE FAILED, to the extent they have any business on the banks of the Charles River in the first place.  The plans the Cambridge City Council wants to subsidize would replace failed poison drinking grass with new poison drinking grass and would expand the use of poisons; and

(2) The project would continue a bizarre Starvation Wall of introduced bushes which has no meaningful value except to keep the popular Charles River White Geese from their home and food of most of the last 36 years by walling off the Magazine Beach playing fields from the Charles River.  The bizarre wall is admitted to be a failure.  The portion of Magazine Beach nearest the Charles River is now a pariah to visitors because of the bizarre wall blocking view of the river.

When Cambridge and the state bureaucrats installed this bizarre wall, they said they were creating a lawn to the river.  One of their fake groups conducted a swim in to celebrate the lawn to the river.

Now the local fake group’s mantra is to tell people not to look at what they are doing, except that “somebody” put the words “dead and dying” into the City Council motion as justification for funds, and the City Council motion fights for but the does not mention, the continuation of the poisons and the starvation wall.

The first on line segment of our report, Part 1, The Summary, 6/10/17, is posted at

The Second on line segment, Part 2, “Dead and Dying” reality of Magazine Beach, Early History of the Outrages.

Magazine Beach is west of the BU Bridge on the Charles River.  You can also look at THE MOST RECENT PART OF the record of these terrible people.  The hundreds of trees plus animal habitat they have destroyed east of the BU Bridge on the Charles River is presented in our video on line at  The reality of their “improvements” after the destruction East of the BU Bridge is presented at

II. Repeats.

(1) Fraudulent Presentations, Heartless Animal Abuse, Poisons, and Flat out Fraud.

The original presentation in the introduction to part 1 is excellent, but it is so long that it would be silly to repeat it here.  The original summary is posted at:

At the same time, the analyses of Cambridge corruption presented in the following reports is of great value.

Charles River:   Con Game fights for Destruction:

Charles River:   Trust Cambridge, MA. USA’s Development Dept.?:

(2) Index to Maps.

III. Main New Material.

This section continues to use the numbering in the 51 page letter to the Cambridge City Manager and Cambridge City Council from which this material is derived.  It has been edited to change reference language to conform to difference in presentation from hard copy to Blog.

4. Southern Edge of Playing Fields.

A. Maps.

These three trees, all apparently planted in the 2000s outrage definitely look dead.  Their existence, contrary to the sales pitch, does not justify destroying the 54 trees supported by order 1.

C. Photos.

Below are individual pictures.  All were clearly planted in the 2000s outrage.

Below is a group picture.

One tree is in the foreground.  One is skinny and to the right, a sort of a bean pole in front of the right bush.  The third is visible over the bushes.

These three and the two dead near the sidewalk make five dead or dying trees.

That is not grounds to destroy 54.

5. The Starvation Wall.

A. Maps.

B. Analysis.

Section 1F, above, succinctly summarizes a major part of the problem.

The DCR admits that the Starvation Wall introduced by Cambridge and the DCR in the 2000s is a failure to the extent it has any purpose except heartless animal abuse, deliberately starving the Charles River White Geese by keeping them from their food and home of most of the last 36 years.

The key lie in the establishment of this 16 foot high wall of introduced vegetation was in the Charles River “Master Plan,” which promised a lawn to the river.  The promise of a lawn to the river was amended after the fact.  During the planning on the Charles River, the DCR constantly demanded nothing but water related activities on the Charles River.  So the DCR and Cambridge turned the Playing Fields by this wall into an area which might as well be ten miles from any body of water whatsoever.

The DCR admits that people do not use the area next to the Starvation Wall because it is so foreboding.  The DCR promises to temporarily trim the wall so that the Charles River can be seen.  The key to the lie is that the DCR DOES NOT MAINTAIN ITS PROPERTY.  If the DCR maintained its property, this wall would not be 16 feet higher OR MORE.  The DCR did not use “temporarily” in its promise.  I live in reality.

The falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” gave another excuse for the Starvation Wall.  They conducted a swim in to brag that it would improved swimming in the Charles River.  Since people are kept from access to the Charles River, the “swimming” argument was a big a lie as calling this entity a “Conservancy.”  To my knowledge, the entity has routinely rubber stamped whatever outrage the DCR is fighting for.

The responsible thing to do is to remove the Starvation Wall down TO THE ROOTS, AND TRASH THE ENTIRE THING.  The DCR claims it cannot do this.  Looking at the destruction of hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges with the removal of massive amounts of dirt, this latest claim is obviously just another flat out lie.  The results of massive dirt removal is shown in “Nature and Beauty . . ,” link below.

Please see our videos for detailed proof of this latest flat out lie:   “The Destruction of Memorial Drive . . . Final Cut” may be viewed at  The City Council and City Manager have been provided one DVD record copy each and each member of the City Council has been provided his / her individual copy.  For prove of the flat out lie in claimed “improvements,” please see our video “Nature and Beauty Ripped out along the Charles River” at

C. Photos.

Here are file photos showing this outrage.

Here is a view from the Boston side in 2011.  The Starvation Wall has only gotten worse.

The Charles River White Geese, during the initially implementation of this outrage had the nerve to go through the opening as it then existed and FEED.  Going through the opening was taken care of with massive construction of bushes ONLY in such a location as to prevent the Charles River White Geese from getting to food.  The land side of the only opening in the Starvation Wall.

My notes on this photo read “2012?”.

The only opening in this introduced Starvation Wall may properly be understood in comparison to this adult woman standing in it.  This photo, also, was taken years ago.  The introduced Starvation Wall has grown and grown.

And here are some photos from May 2017.

Remember, this introduced 16 foot or higher wall of bushes

It was promised to be a LAWN TO THE RIVER.

Order 1 of April 24, 2017 continues the existence of this outrage WHILE FUNDING MASSIVE ADDITIONAL DESTRUCTION.

6. The middle of the playing fields.  Poison usage.  Drainage for poisons that should not be used.

A. Maps.

The first map combines cuts from 3 masters.

At the top, bottom half, is the western introduced drainage area to drain off poisons which should not be there in the first place.

Below the photo of this introduced drainage area is a playing field segment connected by a throat to the main playing field.

To the right of this playing field segment is the east drainage area to drain off poisons which should not be there in the first place.

The third photo fills in the playing field area.

These areas are clearer in the colored plan.

B. Photos.

(1) Poison on the banks of the Charles River fails.  So they want more poisons.

In the middle of the playing fields are excellent examples of the folly of poisons.

What is the solution for poison drinking grass which has failed?  According to the DCR and the Development Department, the solution is to put in more poison drinking grass, and expand the poison drinking grass to the top of the hill, expand it to behind the pool; expand it to the area where Cambridge and the DCR have already destroyed hundreds of trees east of the BU Bridge.  Expand the poison drinking grass in place of SUCCESSFUL, RESPONSIBLE grass which has survived the better part of a Century.

Why?  The DCR loves poisons, and contractors get paid to put in poisons.  Make work for contractors.

Responsible maintenance does not make money for contractors.  Installation of poisons do make money for contractors.

Responsible behavior is to get rid of all the poisons and to make Magazine Beach clean, as it was for the better part of a century before the Outrages of the 2000s by the DCR and Cambridge.

B. Fancy Drainage System to drain off poisons which should not be used in the first place.

And here, they paid contractors to put in a fancy drainage system to drain off poisons they should not be using on the banks of the Charles.

The contractors are happy.  What else matters?

Responsible behavior would be not to use poisons on the banks of the Charles River.

And Cambridge has a controlled fake protective group which has indulged in corrupt behavior to get things through AFTER LOSING WHEN THEY PRESENTED THEIR IDEAS TO THE PUBLIC.  This is a soft touch for make work for contractors.

By contrast, the trees planned to be destroyed next to the private Boat House in the western part of the Magazine Beach Reservation got pulled off the list.  The people in the private Boat House who would be hurt by that tree destruction are not controlled.

The official City Council record of this report is posted at, page 198

PDF copies of the filing may be obtained from