Thursday, January 04, 2007

DCR Policy Under "Review" Disappears

Bob La Trémouille Reports:

The Department of Conservation and Recreation was created by combining the old and striking bad Metropolitan District Commission with its counterpart for the rest of the state.

As Governor Mitt Romney leaves Massachusetts in search of a promotion, the creation of this department has been touted as one of Romney's big victories.

Trouble is that half of the group had a good reputation and half had a terrible reputation. The MDC's Planning Department was flatly and simply horrible if you are concerned about the environment or about the rapidly diminishing stock of free animals in our world.

That Planning Department is the brains (?) of the DCR. The DCR is terrible.

A few days ago, the DCR announced a Policy on Historic Parkways which it was putting up for comment. Comments were required by January 12.

One very major problem with the policy is that it does not seem to exist on the Internet any more.

The URL was: I got into it yesterday or the day before and printed out the proposal. I just went after it again and got a very clear equivalent of "Does not compute."

The reality is that the DCR and its replacement does a lot of lying. They do very the types from Flat out Lying to Euphemisms which are the Equivalent of a Lie to a whole bunch of other characteristics, and this nonsense fit the character.

The various outrages on Memorial Drive are excellent examples of the belligerent lying of these folks.

They spent four years denying any intent to harm the Charles River White Geese. In September 2004, they / Cambridge simultaneously walled off the entire 25 years established food of the Charles River White Geese, both the grass across from the Hyatt Hotel and the grass at Magazine Beach. Corsi, the key guy, explained in a public meeting that starving them was not harming them.

The work at Magazine Beach is lie after lie after lie.

First of all the starvation factor.

Secondly, the started the project with a show and tell on swimming on the Charles River. Got some excellent photos as a result.

But they are preventing swimming in the Charles River with the project. They have replaced wetlands and animal habitat with a bizarre wall of designer bushes which block access to the Charles from Magazine Beach.

Thirdly, the designer bushes were described with the flat out lie of "native vegetation." The bushes were not fit to live on the Charles River and did an awful lot of dying.

You name a euphemism and it is almost certain the MDC will use it with secret definitions that it does not tell anybody about.

We have a new governor. It would say a lot if a whole bunch of people got fired who are responsible for this continuing outrage on the Charles River, along with killing the various bizarre projects, and thus fitting the majority of people in the poll they took who said that nothing needs to be done to improve the Charles River.

It is highly unlikely that decency will prevail on the Charles River.

I see a lot of people in the middle of the destruction who sure look like Patrick people.