Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DCR starts new destruction on the Charles. Cambridge Machine activist sheds tears.

0. Introduction.
0.0 Reality and a destructive government.
1. Distressed report.
2. Kathy Podgers.
3. My response, 10/14/14 at 11:23 am.
4. Summary.


0. Introduction.

The first bad report of new destruction on the Charles River follows.

I would be pleased to work with HONORABLE people to protect the Charles River, individually and as chair of Friends of the White Geese.

The most important factor is to keep activists in the Cambridge Machine out of any and all efforts.

Past experience has shown the folly of trusting destructive people and fools.

The game of the Cambridge Machine is to control concerned people and to destroy their goals from within.  This is the standard tactic of the Cambridge Machine to achieve the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

And the person with the pious report is part of the package.

It most definitely is not too late.

But the con will be the contents of the last sentence in the tear jerking.

The most important thing is to recognize that every member of the Cambridge City Council is a proven enemy, to hold their feet to the fires of reality, and see if real exposure of their vileness converts them to the position they claim to stand for.

Discussion with members of the Cambridge delegation and communication to the Governor would be of value.

Decker, who received a copy of initial report, was one of the two most destructive members of the Cambridge City Council when she sat on it.

As far as contact with various people appointed by the Cambridge City Manager with lovely titles goes, Malvina Monteiro v City of Cambridge says everything that needs to be said.

Her life was destroyed because she stood up to what she considered destructive behavior of the City of Cambridge.

Judge, jury and appeals court panel gave the Cambridge City Council full power to fire Healy.  The Cambridge City Council saw nothing wrong with his behavior.

Judicial communications of “Reprehensible”, “Ample evidence of . . .outrageous misbehavior” and triple penal damages says everything that need be said of the dangers which exist for people who stand up for decency who have been appointed by the City of Cambridge.

0.0 Reality and a destructive government.

These are some of the trees Cambridge and its friends are fighting to destroy on the Charles River.

The first two pictures are in and out of season shots of the excellent and doomed grove at the Memorial Drive split.  The third photo is of the magnificent and doomed tree overwhelming the ghetto without food to which the 33 year resident Charles River White Geese are confined.

The individual tree is much more like the normal size of the doomed trees than are the trees in the grove.  The excellence of the grove clearly makes the grouping stand out.  The larger, normal sized, doomed trees are otherwise impossible to meaningfully photo because of inability to get proper angles.

1. Distressed report.

[I censored this person’s comment assisting in the destruction at Alewife while making pious noises of concern.]

Today running by the Charles, I encountered DCR trucks out cutting large limbs and even trunks of trees.. I asked why? And the man said it was for the regatta to have better views!!

Surely the life of trees and their contribution to our well being should trump some views.

Anything to do?

Too late??

Mourn and stop it for the future??

2. Kathy Podgers.

Indeed, I am sad at continued destruction of habitat along Memorial Drive. Although Bob La Tremoulle has been raising this issue for years, and [censoring favorable reference to bad guy who turned coat], and in spite of my videos about this and appeal to Gov Patrick, few here in Cambridgeport seem to care. It appears that those environmentalists who choose bikes over cars, prefer a view of the river as they ride to treas, and the wildlife that seek safe harbour within.
We have tried to raise consciousness with the Cambridge City Council, The Conservation Commission and even the Historic Preservation folks, all to no avail.
Take care, your neighbour, Kathy

3. My response, 10/14/14 at 11:23 am.

This is no surprise.

The main purpose of the fake neighborhood association with its fake protection of the Charles River is to achieve ALL destruction that Cambridge and the DCR want.

This is the reason behind the censorship of reality in the meetings, the corrupt vote of April 23, 2013, and the stacked agendas.

The "Cambridge Neighborhood Association" and its related frauds are a big, destructive lies.

4. Summary.

It is entirely possible that there are a lot of people associated with the fake groups who have been fooled.  The trouble is that it is impossible to tell the difference in these groups.

The fight to destroy Alewife could include no visible member who has been other than conned.  The recent fights to restore Rent Control almost certainly include no visible member who has been other than conned because their petitions included one key provision which stabbed their cause in the back.

This Cambridge, MA, USA, a really rotten political structure..