Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The City of Cambridge, MA on the Handicapped

Posted by Kathy Podgers on the ListServe on April 28, 2014:


Sadly, years ago I requested a dedicated HP parking space at Dana park. The City refused, stating there was plenty of on street parking available. Now it would seem that dedicated bike parking has been allowed, while still no Dana park HP parking space.

One of the consequences of our City refusing to implement full compliance with Title Two of the Civil Rights Act of 1990, aka the Americans With Disabilities Act is that we must continue to enforce our Civil Rights by filing complaints against the City and their agents.

If the City provided access to those who use bikes at City parks, but refuses to provide access to those who need HP parking, that is considered discrimination against PWDs. A few people with outspoken opinions may claim that is not the case, but it is, and I have filed complaints against the City, and advocated for the City to voluntarily comply with the Act that requires Cities to actively seek to provide access to PWDs. Our City continues to wallow in serious non compliance, and procrastinates until a PWD complains. Is this what it means to be a 'progressive' City.

Until our City addresses the needs of PWDs in a meaningful and lawful way, I urge all those who qualify for a dedicated HP space to apply for one. It should now be obvious why we need this.

take care, your neighbour,

Kathy Podgers
Trained Community Access Monitor
617 642 3154


Please also notice Kathy’s appearance on my CCTV show, posted by a friend, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyKlZ8eO2Xs.

I invited Kathy after I noticed the great distress her guide dog was experiencing. She was checking out police compliance on handicapped matters. She says a cop sicced a dog on her dog in the lobby of the police station. Through some “coincidence” the tape was not put in the lobby camera that day. Fascinating coincidences.

This is the longer of two posts my friend put up. The other has 2471 hits.