Thursday, February 18, 2021

MIT’s stalking horse on Cambridge’s Grand Junction presented to the Cambridge City Council

 MIT’s stalking horse on Cambridge’s Grand Junction presented to the Cambridge City Council

I have done two detailed reports on the destructive con game going on on the Grand Junction.  

So far, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, MassDOT, has been protecting lovers of the Charles River and of Cambridge from the machinations of destructive and hypocritical Cambridge institutions and the Cambridge City Council.  My reports on line and on the email list have helped provide key information, but it has not been in one place before.

On February 16, 2021, I mailed to the Cambridge City Council and City Manager my hard copy combination of the reports with improvements.  Hard copy is much better than the other media to emphasize the graphics and communicate the reality.  It will officially be in front of the Cambridge City Council at one of its next two meetings, depending on the level to which Trump’s appointee has sabotaged the Postal System.

The beautiful combined report has been posted on the Charles River White Geese page and included in our index of important documents with links at

The prior detailed blog versions of which this is an improved consolidation are on line at:

Part 1 is at:; and

Part 2 is at:

Reality is that the “bike path” / whatever euphemism is being used this week is a stalking horse for an updated “Inner Belt” highway which Cambridge activists defeated 50 years ago.  The Powers That Be are, as usual, using whatever con game works.

Great detail is now in the consolidated letter.  Our analysis benefits greatly from drone videos, along with a key map from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT.

Here are two key stills from the many drone stills in the report, which includes proper citation, and am attaching MIT’s tell all map.  

The combination destroys the lies being passed on to well meaning people,  whether knowing by any particular bureaucrats or not.  The stills show 

1. where the updated “Inner Belt” is proposed to be connected to I90, followed by the key widening of the Grand Junction railroad bridge using the latest con game as an excuse; and 

2. show three key highway equivalents in Cambridge of which the Grand Junction is the key

and I strongly appreciate the value being provided by MIT’s key map.

Also included in the combination are a lot of maps from the Cambridge Development Department and I go through the key omission, CORRECTED BY MIT, by which the Powers That Be are hoping to con well intended people into it.

I also provide the alternatives by which the con game being promised can be delivered in a beneficial way to the victims of the con game WITHOUT THE OUTRAGE that the Powers That Be are fighting for.

Details are in the City Council / City Manager letter posted on the Charles River White Geese page.  Our letter is a nice job.  It will also wind up in the official record of one of the next two City Council meetings, but going to our link is now and will continue to be a much simpler way to access it.