Thursday, January 19, 2012

Former Governor’s name misused by Environmental Destroyers?

It is very difficult for well meaning people to do business with the environmental destroyers floating around the Charles River and related target areas.

I have just gotten yet another communication from the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” that a former governor chaired one of their gatherings concerning their highway proposal in the Charles River and on its banks.

A number of key questions:

1. Was the former governor informed that the name of the organization, Charles River “Conservancy”, is a blatant lie because their aggressive destructive behavior is anything but the behavior of a “Conservancy”?

2. Was the former government informed that the state Department of Transportation (MassDOT) along with the Department of Conservation and Recreation have condemned their highway proposal for being environmentally destructive?

3. Was the former governors informed of the heartless animal abuse, particularly toward the Charles River White Geese, which is part of the proposal and a continuation of past attacks by the same people?

4. Was the former governor informed that the proposal includes destruction of hundreds of healthy, excellent trees?

5. Was the former governor informed of the decimation of the excellent 104 tree grove of trees at the Memorial Drive split which is part of their highway plan?

6. Was the former governor informed that the highway on the Boston side which their highway proposal duplicates has signs up warning people of muggings and rapes if people use that highway at night?

7. Was the former governor informed that the DCR

A. Has tried to get Obama moneys for the destruction of many of the same trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge;

B. That the DCR lied that all the trees they are destroying are sickly;

C. That the DCR’s filings with the City of Cambridge proved the sickly statements to be a flat out lies;

D. That the Cambridge filings, the proof of the flat out lie, was given to Governor Patrick;

E. And that the DCR does not seem to have gotten the Obama moneys for the tree destruction.

8. There have to be a whole bunch of other concepts relevant, but I think this is enough.

Key in the environmental destruction on the Charles and related areas is gross misbehavior by the people fighting for the destruction because, if they are honest, decent people will not work with them.

Nothing new here. Sounds like a former governor got conned by an entity flying under a false name seeking environmental destruction and working through key omissions.

I consider this pattern lying. I have seen too much of it, and I sympathize with the former governor. I strongly respect him. He should not be abused in this manner.

Boston University on BU Bridge Traffic Rearrangement

Archie Mazmanian reports:

Here's link to a BU Today feature: "BU Bridge Project Nearly Finished - Two new lane configurations being tested"

providing diagrams of such configurations. Let's hope that winter weather does not cover the lane markings.

[Note: This was brought to my attention by a notice from the Cottage Farm Neighborhood Association.]

ED: We have done a series on this rearrangement. The most recent, with a summary of prior links may be read at: