Friday, February 03, 2017

Charles River, and Charles River White Geese, Brief Update.

Charles River, and Charles River White Geese, Brief Update.

I have pretty much been forced to look at the situation on the Blog, and I do not like my extended absence.

I have been suffering from, hospitalized for and am recovering from pneumonia.  That has put me in a position where I have not been able to do any reporting.  To make it worse, I really should not be making this post.

I have produced a number of posts in recent months going into the rot which is politics in Cambridge, MA.  Over the years, I have preferred to concentrate on the really terrible governments in the City of Cambridge and in the regional government which attacks the Charles River, but the situation degenerated to such an extent that I just could not ignore the corrupt political situation in Cambridge by which these terrible things are accomplished.

Most recently, I have gone into the attacks on commuting access to Cambridge over the Charles River as they have evolved in the State planning for the rearrangement of I90 (Mass. Pike) on the Boston side of the Charles River.

It is my understanding, insofar as my physical condition has allowed my understanding of what is going on, that the machine which dominates Cambridge politics is ramping its attacks up with apparent intent to do real harm, as usual, claiming the opposite.

The Machine has suddenly gotten interested in and “opposed to” the closing of access to Cambridge by that off ramp from Soldiers Field Road to the River Street Bridge, the next bridge west of the BU Bridge.

When the Machine suddenly makes responsible noises, look out.  It has a dramatic record of achieving the opposite of what it claims to stand for.  It sounds great and ropes well meaning people into stabbing themselves in the back.

So, suddenly, I see people, responsible and otherwise, opposing the killing of that off ramp.

The fine print is the same destructiveness by which these terrible people who destroyed hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive and are fighting to expand the outrage to the area which extends from the unspoiled wood between the BU Boathouse and the Grand Junction railroad, on the east (core goose habitat) and on the west the (no surprise) the River Street Bridge.

The spiel appears to sound oh so saintly, as usual.  The reality is fine print which fights to destroy the Boston bank of the Charles River in the area, combined with making things even worse on the Cambridge side.

This is Standard pitch.  This is how a fraud has done so much environmental harm to the City of Cambridge over the past 42 years.  They always mean so well, and they have been distressingly consistent at achieving the opposite of what they claim to stand for.

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