Friday, May 31, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA’s Next Targets: Cambridge Common, Flagstaff Park, Harvard Square - Prequil

The big disadvantage decent people have dealing with the corrupt situation in Cambridge, MA, is that honesty puts you at a disadvantage. You try to be accurate but you are faced with obfuscation at best, and a long pattern of belligerent corrupt tactics.

I have been working on photos to communicate Cambridge’s plans for massive tree destruction on the Cambridge Common, Flagstaff Park and in Harvard Square for the past week. I took them over a three day period about a week ago.

The destruction is even more irresponsible than that targeting Kendall Square - Longfellow Bridge. The destruction is less massive than the stuff the Cambridge Machine and its fake groups are targeting on Memorial Drive between the Longfellow Bridge and the BU Bridge.

Let us put it succinctly.

The City of Cambridge admits to plans to destroy 22 trees on the Cambridge Common because they block the view.

The Cambridge City Manager is belligerent about his right to lie through omission. He brags about a supposed right to hide massive destruction by bragging about what is coming in, including all those saplings. He demands that decent human beings cross examine him and go through major efforts to catch the destruction he is lying about through omission.

The Cambridge City Council has placed the tree destruction in this project at 100 trees. The Cambridge City Council voted to mark those trees to give the voters a chance to object. In my photo studies, I saw no marked trees. After this vote, the City Council was scheduled to take a walk through.

The destruction have is extremely irresponsible. Could the Cambridge City Council simply have agreed to join the Cambridge City Manager in lying through omission?

Then blame their voters calling it the voters duty to keep the Cambridge City Council from environmental destruction? The final vote was unanimous, including every fake who gets elected lying he / she is an environmentalist.

In any case, this is a preliminary report showing, in general, major areas possibly threatened. I will follow with more detail in the next few days, after studying the matter further.

Cambridge Common.

[05-27, Common; 08 60 Common]

Flagstaff Park.

[05-27, Common; 22 76, Flagstaff Park]

West View.

[05-27, Common; 02 54, Flagstaff Park]

East View

Excellent traffic island in the heart of Harvard Square immediately south of Flagstaff Park.

[05-27, Common; 01 53 Traffic Island]