Monday, September 13, 2010

Op ed on proposed sign ordinance changes compared to environmentalism.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The following letter to the editor by me was printed on line by the Cambridge Chronicle on September 13, 2010, under the heading “Cambridge Sign op-ed ‘Refreshingly Well Written’”.

It was printed in the hard copy on September 17, 2010, page 12, the editorial page. It was the middle of only three letters printed, all on the editorial page, same title. An op ed was printed two pages later. Very nice handling.

I note in brackets a typo deleted by the editor. I appreciate the correction.

Cambridge Chronicle

The oped you printed opposing the proposed sign ordinance amendments was refreshingly well written and thought out.

The arguments I have been seeing more commonly are highly misleading.

Opposing this zoning change has been branded as “defending” the Charles River.

These self-proclaimed defenders of the Charles River certainly look like the same old environmentally destructive group, and they certainly look like they are playing yet another con game.

Loudly calling themselves “environmentalists” for initiatives which distract from their environmental destruction.

The same old group has no problems with destroying hundreds of trees on the Charles River. This group has no problems with poisons being dumped on Magazine Beach. This group has no problems with the ongoing killing off of all resident animals on the first ten miles of the Charles River. This group has no problems with decreasing the size of Magazine Beach to drain off poisons which should not be dumped there in the first place. This group has no problems with walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River with bizarre introduced bushes which have no business on the Charles River. This group has no problems with heartless animal abuse inflicted on the Charles River White Geese as part of the long series of bizarre projects on the Charles River.

But they sure do[ing] run around praising their supposed defense of the Charles River.

Thank you to the writer for a well written, informative piece.

And thanks to the writer for not making her oped part of the non stop con games in which environmental destroyers try to fool people into looking away from the Charles River and their destruction of the Charles River.

It takes reality to be an environmentalist, not shell games. In Cambridge, altogether too often, we get shell games.

Medeiros Oddity in Appellate Docket

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I anticipate there is some sort of computer problem, but I just did a search of the appellate court docket for “Medeiros” filed in “2010" as I have many times.

I get Edmund and Steven. No Malvina Monteiros came up after repeated tries.

Drug Dealing at Magazine Beach Playground

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The following email was sent to a neighborhood listserve on Saturday, September 11.

It is reprinted with permission:


I just wanted to let folks know that my school-aged kids saw an apparent drug deal in the playground at Magazine Beach yesterday afternoon. They saw two adults, one waiting for the other. Money was exchanged for a snack-sized baggy containing green material.

I find this very disturbing, especially since it was across the street from Morse School, just around when school was going to be let out, and lots of kids use Magazine Beach. I did call the cops at the time and described the guys to them. Is there anything we can do to increase police presence around our parks and schools? This is not the kind of education I want my kids to have!

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