Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monstrous building on Nonantum Road, update on meeting report

This replaces an earlier post. I got a bit confused as to attributions.

Kathy Podgers has responded to my posting announcing the Nonantum meeting on the Cambridgeport listserve.

The relevant part of my original posting on the listserve read:

Nonantum Road is yet another name for Storrow Drive / Soldiers Field Road. Nonantum Road starts after the rotary after the Soldiers Field Road Staples. I assume Community Rowing Boathouse is the monstrous new structure a little bit further to the west.

There were comments by some confused people or worse.

Kathy’s responses to the confused people were:

1. The Charles River Estuary has been under assault for decades. It is no wonder some do not understand how development along Mother Nature's masterpiece is Monsterous to those who value wildlife habitat over Architectural awards and other ego stroking hubris.

2. All over the world, migrating waterfowl have been settling down on 'controlled' rivers due to extensive ongoing habitat loss, caused by both human incursion into wetlands due to over-development and climate change.

The melting of the tundra results in seasonal lakes not forming in the north, and in the south some 50% of wetlands habitat has vanished. Closer, to Boston, the preserve on long island has lost 24% of habitat that hosted migrating waterfowl.

While I know that many have eschewed religious morals, I still believe we have a duty to protect the precious waterfowl, and other wildlife that seek refuge fron the storm of climate change, and I do not see wildlife as monstrous at all.

I see it as Mother Nature's gift of life.

Thank goodness.


Thank you Kathy.