Saturday, February 12, 2011

Boston Globe on Cambridge City Manager: Failed Fiscal Savvy

An excellent article on the Cambridge City Manager including the Monteiro outrage appears at This is “Failed Fiscal Savvy,” by Adrian Walker, from the February 12, 2011.

As usual, the Cambridge City Council does not want to know what it is doing, but do not forget that they keep telling you that they are Holier than Thou on Civil Rights (and the environment), and they are lying.

Thank you to Archie Mazmanian for the tip.

Major Danger on the Charles River — A committee proposed to organize destruction

The most destructive non-governmental entity on the Charles River is the so-called Charles River Conservancy, a non profit with a lot of developer money behind it, and a very strong and destructive developer mentality.

They have publicly supported the following legislation, and this is a quote from their newsletter:


An Act Establishing a Charles River Parkways and Parklands Commission
Sponsored by Representative Marty Walz, this bill grew out of Fred Salvucci's presentation at the Conservancy's 10th Anniversary Luncheon this past summer, where he spoke on ways to transform the urban parkways and bridges to accomodate today's walking and biking commuters and recreation enthusiasts. This bill also seeks to improve the parkland experience and waterfront access for non-motorized users. (HD #02827)


The translation is Destroy, Destroy, Destroy.

Walz has a terrible record. She fits the Charles River Conservancy very well.

It is guaranteed that the people appointed will be the same people who are keeping the very destructive Cambridge City Council, Walz, and the Charles River Conservancy doing their terrible things.