Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Con Games: How environmental destroyers lie in the City of Cambridge, MA, USA

1. Comment posted.
2. Response (apparently censored I have problems understanding that).
3. Summary.

1. Comment posted.

There is a nasty weed that is found everywhere in Cambridge, and up and down the East Coast for that matter, and it is called Black Swallow-wort.
This weed is non-native (from England!) and is crowding out native vegetation that birds depend on for food.
It is also leading to the extinction of the Monarch butterfly (explanation below).
If you see any BSW growing on your fence, your neighbor's fence, or in any garden bed, field, open space, etc., please pull off the pods whenever and wherever you see them and put the pods in a secure plastic bag. Do not put in the yard waste and do not throw them loosely in your trash bin. The seeds live 10 years in the soil. They are just about ready to burst and might look like milkweed to Monarch butterflies. See attachment for description. On the other hand, if you have milkweed growing in your garden, you should let it be. That is, if you want to save the Monarch.

2. Response (apparently censored I have problems understanding that).

There is a much more destructive problem in the City of Cambridge. It is the City of Cambridge and its friends and their destructiveness.

Cambridge and its friends have destroyed acres of the publicly owned Alewife Reservation and seem poised to destroy the rest.

Cambridge is destroying 22 trees on the Cambridge Common, most because they "block" the view.

Cambridge and its friends are fighting to destroy hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive, have destroyed a significant part of the Magazine Beach playing fields, walling them off from the Charles River, and dumping poisons to keep alive sickly introduced grasses.

And corrupt practices are being used to expand destruction.

One of the most important corrupt practices is for destroyers to lie that they are protecting the environment and use blatant corrupt tactics to expand existing destruction.

There are very major problems. Heartless abuse of long time resident birds on the Charles is flaunted and bragged about.

Look in a mirror. Change to the side you claim to be on, undo the existing outrages and stop the coming outrages.

3. Summary.

This is part of the standard con game from the Cambridge Machine, non stop piety with maximum impact on the audience and minimal value to the environment they are destroying. Destroy, destroy, destroy as fast as possible and go back to the non stop piety.

I am not going to go into this woman’s record. To put it succinctly, the record is quite bad.

One minor edit on my response. I omitted the last sentence of her post, telling people to look at the bad guys website for how to protect the world.

The “native” comment is typical hypocrisy. The destruction at Magazine Beach in particular is that of destroying native vegetation and animal residents, then introducing sickly vegetation which has no business there and needs poisons to survive. So they dump their native (?) poisons, and then destroy playing fields to drain off poisons which should not be there in the first place. Then they yell about things which make them look like decent human beings, rather than the destructive hypocrites they have proven themselves to be.

I was being nice. I omitted a lot of destructiveness. The Longfellow Bridge is part of the omissions but there is a lot more I omitted. I could keep going, and going, and going.