Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Outrage on the Cambridge Common: One of the Guilty seems to be Running Scared

Outrage on the Cambridge Common: One of the Guilty seems to be Running Scared

Fascinating email came this afternoon from a friend of Cambridge City Councilor Craig Kelley, an “environmentalist”, Cambridge style, simple translation into English: a fake.

The communication concerned the imminent outrage of destruction of excellent, healthy trees on the Cambridge Common.  The destruction is so irresponsible it is silly to consider it anything less than make work for contractors.

The bizarre explanation is that some of these excellent trees block the view of a monument.

The basic gist of the email from Kelley’s friend was that maybe the City Manager can be prevailed upon to not destroy some of the trees in this outrage.

The pitch was to give the impression that Craig Kelley is different from the rest of the Cambridge City Council, and, of course, blame the City Manager for the vileness of the Cambridge City Council.

One of many things not mentioned was the fact that the City Council passed a motion a few weeks ago WITHOUT objection asking the City Manager, using indirection, of course, why he had not destroyed these excellent trees and telling him to go forward post haste.

My response to Kelley’s friend pointed out that Kelley voted for the destruction, and thus is guilty, guilty, guilty.

My response pointed out that I sent a letter of objection with photographs that was entered into the formal city council communications.

That letter is included in my YouTube post at http://youtu.be/ FgQ9ojVuMxM.

The post puts on YouTube one of the many analyses on cable I have devoted to this outrage, but it includes documentary proof the vileness of even the new councilors.

The new councilors, unlike the allegedly holy Kelley, did not directly vote for the destruction.  They were, however, very clearly informed of a true outrage.  You keep quiet about the occurrence of an outrage when you can do something about it, you are guilty, guilty.

Cambridge has nine environmentally vile City Councilors, out of nine members.

The nine environmentally vile city councilors are proving their vileness on the Cambridge Common this week.