Wednesday, March 24, 2021

City of Cambridge Government Outrages Multiply concerning the Charles River and the Grand Junction

 City of Cambridge Government Outrages Multiply concerning the Charles River and the Grand Junction

Monday night, March 22, 2021, I signed up in a timely manner to speak by ZOOM to the Cambridge City Council on City Manager’s communication 2, funds supposedly to repair the flood of algae on the Charles River.  

I was not recognized to speak by the chair, although she acknowledge three sign ups and allowed one member of the public to speak.

The chair said that any other people who wanted to speak should sign up on line.  I attempted to sign up on line AGAIN and was faced with a window that said signing up was closed, in spite of the fact that there was 15 or 20 minutes left to sign up before 6 pm, the deadline.

I have since sent express mail, return receipt requested a more detailed analysis of my intended comments to the City Clerk for presentation to the City Council as a communication at its next meeting.

An early draft of the letter is posted on the Charles River White Geese blog at  I would be pleased to provide a PDF of the final draft to anybody who wishes to receive it.  Please contact me at

The short of it is that the poisoning of the Charles River is the direct result of malfeasance by the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Cambridge City Council, acting through an “activist” who has since been funded by the Cambridge City Council to take initial steps toward the destruction of the admittedly excellent grove next to the DCR Magazine Beach Swimming Pool across from the MicroCenter Parking Lot.

This is part of the ongoing destruction of 60 or more mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach by the DCR and the Cambridge City Council with that same “activist” lying that no trees are being destroyed.  Details of that destruction are posted on the web page Charles River White Geese at  This communication has been repeatedly provided to the Cambridge City Council.

It follows on the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive by the DCR with silence by the Cambridge City Council which can only be interpreted as consent.  He who is silent in circumstances which call for outrage consents.  

That outrage is dramatically presented by my video at  

Three key city council communications are connected on the Charles River White Geese web page as the first three postings at  There have been major recent problems in getting communications properly posted in the official City Council record.

Here are photos: 

(1) of the rerouting of poisons from the Magazine Beach playing fields to the Charles River, 

(2) algae created (Phil Barber Photo); 

(3) a drone photo of the excellent grove being destroyed at the Magazine Beach Pool, across from the MicroCenter Parking Lot (source:  “From Cambridge to Boston with the DJ Inspire 1 Drone footage,”, minute 2:33); 


(4) my photo from the ground of the excellent doomed grove.  

This destruction is only part of the ongoing outrage on the Charles River and up the Grand Junction.