Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Report on Conditions at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

I was at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese at dusk today, January 24.

All of the staging was gone from under Memorial Drive. No offices, no vehicles, nothing was left THERE.

There were three vehicles left in the Destroyed Nesting Area east of the BU Bridge in Cambridge. One small truck was left next to the BU Bridge in the northern portion of the cleared land. There were two other small vehicles all the way in at the eastern end of the northern area, the area which was quite simply not needed and which did great environmental damage. There were some smaller items in the area around the two vehicles.

Many members of the gaggle of the Charles River White Geese were grouped between the two vehicles and the big tree they usually huddle under. There were geese resting in the staging / construction zone south of the two vehicles.

I also saw some White Geese in the Charles River and in that portion of the Goose Meadow next to the Charles River but also next to the 50 foot wasteland created for the BU Bridge work. That wasteland was empty south of the parked small truck.

The western side of the BU Bridge still had two large machines on the sidewalk but, while I watched, a bicycle was operated on the sidewalk between the two machines and the Charles River.

The fencing along the BU Bridge side of the Destroyed Nesting Area has been replaced, as has the fencing on the western side of the bridge. The new fencing was identical on both sides, vaguely historical in nature. The new fencing on the western side was extremely close in construction to fencing on that side which connected to it and which was next to the pollution plant. This older fencing had been there, perhaps, since the 80’s or so.

A very nice woman chatted with me while I was watching the White Geese. She strongly condemned the people who have been so heartlessly abusing the Charles River White Geese. We chatted about what kind of person would stoop to such behavior.

This is a normal human being. She is strikingly different from the tiny minority who are the Cambridge Pols. But my times at the Destroyed Nesting Area indicate that she is a normal human. It has always been refreshing to get away from the rotten situation which passes for the norm when you are dealing with the Cambridge Pols.

There are signs (perhaps my imagination) that nature is healing itself in the construction area. Clearly the rest of the area between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse has seen its ground vegetation destroyed and it did not regrow. That indicates poisons, by, very clearly, the Charles River Conservancy.

My gut feel is that the work area will regrow if humans will remove their intrusions. Run the new fence in front of the entries illegally created by Boston University in 1999 and you might give nature a change to heal itself. The poisoned area might need more work although the tiny, very vital growth areas by the construction zone have seemed to expand on their own.

The Charles River Conservancy missed destroying these vibrant areas figuring the construction zone would kill them, and they survived.

Perhaps all that is needed is to leave nature alone and let nature heal the ravages of truly irresponsible government entities.